Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan - MQM 2008 General Election Result

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan participated in the 2008 General election of Pakistan, MQM won 25 National assembly seats, including 5 women reserved and 1 minorities reserved seats. In Punjab Assembly, MQM Won 0 seats including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. MQM Scored 51 seats in Sindh assembly, including 9 women reserved and 3 minorities reserved seats. 0 seats in Balochistan assembly including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats and 0 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly, including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats.
MQM nominated total 76 candidates in 2008 elections, out of which 58 candidates won the election. The winners names are given below according to the constituencies (halqa), get the complete results score, number of votes registered, votes casted, valid votes and the percentage of votes polled.

National Assembly 2008 Position

2008 General Seats 19
National Assembly 19
2008 Women Reserved Seats 5
2008 Minority Reserved Seats 1
Total Seats in House 25

National Assembly 2008 Position Graph

Punjab Assembly 2008 Position

2008 General Seats 0
Punjab Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Punjab Assembly 2008 Position Graph

Sind Assembly 2008 Position

2008 General Seats 39
Sindh Assembly 39
Women Reserved Seats 9
Minority Reserved Seats 3
Total Seats in House 51

Sindh Assembly 2008 Position Graph

KPK Assembly 2008 Position

2008 General Seats 0
KPK Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

KPK Assembly 2008 Position Graph

Balochistan Assembly 2008 Position

2008 General Seats 0
Balochistan Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Balochistan Assembly 2008 Position Graph

Winning Candidates of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan in General Election 2008

Syed Tayyab Hussain

NA-219 - Winner


NA-220 - Winner

Khawaja Sohail Mansoor

NA-240 - Winner

S.a.iqbal Qadiri

NA-241 - Winner

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khanzada

NA-242 - Winner

Abdul Waseem

NA-243 - Winner

Shaikh Salahuddin

NA-244 - Winner

Farhat Muhammad Khan

NA-245 - Winner

Sufyan Yousuf

NA-246 - Winner

Dr.nadeem Ehsan

NA-247 - Winner

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Sattar

NA-249 - Winner

Khush Bakhat Shujaat

NA-250 - Winner

Waseem Akhter

NA-251 - Winner

Abdul Rasheed Godil

NA-252 - Winner

Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi

NA-253 - Winner

Dr. Muhammad Ayoub Shaikh

NA-254 - Winner

Syed Asif Hassnain

NA-255 - Winner

Iqbal Muhammad Ali Khan

NA-256 - Winner

Sajid Ahmed

NA-257 - Winner

Muhammad Akram

PS-45 - Winner

Syed Wasim Hussain

PS-46 - Winner

Zubair Ahmed Khan

PS-48 - Winner

Suhail Yousuf Khan

PS-49 - Winner

Faheem Ahmed

PS-64 - Winner

Muhammad Hanif Shaikh

PS-91 - Winner

Abdul Haseeb

PS-92 - Winner

Saif-ud-din Khalid

PS-94 - Winner

Syed Manzar Imam

PS-95 - Winner

Mazahir Ameer Khan

PS-96 - Winner

Muhammad Adil Khan

PS-97 - Winner

Muhammed Moin Khan

PS-98 - Winner

Khawaja Izhar-ul-hasan

PS-99 - Winner

Muhammad Adil Siddiqi

PS-100 - Winner

Abdul Moid Siddiqui

PS-101 - Winner

Imam-ud-din Shahzad

PS-102 - Winner

Doctor Syed Muhammad Ali Shah.

PS-103 - Winner

Rehan Zafar

PS-104 - Winner

Khalid Bin Waliyat Advocate

PS-105 - Winner

Anwar Alam

PS-106 - Winner

Syed Sohaib Ahmed Bukhari Advocate

PS-107 - Winner

Muhmmad Shoaib

PS-110 - Winner

Muhammad Tahir Qureshi

PS-111 - Winner

Moqueem Alam

PS-112 - Winner

Askari Taqvi

PS-113 - Winner

Muhammad Abdul Rauf Siddiqui

PS-114 - Winner

Muhammad Raza Haroon

PS-115 - Winner

Syed Sardar Ahmed

PS-116 - Winner

Dr. Sagheer Ahmed

PS-117 - Winner

Muhammad Muzammil Qureshi

PS-118 - Winner

Dr. Nadeem Maqbool

PS-119 - Winner

Nishat Muhammad Zia Qadri

PS-120 - Winner

Waseem Ahmed

PS-121 - Winner

Syed Khalid Ahmed

PS-122 - Winner

Shaikh Mohammad Afzal (khalid Umar)

PS-123 - Winner

Muhammad Alim Ur Rehman

PS-124 - Winner

Muhammad Moin Amir Pirzada

PS-125 - Winner

Syed Faisal Ali Sabzwari

PS-126 - Winner

Nisar Ahmed Panhwar

PS-127 - Winner

Losing Candidates of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan in General Election 2008

Muhammad Zunbair Anjum

NA-1 - Looser

Zair Ullah Khan

NA-10 - Looser

Shahid Khan Advocate

NA-14 - Looser

Shahinshah Khuddar

NA-15 - Looser

Ghulam Mustafa Sumsam Qureshi

NA-17 - Looser

Nisar Ahmed Sultan Tanoli

NA-18 - Looser

Naveed Akhter Khan

NA-20 - Looser

Mohammad Zubair Anjum

NA-24 - Looser

Muhammad Roshan Khan

NA-26 - Looser

Maryam Bibi

NA-29 - Looser

Ch. Hamid Ali Wahla

NA-48 - Looser

Kashif Ali Khan

NA-53 - Looser

Prof. Mushtaq Hussain Mughal

NA-54 - Looser

Aziz Ullah Marwat

NA-56 - Looser

Syed Munir Ul Haq Advocate Attock

NA-57 - Looser

Rana Sajid Mehmood Advocate

NA-66 - Looser

Malik Subhoh Saddiq

NA-72 - Looser

Sarwar Khan Lashri Advocate High Court.

NA-77 - Looser

Muhammad Amin Wattoo.

NA-78 - Looser

Arshad Mahmood Rabbani

NA-95 - Looser

Kokab Bukhari

NA-97 - Looser

Rana Zulqarnain Khan

NA-98 - Looser

Prof.muhammad Sagheer Choudhary.

NA-110 - Looser

Rana Farhat Ali Advocate

NA-118 - Looser

Maqsood Ahmed Awan

NA-120 - Looser

Agha Muhammad Naved

NA-122 - Looser

Begum Tahira Asif

NA-126 - Looser

Muhammad Ali Jawad

NA-133 - Looser

Alambardar Hussain Rizvi

NA-134 - Looser

Choudhary Anwar Ali Gill Advocate

NA-135 - Looser

Major(r) Habib Ur Rehman Khan Myo Advocate

NA-138 - Looser

Naeem Ajmal Khan Lashari Bedar

NA-144 - Looser

Dr. Lala Rukh Mustafa

NA-146 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Arif Raza

NA-150 - Looser

Farkhanda Khalid

NA-152 - Looser

Muhammad Tufail Thakar Advocate

NA-154 - Looser

Wing Commander(r) Muhammad Nawaz Asim

NA-158 - Looser

Muhammad Hafeez Tabassum

NA-161 - Looser

Muhammad Sarwar Alvi

NA-169 - Looser

Syed Iqbal Hussain

NA-176 - Looser

Rao Muhammad Farman Uarf Chotu Chacha

NA-189 - Looser

Dr. Taj Hussain Fani

NA-190 - Looser

Sardar Afzaal Ahmed Madahar Advocate

NA-191 - Looser

Iftikhar Mughal

NA-196 - Looser

Muhammad Talib Bhatti

NA-197 - Looser

Munawar Ali Choohan.

NA-198 - Looser

Waheed Ahmed Mughal

NA-199 - Looser

Pir Bux Solangi

NA-200 - Looser

Dr.imam Bux Khilji

NA-201 - Looser

Syed Jehan Shah (retd)

NA-202 - Looser

Shah Nawaz Mahar

NA-203 - Looser

Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Durrani (advocate)

NA-204 - Looser

Suhail Ahmed Abbasi Advocate.

NA-205 - Looser

Gulzar Ahmed Mughari

NA-206 - Looser

Nadeem Brohi Bhai

NA-208 - Looser

Anwer Siyal Bhai.

NA-209 - Looser

Rana Nisar Ahmed

NA-211 - Looser

Muhammad Aslam (retired)

NA-212 - Looser

Muhammad Mureed Brohi

NA-213 - Looser

Ali Asghar Rind

NA-214 - Looser

Abdul Qadir Solangi

NA-215 - Looser

Noor Mohammad Sahito

NA-216 - Looser

Irshad Bano

NA-217 - Looser

Mr. Rana Fateh Muhammad Rajput

NA-218 - Looser

Dr. Mumtaz Ali Chandio

NA-221 - Looser

Ghulam Akber Mallah

NA-222 - Looser

Mehmood Qadir Khanzada

NA-223 - Looser

Muhammad Aleem

NA-224 - Looser

Asghar Ali Parhiar Advocate

NA-225 - Looser

Professor Khursheed Ahmed Siddiqui

NA-226 - Looser

Shabbir Ahmed Qaimkhani

NA-227 - Looser

Poonjo Bheel Advocate

NA-228 - Looser

Muhammad Javed

NA-231 - Looser

Ghulam Murtza Solangi

NA-232 - Looser

Syed Zahid Ali Shah

NA-233 - Looser

Riaz Shar

NA-234 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif Ansari

NA-236 - Looser

Irfan Ali Bikak

NA-237 - Looser

Heer Soho

NA-238 - Looser

Dr. K.s. Mujahid Khan Baloch

NA-239 - Looser

Wasiullah Lakhoo

NA-248 - Looser

Nisar Ahmed Shar

NA-258 - Looser

Arbab Abdul Ghani Kasi

NA-259 - Looser

Malik Abdul Rehman Dehwar

NA-260 - Looser


NA-263 - Looser

Muhammad Jan Rind

NA-265 - Looser

Muhammad Ali Rodeni

NA-269 - Looser

Kashif Ali Khan

PP-8 - Looser

Malik Abdul Sattar Amar Advocate

PP-41 - Looser

Haji Imran Khan Punnu Khel

PP-45 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Shahid

PP-46 - Looser

Muhammad Arshad Faqir

PP-47 - Looser

Naeem Mohy Ud Din Siddiqui

PP-51 - Looser

M.shafqat Rana

PP-53 - Looser

Zahid Hussain Shah

PP-54 - Looser

Muhammad Rizwan Khan Baloch

PP-56 - Looser

Nazia Ghafar Wahla

PP-61 - Looser

Sarfraz Ahmad Khan

PP-62 - Looser

Sajid Abdullah

PP-77 - Looser

Chudhary Khalid Mehmood

PP-79 - Looser

Amjad Hussain Lodhi

PP-116 - Looser

Ch.zafar Iqbal Ranjha

PP-119 - Looser

Muhammad Waqar Ahmad

PP-134 - Looser

Rana Farhat Ali Advocate

PP-137 - Looser

Jamshaid Sadiq Alvi, Advocate

PP-139 - Looser

Bashir Ahmad Khan

PP-159 - Looser

Agha Muhammad Ali Khan Alias Agha Jani

PP-174 - Looser

Mian Riaz Ul Haq Chandoor

PP-190 - Looser

Mian Mubarak Ali Bhatti

PP-191 - Looser

Dr. Lala Rukh Mustafa

PP-192 - Looser

Malik Nazar Hussain Raan Advocate

PP-201 - Looser

Rana Nasir Ali Karnali Advocate

PP-207 - Looser

Farooq Ahmed Khan Malay Zai

PP-208 - Looser

Muhammad Ashiq Gill

PP-209 - Looser

Muhammad Tufail Thakar Advocate

PP-210 - Looser

Jamil Hussain Hanjra

PP-214 - Looser

Ch.tanveer Ahmad Advocate

PP-216 - Looser

Badar Siddique Shaheen

PP-221 - Looser

Habib Ullah

PP-222 - Looser

Mian Aamir Sultan Goraya

PP-251 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Abubakr

PP-252 - Looser

Abdul Saleem Khan Gurmani

PP-253 - Looser

Syed Moeen-ud-din Khalid

PP-254 - Looser

Muhammad Younis Khan Mirani

PP-266 - Looser

Dr.akhtar Nawaz Malik

PP-268 - Looser

Muhammad Masood Ahmed

PP-269 - Looser

Riaz Ahmed Khan Naji

PP-270 - Looser

Dr.rao Abu Bakar Abdullah

PP-271 - Looser

Syed Qasim Maiwati

PP-272 - Looser

Muhammad Naveed Bhatti

PP-278 - Looser

Muhammad Tariq Wattu Advocate

PP-279 - Looser

Muhammad Ashraf Joyia Qasimka

PP-280 - Looser

Ch.muhammad Ashraf Kambooh

PP-281 - Looser

Muhammad Arshad Qureshi Advocate

PP-282 - Looser

Muhammad Akram Khilgi

PP-283 - Looser

Muhammad Shafique Khan Abbasi

PP-287 - Looser

Eng. Syed Muhammad Hussain

PP-290 - Looser

Shahid Iqbal Siddiqui

PP-293 - Looser

Muhammad Talib Bhatti

PP-296 - Looser

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Mughal Advocate

PP-297 - Looser

Khalida Nasreen Advocate

PK-4 - Looser

Rasheed Ahmad Khan Momand

PK-24 - Looser

Deedar Khan

PK-25 - Looser

Zafar Ali Khan Adv:

PK-29 - Looser

Kifayat Ullah

PK-33 - Looser

Hamayun Khan Jadoon

PK-44 - Looser

Mian Hamid Rehman

PK-49 - Looser

Gulnaz Shah Gillani

PK-53 - Looser

Raja Khalid Nawaz Khan

PK-54 - Looser

Naveed Akhtar Khan

PK-55 - Looser

Dr. Muhammad Younis Qureshi

PK-64 - Looser

Junaid Tariq Quaraishi

PK-68 - Looser

Sadiq Nawaz

PK-73 - Looser

Mohsin Badshsh, Advocate

PK-81 - Looser

Saeed Iqbal

PS-1 - Looser

Munawar Ali Chohan

PS-2 - Looser

Muhammad Younis Jalali

PS-3 - Looser

Faheem Akhtar Jagirani

PS-4 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif

PS-5 - Looser

Rana Mehboob Alam

PS-6 - Looser

Kirori Ram (k.k)

PS-7 - Looser

Amanullah Qazi Wakeel

PS-8 - Looser

Aijaz Ali Abro

PS-9 - Looser

Shakhidad Mari

PS-10 - Looser

Agha Sher Khan

PS-11 - Looser

Asghar Ali Sohindro (retired)

PS-12 - Looser

Irfan Ahmed Lashari

PS-13 - Looser

Dr.sher Muhammad Brohi

PS-14 - Looser

Abdul Hakeem Bakhrani

PS-16 - Looser

Lal Bux Meerani

PS-17 - Looser

Syed Zahid Ali Shah

PS-18 - Looser

Khan Muhammad Rajput

PS-19 - Looser

Ashfaque Hussain Solangi

PS-20 - Looser

Ghulam Ali

PS-22 - Looser


PS-23 - Looser

Abdul Rasheed (rasheed Bhiya)

PS-24 - Looser

Dr. Syed Habib Ahmed Shah Jillani

PS-25 - Looser

Shabbir Ahmed Keerio

PS-26 - Looser

Ali Asghar Rind

PS-27 - Looser

Ghullam Hyder Rahu

PS-28 - Looser

Nadeem Soomro

PS-29 - Looser

Qamaruddin Sahito

PS-31 - Looser

Hubdar Ali Panhwar

PS-32 - Looser

Ali Ghulam Shar

PS-33 - Looser

Izhar Shabir Mangi

PS-34 - Looser

Muhtarma Irshad Begum Kalhoro

PS-35 - Looser

Mr.javed Ali Mithani.

PS-36 - Looser

Ghulamullah Bhutto

PS-37 - Looser

Sharafuddin Tunio

PS-38 - Looser

Zulfqar Ali Shaikh

PS-39 - Looser


PS-40 - Looser

Ghulam Yaseen Mirani.

PS-41 - Looser

Hamid Ali Jalbani

PS-42 - Looser

Mr. Allah Warayo Bhutto

PS-43 - Looser

Engineer Aziz Ahmed Soomro

PS-47 - Looser

Abdul Moeed Rajput

PS-50 - Looser

Abdul Sattar Kaimkhani

PS-51 - Looser

Muhammad Saleh Kumbhar

PS-52 - Looser

Raja Muhammad Saleem

PS-55 - Looser

Muhammad Hassan Jamali Alias Lakhi Jamali

PS-56 - Looser

Ghulam Murtaza Memon

PS-58 - Looser

Mohammad Ismail

PS-59 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Mubeen Advocate

PS-65 - Looser

Shabbir Ahmed Qaimkhani

PS-66 - Looser

Muhammad Asghar

PS-67 - Looser

Faqir Muhammad Arain

PS-68 - Looser

Rao Sakhawat Ali

PS-69 - Looser

Dr. Partab Singh

PS-70 - Looser

Ali Nawaz Shoro

PS-71 - Looser

Roshan Ali Daudani

PS-72 - Looser

Manzoor Ali Babar

PS-75 - Looser

Buxial Panhwar

PS-76 - Looser

Ferozuddin Narejo

PS-77 - Looser

Talib Hussain Advocate

PS-78 - Looser

Atta Muhammad Shaikh Advocate

PS-79 - Looser


PS-80 - Looser


PS-81 - Looser

Muhammad Umer Qureshi

PS-82 - Looser

Dr.dildar Khaskheli

PS-85 - Looser

Heer Soho

PS-86 - Looser

Dr.dildar Ahmed Khaskheli

PS-88 - Looser

Shaikh Muhammad Feroze

PS-89 - Looser

Ishfaq Ahmed Mangi

PS-90 - Looser


PS-93 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif Chhattani Advocate

PS-108 - Looser

Nadya Gabol

PS-109 - Looser

Sardar Khan

PS-128 - Looser

Gul Muhammad Mengal

PS-129 - Looser

Yousuf Munir Shaikh

PS-130 - Looser

Ghulam Hassan Advocate

PB-2 - Looser

Muhamamd Anwar Khan Tareen

PB-3 - Looser

Dr.siraj Ahmed Yousafzai

PB-4 - Looser

Arbab Abdul Shakur

PB-5 - Looser

Abdul Majeed Khilji.

PB-6 - Looser

Muhammad Jan

PB-21 - Looser

Moria Khan Katohar

PB-27 - Looser

Jansar Khan

PB-28 - Looser

Mir Salah-ud-din Zehri

PB-33 - Looser

Bilal Ahmed Rahi Gungo

PB-34 - Looser

Pir Bakhsh

PB-40 - Looser