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کبڈی ورلڈ کپ، پاکستانی ٹیم میں بھارتی کھلاڑی۔ ثانیہ مرزا اور بھارتی صحافی کی دلچسپ نوک جھونک، کینیڈین وزیراعظم آفریدی کے فین۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ دانیال سہیل ..

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کوک سٹوڈیو فنکاروں کی طرف سے بنایا گیا کرکٹ ورلڈ کپ 2015 پر خوبصورت گانا

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آئی سی سی کرکٹ ورلڈ کپ 2015 تھیم سانگ

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Cricket Canada is the governing body of Canada National team and in 1968 it became the associate member of international cricket council. Canada played its first international match against US in September 1844 at New York. If you are interested in getting the Urdu News and schedule of matches of Canada national cricket team then are at the right place.

Cricket is not the major sport in Canada, as it is in Pakistan, India, Australia and South Africa. You can read the articles about Cricket in Canada and access to the profiles of cricket players at Urdu Point.