Awareness Walk, Seminar On World Kidney Day At DUHS


Awareness walk, seminar on world kidney day at DUHS

The Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said that the rate of kidney diseases is increasing rapidly

KARACHI (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / NNI - 15th March, 2019) The Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said that the rate of kidney diseases is increasing rapidly.If any preventive methods are not taken immediately then it could increase the death rate in the country.

The treatment of kidney problems is painful while the prevention is easier. There have been 131 renal transplants and 2500 Dialysis procedures at Dow University till now.There are expert laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeons to deal with surgeries.

We are extending our efforts to keep up with the latest technology to make our services better in the future. He said while speaking at the OPD Lecture Hall of Dow University Hospital after the awareness walk to celebrate World Kidney Day.The seminar was also addressed by Prof.

Rashid Bin Hamid, Dr. Mohammad Tasadduq Khan, Dr. Hamid Mithani and Dietician Hina Badar. Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy added that the awareness walk and seminar is aimed at creating awareness of the importance of kidney related problems.

There are 3 key risk factors that become the cause of kidney diseases; chronic complications of diabetes, hypertension and kidney stones which are caused due to imbalanced diet and no physical activity like exercise.Chief Renal Transplant Surgeon Dr.

Rashid Bin Hamid revealed that kidney disease is the sixth fastest growing cause of death. 10 percent population of the world is estimated to be suffering from kidney diseases due to various causes and 2.

4 million of them are estimated to die annually.

In case of kidney failure, transplantation is the only way out of death but unfortunately, transplantation is quite expensive. Dow University provides community basis transplantation on significantly low rates but still, most of the people cannot afford it.Other kidney specialists said that 50 percent of urological surgeries are conducted because of kidney stone which is frequently increasing in Pakistan, India and Thailand.

This is due to the high temperature, imbalanced diet and environment. If kidney stone is formed once in a year, there are 30% chances of it to form again. Dow University conducts endoscopic surgery for the treatment of kidney stones.

Usually, people use to ignore such conditions and seek treatment from clinics and other herbal treatments. It is important to see a kidney specialist for early treatment before it gets worse.Dow University Hospital is renowned for the kidney treatment in Pakistan.

People suffering from kidney related problems must tell their doctor about any smoking habits or alcohol intake as people usually hesitate of telling this to their doctors. Before the seminar, the participants marched from main gate of Dow University Hospital to the main OPD Block under the command of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy. NNI

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