Ehrar حرار Name Meaning In Urdu (Boys Name)

Meaning of Muslim Boy Name Ehrar - Islamic Baby Boy Name Ehrar Meaning & Pronunciation

حراراردو نام
Ehrar انگریزی نام
آزاد لوگمعنی
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The name Ehrar is a Muslim Boys name. Urdu name dictionary suggests that Ehrar name meaning in Urdu is آزاد لوگ, and it belongs to عربی origin. The lucky number of Ehrar is , and lucky days are . The Ehrar lucky metal is , and lucky stone is . On this page, you can check other details of Muslim name Ehrar , find its spellings and Urdu meaning.

The Ehrar name is famous in the online names dictionary, it is viewed 52210 times, which is Fifty-two thousand two hundred ten times. It is located under Urdu muslim Boys names category, with alphabetic , you can check 9499 other names which are starting with , and look for 18262 Islamic Boys names in Urdu.