Belarus' Security Official Says Protasevich Took Part In Azov Battalion Operations

Belarus' Security Official Says Protasevich Took Part in Azov Battalion Operations

MINSK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th May, 2021) Nexta Telegam channel co-founder Roman Protasevich, who was recently detained in Minsk, took part in operations of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine's south-east, Belarusian State Security Committee Chairman Ivan Tertel said on Wednesday.

"Yes, he was detained. Investigative actions are being carried out. There is no doubt that this person fully fits the definition of a terrorist, a mercenary, a participant of bloody events as part of the infamous Azov Battalion, associated with atrocities and civilian fatalities in Ukraine's south-east. This is not only our data and the data of investigators, these are facts presented in media reports, with Protasevich's personal confessions that are widely available," Tertel said, as quoted by the state-run news agency Belta.

According to the security committee chief, Protasevich actively used his experience gained in the Azov Battalion already in Belarus.

"He organized and coordinated mass unrest, which endangered lives and health of ordinary citizens and law enforcers. He is the chief of an internet channel that our legislation recognizes as extremist," Tertel explained.