Market Committee Issues Price List Of Fruit, Vegetables

Market Committee issues price list of fruit, vegetables

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th july,2016) : Islamabad Market Committee on Thursday issued price list of vegetables and fruits. According to spokesman, the rate list of vegetables in Islamabad except for Jinnah Super, Super, and Kohsar Markets are as follows: Potato Rs.35, onion Rs.31, tomato Rs 66, ginger Rs.88, garlic Rs.255, Garlic (China) Rs.275, lemon Rs.75, Lady Finger Rs 72, Green zucchini Rs 55, Pumpkin Rs.44, Brinjal Rs.48, Peas Rs.155, Farsh Bean Rs.72, Tanda Walaiti Rs.75, Tanda desi Rs.75, Cucumber Rs.58, Capsicum Rs.74/60, Green Chilli Rs.65, Cauliflower Rs.94/70, Cabbage Rs.55, Bitter gourd Rs.44, Spinach Rs.26/18, Turnip Rs 45, Maroo Rs.55, Yam Rs.48, Carrot Rs.60, Chicken Rs.122, Egg per dozen Rs.


Likewise, he said that rates of fruit per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple Kala Kulo Rs.145/118, Apple White Rs.110/85, Apple china Rs 200/170, Newziland Rs 260/240, Banana Pak Rs.80/65, Pear China Rs.154/130, Grapes sundar Rs 160/120, Grapes Gola Rs 98/70, Gava Rs 88/68, Grapes black Rs 128/110, Apricot Swat Rs 135/110, Peach Rs 85/60, Garma Rs 55/35, Mango Sundari Rs 98/70, Mango Langra Rs 62/48, Mango Chosa White Rs 77/50, Mango Chosa Black Rs 62/45, Mango Ratool Rs 82/60, Mango dasi Rs 58/40, Apricot Kabli Rs 180/130. The spokesman has asked all the people to follow this list and inform authorities at 051-4867762 in case of any compliant against shopkeepers.