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بنگلہ دیش

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سائوتھ افریقہ

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سری لنکا

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ویسٹ انڈیز

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ہانگ کانگ

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متحدہ عرب امارات

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چیک ریپبلک

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سلو واکیہ

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سعودی عرب

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Who Is The Best Player Of Europe? , Timing Announced For Asia Cup 2018

میچز کی ٹائمنگ کا اعلان، پاک بھارت ٹاکرا 19 ستمبر کو ہوگا۔ ایشین گیمز میں پاکستان کے نام ایک اور تمغہ۔ یورپ کا بہترین کھلاڑی کون ہے؟۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ ریمائیل ..

Thrilling Matches Of FIFA Is Going On, Pakistan Will Host International Cricket In Future

پاکستان کو بڑی ٹیموں کی میزبانی مل گئی، حفیظ اور جنید کو خوشخبری ملنے کا امکان، سعودی فٹبال ٹیم کے طیارے میں دوران پرواز آتشزدگی۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ دانیال ..

T20 Clash Between Pakistan And Scotland, FIFA World Cup Is About To Start

پاکستان اور سکاٹ لینڈ آج مدِ مقابل، ورلڈکپ 2019ء میں قومی ٹیم کو کپتان کون ہوگا؟ آفریدی کو شیر کے ساتھ بیٹی کی تصویر شیئر کرنا مہنگا پڑگیا۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ ..

Mickey Arthur Won The Hearts Of Pakistani, Panama Football Team In Trouble Before World Cup

مکی آرتھر نے پاکستانیوں کا دل جیت لیا، پاکستان میں پہلی فٹبال لیگ، پاناما فٹبال لیگ ناروے میں لٹ گئی۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ دانیال سہیل کے ساتھ

Argentina Cancels Football Warm Up Match Against Israel - Sports Roundup With Danyal Sohail

ارجنٹینا نے اسرائیل سے میچ منسوخ کردیا، بیٹ پر نازیبا الفاظ پر کرکٹر کو تنبیہ، خواتین فٹبال پلیئرز فیڈریشن پر برس پڑیں۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ دانیال سہیل کے ساتھ

Day 2: Start Delayed Due To Raining, FIFA Football In Space

دوسرے روز، لیڈز میں بارش۔ شاداب خان مسلسل ففٹیز کرنے والے کھلاڑی بن گئے۔ روس نے فٹبال ورلڈکپ کو خلا کی سیر کروا دی۔۔۔ سپورٹس رائونڈاپ دانیال سہیل کے ساتھ

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Football is one of those games that are famous internationally and are loved by people. Everyone is fond of watching live football matches and enjoying every moment of matches for the complete amusement. Football match can also be seen live online and it is feasible for the people who cannot be in front of TV every time. Crazy football fans usually prefer to go for the live football streaming as it is easy to access.

Football stadiums are also of great importance as the game is so popular. The important football leagues are being played at popular football stadiums. All kind of latest news about football matches attracts the attention of fans as they are curious to know about the updates. There are very few websites which provide you the football news in Urdu and Urdu Point is one of them.

Among the famous football world cup matches, FIFA world cup is the most famous and has great worth. Teams from all over the world take part in this league and make this event memorable. Football premier league and EFL championship are other famous international leagues for which fans wait enthusiastically. All these football leagues are available at live TV channels such as Star sports and Sky sports.

Urdu Point also helps you to get an easy access to the live streaming of football matches. At times we cannot watch the full match so we can get the updates of the football scores and fixtures. Updated football scores are the demand of every football lover as it’s their favorite game. There is the photo gallery as well which contains the pictures of football legends and famous football players.

The wallpapers of your favorite football players are also found at this gallery and you can easily get those images. You can also get the football articles containing views of experts and all kind of updated football news along with scores in this section.