Farmers Must Carry Out Pest Scouting To Avoid Whitefly Attack


Farmers must carry out pest scouting to avoid whitefly attack

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Sep, 2019 ) :Farmers have been advised to carry out pest scouting in cotton crop twice a week to avoid the attack of insect fly.

A spokesman for the Punjab Agriculture department said on Sunday the agriculture department recommended poison spray should be used and it was not appropriate to use the poisons of same group repeatedly as it makes the whitefly resistant against those poisons.

He said, whitefly not only suck the juice from leaves but also becomes a reason to spread leaf curl virus which could reduce the yield upto 60 per cent.

He said, hollow cone nozzle must be used for conducting spray, whereas, power sprayer was good for large crop.

Spokesman further suggested the growers to properly water the cotton crop during September as shortage of water during this month was not good. Cotton crop must be kept clean from weeds, he added.

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