Kremlin Explains Why Gazprom Welcomes German Engagement In Effort Related To Gas Transit

Kremlin Explains Why Gazprom Welcomes German Engagement in Effort Related to Gas Transit

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 23rd July, 2021) Russia's gas giant Gazprom welcomes Germany's participation in the work related to gas transit through Ukraine because the volume of gas supplies depends on the demand, on Germany's demand in particular, since it is a major consumer, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained on Friday.

Earlier this week, Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said that the company is ready to continue gas transit through Ukraine after 2024, based on economic feasibility and technical condition of the Ukrainian gas transportation system. At the same time, he added that Gazprom sees the Nord Stream 2 as a purely economic project, aimed at ensuring reliability, stability and diversification of gas supplies to the EU market, and reducing gas costs for end consumer due to a shorter route.

"You probably saw that Miller also welcomed engagement of German representatives in the negotiations, since negotiations on the continuation of transit after 2024 are largely related to the decarbonization processes in Europe and the European demand. Germany is the largest gas consumer in Europe, therefore the volume will largely depend on their demand," Peskov told reporters.