Ten Died Of West Nile Virus Disease In Greece In 2019

Ten Died of West Nile Virus Disease in Greece in 2019

ATHENS (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 23rd August, 2019) Ten people have died in 2019 of the West Nile virus disease in Greece, three of them over the past week, the national organization for public health said Thursday.

Some people infected with this mosquito-borne disease display no symptoms but others may suffer a fatal inflammation of the brain.

There were 96 infection cases in Greece this year, with 59 developing neurologic symptoms, according to the newest figures provided by the health authority.

The first outbreak began in Greece in 2010, with 80 fatalities reported through 2014. Greece stayed virus-free for two years before the disease returned in 2017 with 48 cases and five fatalities. A record 316 people were infected last year, resulting in 47 deaths.

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