Shortest Love Story

Shortest Love Story
Boy : Suno
Girl : Haan Bhai
The End .. ;-)

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Mehngaai Jis Raftar Se Barh Rahi Hai,

Mehngaai Jis Raftar Se Barh Rahi Hai, Jald Hi Cooking Shows Me Kaha Jaye Ga: "Namak Mirch Hasb-e-Zaiqa Aur Tamater Piyaz Hasb-e-Oqaat Dalen." :-D

A Man Inserted An Advertisement In The Classifieds “Wife Wanted”.

A man inserted an advertisement in the classifieds “Wife Wanted”.The next day, he received 1000 of replies,all reading: “You can have ..

Chand Alfaaz Aap Ki Poori Zindagi Tabah Kar Saktay Hain.

Chand alfaaz aap ki poori zindagi tabah kar saktay hain.Jaisay k,"Qabool Hai!""Qabool Hai!""Qabool Hai!" :

Ultimate Beezati

Ultimate BeezatiA Boy texts a girl..Boy: Hey!.Girl: Hi! What u doing?..Boy: texting the most beautiful girl in theworld..Girl: Aww How cute!...Boy: Ya! ..

Wife : I Will Die.

Wife : I will die.Husband : I will also die.Wife : why do u want to die?Husband : because main itni khushi bardasht nahi kar sakta.

Made Him Fool

“Mom my boy friend told me to climb on a tree” Girl told it to her Mom. Mom said “Don’t be a Fool. He want’s to see your ..

Girls Use To Trick With Smile

love has a special smile girls use to trick with smile when boys are fallen in there smile they say, they are away a mile

Boy:I Love U

Boy:I love uGirl:Me tooBoy:Tum mujhe kitna pyar karti ho?Girl:Jitna tum mujhe karte hoBoy: U cheater..main samjha tum waqai mujh se pyar karti ho

80% Of Final Exam Will Be Based On

80% Of Final Exam Will Be Based OnThe Lectures You Missed And..The Books You Did't Read.. :-(How Sad.. :-)Hahhahaha:-!

Ek Admi Ne Zindagi Se Tang Aa Kar Kaha

Ek admi ne zindagi se tang aa kar kaha"Es zindagi se tu Mout achi hai".Ek dam farishta aya owr bola ke "mai tumhy lainy ayah on" .Admi bola: Lo ab insaan ..

Banti: Aadmi Bina Koshish Kuchh Nahin Ban Sakata.

Banti: Aadmi bina koshish kuchh nahin ban sakata. Papu: kyon nahin ban sakta? abhi kal ki baat hai ki main bina koshish ke badaBhai ban gaya.

Wo Bewafa Hai To Mat Bura Kaho Usy

Wo bewafa hai to mat bura kaho usyWah wah wahWo bewafa hai to mat bura kaho usyKisi aur se pyar krlo dafa kro usy\(",) |> / \ miti pao g!

Boy: I Love You!

Boy: I love you!Girl: Shut Up!Boy: I'll die for you!Girl: Shut Up!Boy: I can't live without you!Girl: Shut Up!Boy: I'll marry you!Girl: Really?Boy: Shut ..

GODS Are Also I.T. Engineers

GODS are also I.T. Engineers BRAHMA System installer VISNU System supporter SHIV System Programmer NAARAD Data transfer YAM ..

"So Ladies And Gentlemen

"So Ladies and GentlemenAp logon ke BharPur Taliyon MeinTashreef La rahi hain..............Garymiyaaaaaaan !!! "

Special Request To All Those Who Call Their Partners "My Baby", "My Bachha" Etc. Etc.

Special request to all those who call their partners "My Baby", "My Bachha" etc. etc.Next Sunday don't forget to give them 2 drops ..

Chinku & Minku Sath Me Kahi Ja Rahe The

chinku & minku sath me kahi ja rahe the 1 ladki pass se nikli chinku: Wah yaar kya maal hai minku: Are yaar maal se yaad aya, bhabhi ..

The Original Ebola Was African That Went To Pakistan And Got Mutated.

The original Ebola was African that went to Pakistan and got mutated.Isne BolaUsne BolaKyon BolaKaise BolaKahan BolaKab BolaTu BolaWo BolaMain Nahi BolaYeh ..

The Greatest Joke Of The Millennium.

The greatest joke of the millennium.Teacher -”Where is the CAPITAL of out COUNTRY?”Student -”in Swiss Banks”..:p:p

Doctor : Apka Weight Kitna Hai?

Doctor : Apka weight kitna hai? Patient: Chashme ke sath 75 kgs. Doctor : Aur bina chashme ke? Patient: Woh bina chasme ke toh mujhe dikhta ..