Shadi Kw Mandap Me Ladka Ladki Se Bola-

Shadi kw mandap me ladka ladki se Bola-
Mera 10 ladkiyo ke sath affair rha tha
Ladki- Mujhe Pata tha, Jab Kundli Mili he to Character to milnge hi

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HAPPY THAPPAR DAY Today is Thappar day. Jo b ish tym ap ke Sath betha hua hai. Use ek zordar Thappar marein

Good Old Days

Good old days When I was a child, My mom would send me down to the corner store with a & I'd come back with 5kgs of potatoes, 2 loaves of bread, ..

Aadhar Card Ka Office Band Tha,

Aadhar Card ka office band tha,Card Banwane wale ke liye lambi line lagi hui thi, Ek aadmi bar bar line me aage jaane ki koshis kar raha tha,log bar ..

Girl: Mai Us Admi Sy Shadi Kron Gi Jo Khud Ro K B Mujy Hansaiy

Girl: mai us admi sy shadi kron gi jo khud ro k b mujy hansaiy.....Boy:,,,,,,,ALTAF BHAI SY KR LO

American: Can U Swim?

American: Can U swim? Indian: No American: Dog is Better den u bcz It Swims Indian: Can u swim? American: Yes Indian: then whats ..

A Psychology Report..

A Psychology Report.. When 2 Couples come face to face..?? Wives look at each other's SARIS & Husbands Look at each other's WIFE..

Syllabus Of 1998..

Syllabus Of 1998..A For APPLE..B For BALL..C For Cow..D For DOG.. ..Syllabus Of 2018..A For AATA..B For BIJLI..C For CHEENI..& D For DHAMAKAY.. :-D

2 Eyes R Best Friends

2 eyes r best friends. both will blink together, move, cry, see n sleep together, But if they see a girl only 1 will blink. Moral - A girl can break any ..

Serious Conversation With Funny Answers:

Serious Conversation with Funny Answers:1. Principal:” Are You Chewing Gum.. ???Student:” No, I’m Human Being..2. Wife:” We Are Having Mother For ..

How Newton Invented His Law

A cow was walking Newton stopped it. It stopped. He found his 1st law "An object continues to move unless it's stopped" He gave a force ..

Insaan Ko Sab Se Bara Shock Kab Lagta Hy ?

Insaan ko sab se bara shock kab lagta hy ?........Socho !!....Arey nahi pata ?......Tab lagta hy jab wo bina package sms chikk raha ho :p

1 Admi Bhagta Hua Bus Mein Charha Aur Zor Se Chillaya "khabardar" Koi Apni Jaga Se Nahi Hile Ga...

1 admi bhagta hua bus mein charha aur zor se chillaya "khabardar" koi apni jaga se nahi hile ga...Basheer kulfi wala khud app ke pass aye ga... ..

Wife: I Wish I Was A Newspaper

Wife: I wish I was a newspaperso I would be in ur hands all day.Husband: I too wish that u werea newspapers so I could havea new one everyday.

A Fat Woman Is Waiting For A Bus At A Bus Stop.

A fat woman is waiting for a bus at a bus stop. How do you describe this is one word?TiTU : MOTIVATING!

Jab Koi Itna Khas Ban Jaye

Jab koi itna khas Ban jayeUske Bare Me sochna Ehsas Ban jayeTo Mang lena khuda se use zindgi bhar k liye,Isse pehle ki uski MAA kisi aur ki SAAS Ban jaye.

Delivry K Waqt

Delivry k waqt Lady- God Ladka Man- God Ladki God- Shut Up Dont Confuse Me Vrna aisa confuse item bana dunga k tm dono roge ..


Q: Wat da difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED? A: When u Marry a right Girl u r Complete & when u Marry a wrong Girl u r Finished.

Aap K Mob No. Pe Agar Koi Ladka

Aap k Mob No. pe agar koi ladkaFaltu ki calls ya miss call kare tounka mob no.. Olx me daal karpost kar do i phone 5Only 10000 rs.. MeKasam se jitneCalls ..

"1 Maa Ki Request Hay,plz Free Package Ho To Itna Phelao K Us K Betay Tk Pohnch Ja'ay

"1 Maa ki request hay,plz free package ho to itna phelao k us k betay tk pohnch ja'ay..............Putar Bashir,wapsi ty 65 wali pepsi lenda aayen ..

Wo Bewafa Hai To Mat Bura Kaho Usy

Wo bewafa hai to mat bura kaho usyWah wah wahWo bewafa hai to mat bura kaho usyKisi aur se pyar krlo dafa kro usy\(",) |> / \ miti pao g!