Cricket Umpires of the World

کرکٹ کے امپائرز

آسٹریلیا کے امپائرز

BNJ Oxenford From Australia

بروس اوکسنفورڈ

BNJ Oxenford

Paul Reiffel       From Australia

پال رائیفل

Paul Reiffel

Rod Tucker       From Australia

روڈ ٹکر

Rod Tucker

Steve Davis       From Australia

سٹیو ڈیوس

Steve Davis

Simon Fry       From Australia

سائمن فرائی

Simon Fry

Mick Martell       From Australia

مک مارٹیل

Mick Martell

David Boon       From Australia

ڈیوڈ بون

David Boon

John Ward       From Australia

جان وارڈ

John Ward

بنگلہ دیش کے امپائرز

Sharfuddoula       From Bangladesh

شرف الدولہ


Anisur Rahman       From Bangladesh

انیس الرحمان

Anisur Rahman

انگلینڈ کے امپائرز

Ian Gould From England

این گولڈ

Ian Gould

Nigel Llong       From England

نائیجل لونگ

Nigel Llong

Richard Illingworth       From England

رچرڈ النگورتھ

Richard Illingworth

Richard Kettleborough       From England

رچرڈ کیٹلبرا

Richard Kettleborough

Michael Gough       From England

مائیکل گف

Michael Gough

Chris Broad       From England

کرس براڈ

Chris Broad

انڈیا کے امپائرز

 Sundaram Ravi From India

سندارام روی

Sundaram Ravi

نیوزی لینڈ کے امپائرز

BN Bowden From New Zealand

بلی باؤڈن

BN Bowden

Chris Gaffaney From New Zealand

کرس گیفنی

Chris Gaffaney

Derek Walker       From New Zealand

ڈیرک والکر

Derek Walker

Jeff Crowe       From New Zealand

جیف کرو

Jeff Crowe

پاکستان کے امپائرز

Aleem Dar From Pakistan

علیم ڈار

Aleem Dar

Ahsen Raza From Pakistan

احسن رضا

Ahsen Raza

سائوتھ افریقہ کے امپائرز

Marais Erasmus       From South Africa

میریس ایریسمس

Marais Erasmus

Johan Cloete       From South Africa

جان کلوٹ

Johan Cloete

سری لنکا کے امپائرز

Kumar Dharmasena From Sri Lanka

کمار دھر ماسینا

Kumar Dharmasena

Ranmore Martinesz       From Sri Lanka

رینمور مارٹینز

Ranmore Martinesz

Ruchira Palliyaguruge       From Sri Lanka

روچیرا پلینگرج

Ruchira Palliyaguruge

Ranjan Madugalle       From Sri Lanka

رنجن مدوگالے

Ranjan Madugalle

Roshan Mahanama       From Sri Lanka

روشن ماہناما

Roshan Mahanama

ویسٹ انڈیز کے امپائرز

Joel Wilson       From West Indies

جوئیل ولسن

Joel Wilson

زمبابوے کے امپائرز

Russell Tiffin From Zimbabwe

رسل ٹفن

Russell Tiffin

The Cricket Umpire is the decision maker in every match. He is responsible to make the decision according to the Cricket Laws. Every match has two umpires inside the ground, who takes decisions about the appeals, keeps the tracks of every ball of the over, and controls the general conduct of the game. There are many famous umpires in the game of Cricket, we have compiled a list of international one day, T20 and test matches cricket umpires in the world, according to their country, with full Urdu profiles, history of matches and the decisions which make them popular worldwide.