Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Series Number 204 Winners List

The Big Ticket Draw of Series 204 was held on 3 June 2019 at the Arrivals Hall on Abu Dhabi Airport. The winner of first prize of 10 Million AED Jackpot was won by Sanjai Nath R from India, winning lucky ticket number was 211711. Other winners of 100,000 AED were Binu Gopinathan from India ticket number 58151, Ashique Pullyshery from India ticket number 105265, Anas Jamal from India ticket number 35190, Saqib Naseer Muhammad Naseer from Pakistan ticket number 104827, Subhash Nayapakkil Thikkal Veedu from India ticket number 20874, Abdul Azeez Valiya Parambath from India ticket number 40452, Sunilkumar Kumar from India ticket number 36095, Abdul Muthalib Chulliyodan Kommachi from India ticket number 183264 and Offur Koottunghal Mamu from India ticket number 14089.
Draw Date3 June 2019
Draw SeriesSeries 204
Draw PlaceArrivals Entrance, Abu Dhabi International Airport
Draw Big Prize10 Million AED
Draw Time07:30 PM
PrizeTicket #NameCountryType
10,000,000 211711 Sanjai Nath R India WEB
100,000 58151 Binu Gopinathan India WEB
90,000 105265 Ashique Pullyshery India WEB
80,000 35190 Anas Jamal India WEB
70,000 104827 Saqib Naseer Muhammad Naseer Pakistan STORE
50,000 20874 Subhash Nayapakkil Thikkal Veedu India WEB
30,000 40452 Abdul Azeez Valiya Parambath India WEB
20,000 36095 Sunilkumar Kumar India WEB
10,000 183264 Abdul Muthalib Chulliyodan Kommachi India WEB
10,000 14089 Offur Koottunghal Mamu India WEB
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