Zaid Ali T Is On A Special Mission This Ramzan


Zaid Ali T is on a special mission this Ramzan

Zaid Ali and his wife Yumnah Shahid came to Pakistan to help the less-privileged.

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 30th May, 2019) Pakistani-Canadian comedian and YouTube star Zaid Ali Tahir is on a special mission this Ramzan and that is of helping out the ones in need.

Zaid Ali and his wife Yumnah Shahid came to Pakistan to help the less-privileged and spread smiles on their faces by doing Iftar with them.

With the help of Muslim Hands Canada, an international aid agency and NGO that focuses on health, livihood, water, orphans and education, the YouTube star is making a difference in the lives of such people.

Speaking about this in a heartfelt note, Zaid Ali wrote, “We came to Pakistan on a mission this Ramzan. A mission that was to help out the ones in need.”

Taking to Instagram, he said that throughout his life, he has always looked for an opportunity to make a change in our society, but never got the chance to do so.

“This was my chance to give to the ones that deserve it the most. Knowing that this opportunity was in Pakistan, my homeland, it only made me so much happier,” he said.

He added that the amount of love these people showered me with, made me forget about all the problems I had in my life.

“The less these people have, the more grateful they are. I have been told that there isn’t any greater happiness than helping others, and today I truly believe in that. I saw this through the smile of each and every person which was priceless for me. In life, we must always say shukar allhamdulilah for what we have,” Zaid Ali further said.

The couple visited one of the NGO’s schools in the village of Soomar Maheshwari where they were greeted by students. The children were excited to meet Zaid Ali and Yumnah, welcoming them with banners, drawings and hugs.

They also visited a village near Badin where most of the people living there struggle with feeding themselves and their families.

We love this act by the social media star.