CRM Organizes Virtual Meeting On Child Protection, Role Of Govt Institutions During COVID-19

CRM organizes virtual meeting on Child Protection, role of govt institutions during COVID-19

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Rights Movement (CRM), organized a virtual meeting on `Child Protection and Role of Government Institutions' during COVID-19

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 7th Jul, 2020 ) :Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Rights Movement (CRM), organized a virtual meeting on `Child Protection and Role of Government Institutions' during COVID-19.

According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, a number of government and Civil society members participated in the meeting.

Khursheed Bano CEO of Da Hawwa Lur shed light on the importance of this meeting and discussed the vulnerable situation of children under COVID-19.

She said child labour has spiked in past couple of months due to the pandemic and is likely to increase post-lockdown.

She stressed that a proper referral mechanism must be established with Government Departments as they have more resources as compared to private institutes.

Saeed Ahmed, Director Zamung Kor, explained that Zamung Kor is working to provide a safe living environment for street children.

In regards to COVID-19, he mentioned that Zamung Kor as per the directions of the Provincial Government sent back 300 children to their homes with their guardians.

As these children come from poor financial settings, Zamung Kor provided them with Rs. 16,000 cash and food packages to support them in times of pandemic crises.

He further stated that we have maintained coordination with these children throughout the lockdown and are planning to bring them back phase wise by following SOPS.

For eligibility, he explained that mainstream is street children but if a child is paternal orphan or father is disable or has income less than 10,000 PKR then they are also entertained while the age is not an issue as the matter of fact they have received up to 11, 12 years old children and after spending a week with psychologist they decide that which grade should they be sent.

Bilal representative of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Protection and Welfare Commission retorted that UNICEF was funding to these employees since the funds are over so the wing is called back.

Wajid who is the KP Labor Department representative said that the rules have been made for labors and other child related issues. Moreover, he said that government and Civil Societies should work in integration and make a draft which should be put forward to the government.

Qamar Naseem Representing the Blue veins suggested that we should first identify the level of hurdles because this is not the issue which has taken place COVID-19 but it existed before and leftover.

After discussing every point of agenda and related problems, Shawana, moderator of the meeting, thanked everyone for participation and giving inputs.