Popular Christian Girl Names with Meanings and Other Details

Christian girls' names are of a wide variety, but everyone looks for popular Christian girl names when naming a newborn baby girl. At UrduPoint, you can find a great list of popular Christian girls names 2023. These names are arranged in alphabetical order. With each Christian popular name, you can also know its meaning, making a choice easy.

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Abigail Father in rejoicing
2 Amelia In German, it means ‘work’ and is a variant of the name ‘Amalia’ and ‘Emelia’.
3 Aaria A beautiful melody
4 Aubrie Elfin king
5 Ava alive living
6 Avery elfcounsel
7 Aasta Love
8 Aayla From the oak tree
9 Abai The Nile River
10 Adah A form of ada
11 Adilenne Noble
12 Agnes Pure
13 Alima Intelligent, Wise, Cultured, Strong
14 Ancy Beautiful of All
15 Atarah Hebrew for a crown
16 Adina Voluptous
17 Anna Favor or Grace
18 Ariel Lioness of god
19 Brooklyn brook, stream
20 Brea Noble
21 Britta The exalted one
22 Brittany From britain
23 Bashemath spice
24 Bathsheba Daughter of the oath
25 Bernice bringer of victory
26 Beulah Married
27 Bethany House of figs
28 Camille attendant(foratemple)
29 Charlotte man
30 Chloe In Greek, it means 'Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility', 'green shoot'.
31 Calla Resembling a lily ; a beautiful woman
32 Cora maiden
33 Candace prince of servants
34 Carmela Garden
35 Danica Morning star
36 Delaney A short form of elizabeth
37 Diem Latin for day
38 Dinah Vindicated, judgement
39 Damaris Calf
40 Deborah A bee, to speak kind words
41 Elizabeth My god is a vow
42 Ella Elfin; beautiful fairy-woman
43 Emily Hardworking
44 Emma Signifies universal
45 Evelyn Hazelnut
46 Elora English for ‘God gives the laurel’; a crown of victory
47 Ember English for ‘smouldering remains of a fire’
48 Eve Life
49 Elisha God is salvation
50 Esther Star
51 Eternity An Unending time or Infinity
52 Eunice Joyous; triumphant
53 Farah Beautiful; pleaant
54 Florence Flowering
55 Florry blossoming
56 Grace Good will
57 Gali Spring, fountain
58 Gianna Hebrew for ‘God’s grace’
59 Gabriella man of God
60 Harlyn English for ‘deer meadow’
61 Hadassah Myrtle tree
62 Hagar Flight or a stranger
63 Hannah Grace; favour
64 Isabela My god is a vow
65 Imogen Maiden
66 Jaelyn Hebrew for ambitious
67 Joslynn Joyous
68 Jemimah A little dove or Handsome
69 Julia Youthful
70 Layla A variation of an Arabic word Leila, meaning "night","As intoxicating as wine".
71 Lillian Lily
72 Lily lily flower
73 Leona lion
74 Lilith Ghost; storm goddess
75 Lydia Noble kind; of the noble sort
76 Madison sonof MADDE
77 Miaa Star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness
78 Mary Bitter
79 Marya Uncertain, maybe bitter
80 Mireya Uncertain
81 Martha Lady
82 Merry Cheerful or happy.
83 Natalie Christ's birthday
84 Olivia A form of olga
85 Oriana Born at sunrise
86 Penelope Resembling a duck ; in mythology , the faithful wife of odysseus
87 Paisley church
88 Pandora Greek for all gifted
89 Riley rye
90 Rosemary A combination of rose and mary
91 Rayna One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel
92 Scarlett Bright red
93 Sofia wisdom
94 Sophia In Greek, which means 'wisdom', 'wise'.
95 Seraphina From seraphim, meaning fiery ones
96 Victoria Victorious.
97 Valentina Latin for brave; strong
98 Zoe Life
99 Zoey life
100 Zuriel God is my rock

Christian Girls Names By Alphabet

Naming a newborn baby girl in a Christian family is never hard, as you have access to the popular Christian girl names list at UrduPoint. Here all popular Christian girl names are listed in alphabetical order. You can also learn the meaning of each name in the list and the other details. These details make it easy to shortlist so many name choices available.

You can also shortlist the popular Christian girls' names based on your favorite actors, singers, and players. Or else, you can shortlist the Holy names from the Bible. You can also share this popular Christian girl names list with your family members so that everyone can have their favorite name with details on the shortlisted names list. This way, the whole family can easily choose a newborn baby girl's popular Christian name.

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