Tourism Friends Club Membership Campaign In Full Swing


Tourism Friends Club membership campaign in full swing

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th August, 2016) : Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation's (PTDC) Tourism Friends Club Membership campaign was in full swing in the country. PTDC introduced Tourism Friends Club to promote tourism activities and to provide better tourist facilities at affordable rates to its members, to maintain better standard in Motels and Hotels of PTDC throughout the country.

An official of PTDC told APP that interested person may submit application form duly filled, alongwith deposit slip and two latest passport size photographs and copy of National Identity Card. He said that the card holders would avail 20 per cent discount on all Motels and Hotels owned by the PTDC in the country.

"A card holder will also be given representation in the Advisory Committee, Management Committee constituted by the PTDC to invite proposals, suggestions to improve service conditions of Motels and Hotels and food quality of PTDC," he added.

He said that Managing Director, PTDC will be empowered to nominate five card holders as member of the Advisory Committee while keeping in view their activities in connection with promoting tourism.

He said that an annual meeting of card holders and, members will be held in any PTDC Motel on convenience cum rotation basis after prior notice. He said that members of Friends Club will be given priority in all PTDC Hotels and Motels. He said that a membership form can be downloaded from PTDC website.

He said that membership has to be renewed on annual basis within three months of its expiry.