Cricket Umpires of the World

List of Cricket Umpires of the world. Read complete Urdu profiles of the Cricket umpires in the world. Read their matches history, awards and famous decisions. All umpires are sorted according to the country they belong.

کرکٹ کے امپائرز

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The Cricket Umpire is the decision maker in every match. He is responsible to make the decision according to the Cricket Laws. Every match has two umpires inside the ground, who takes decisions about the appeals, keeps the tracks of every ball of the over, and controls the general conduct of the game. There are many famous umpires in the game of Cricket, we have compiled a list of international one day, T20 and test matches cricket umpires in the world, according to their country, with full Urdu profiles, history of matches and the decisions which make them popular worldwide.