Public School Teachers Hold Protest For Payment Of "updated Salaries"

Public School teachers hold protest for payment of "updated salaries"

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Jan, 2022 ) :The teachers of historical Public School on Sunday staged protest demonstration for payment t of their "updated" salaries as per the commitment made by the Commissioner Hyderabad.

The Public School teachers led by Ashok Kumar, Shoban Wistro, Muhammad Saeed Khan and Naveed Bhatti staged rally outside Hyderabad press club and chanted slogans against School administration and Commissioner for not resolving their demands.

Addressing the rally, they said that teachers were protesting for their genuine demands since last 8 months but despite assurance made by the Commissioner issues were still not resolved.

IBA Sukkur in collaboration with Commissioner Muhammad Abbas Baloch has occupied the historic Public School Hyderabad for the last three years, protesting teachers alleged.

They said that under a conspiracy, the people of Hyderabad were being evicted by handing over the administrative control of the public school to IBA Sukkur.

They demanded that an emergent meeting of the board of Governors (BOG) of the public school be convened fir updating the salaries of the teachers otherwise the scope of protest would be expanded.