Broken Trash Trolleys Impeding Cleanliness In Cantt Areas


Broken trash trolleys impeding cleanliness in Cantt areas

RAWALPINDI, Jan 5(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : Rawalpindi Cantonment ( RCB) had placed more than 600 garbage containers in 10 wards of the cantonment but to the utter dismay of the residents, a big majority of these have become dysfunctional and the compactors which collect garbage from these points are unable to retrieve the garbage as the hooks of the containers have broken because of poor quality.

The residents of Khayaban-e-Miranbuksh said cleaning of the street is not being carried out regularly and heaps of littered garbage can be seen in the area. The area supervisor has been informed many times but of no use. The residents called upon CEO to take notice of the issue.