Popular Christian Boy Names with Meaning and Other Details

A popular Christian boy name list is something that everyone looks for whenever a baby boy is born in a Christian family. UrduPoint helps you find the best suitable Christian boy name that better reflects Christian religion and culture on this occasion of happiness. On this page, you can find many popular Christian boy names 2024 that make you choose one easily. Some of the most popular Christian boy names include Alex, Scott, and Nick.

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Alex A helper and defender of mankind
2 Aidenn A fiery young man
3 Andrew Man, warrior
4 Anthonny A flourishing man ; of an ancient roman family
5 Aaron Shining light
6 Aadrian A man from hadria
7 Alby A city surrounded by white hills
8 Abner The father of light
9 Abraham Father of a multitude
10 Adam Man; earth
11 Alexander Defending men
12 Benjamin Son of my right hand
13 Benett blessed
14 Brion Strong and honourable
15 Caleb dog
16 Carter Cart driver
17 Christiann A follower of christ
18 Christopher Bearer of christ
19 Collin whelp youngpup
20 Cyril Master or lord
21 Dylan great
22 Daniel God is my judge
23 David Beloved
24 Elijah My god is the lord
25 Ethan Strong, firm, impetuous
26 Eliott Jehovah is god
27 Eric Brave ruler, Ever powerful
28 Felix Cheerful
29 Feivel God assists
30 Fergus The first and supreme choice
31 Filbert Brilliant.see also bert,philbert
32 Gabriel man of God
33 Grayson Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
34 Gerard Brave spearman
35 Henry Lord
36 Harold Famous person
37 Hughe heart,
38 Hyman A form of chaim
39 Iann God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles
40 Isaiah God is salvation
41 Itzak Laughter
42 Irvin fresh water
43 Ivaan God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles
44 Jack supplanter
45 Jackson Literally meaning son of jack.
46 Jacob Supplanter; held by the heel
47 Jaxon A form of jackson
48 Jayden jade
49 John God is gracious
50 Joseph He will enlarge
51 James Supplanter
52 Jerrod Down to earth
53 Jude Praise
54 Jason Healer
55 Jeremy Exalted by the lord.
56 Jordan To descend, to flow
57 Kedem Old, ancient
58 Kian ancient, distant
59 Levi Combined
60 Liamm Will of god
61 Lincoln Signifies settlement by the pool.
62 Logan hollow, lowland
63 Lucas Man from lucania
64 Luke Man from lucania
65 Mason mason, stone-worker
66 Mathew Gift of god
67 Michael Who is like god?
68 Manuel God is with us
69 Mark From the god mars
70 Matthew Gift of Yahweh
71 Nathan He (god) has given
72 Nicholas Of the victorious people
73 Noah Rest; comfort
74 Oliver In Latin origin, it means 'olive tree'. In German, it means 'elf army'.
75 Owen bornofyew
76 Othello young bull
77 Phelan little wolf
78 Phill One who loves horses
79 Reuel Friend of god richard - great strength
80 Radwan Delight
81 Ryan Little king
82 Samuel His name is god
83 Sebastian fromSebaste,
84 Simon Listening
85 Sachiel Angel of water
86 Sean God is gracious
87 Thomas Twin
88 Tedd A gift from god
89 Vincent To occupy
90 William A form of wilhelm
91 Wyatt hardywarrior
92 Walter A powerful warrior
93 Wilfred A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity
94 Wynn friend
95 Xavier New house
96 York Boar estate; yew-tree estate
97 Zacharias The lord remembers
98 Zane A form of john, Gift from God
99 Zebedee mygift
100 Zeph God hashidden

Christian Boys Names By Alphabet

Everyone celebrates the birth of a newborn child. And when the newborn is a baby boy, the joy multiplies many times. The whole family gets excited to name the baby boy. Here comes the popular Christian boy names list at UrduPoint. This list gives you hundreds of popular Christian boy names with their meanings and other related details.

You will also find the Holy names in the Holy book Bible in this list. With this vast collection of popular Christian boy names, naming your newborn baby boy is never complicated. You only need to shortlist the names with the most appropriate meanings. After that, ask for opinions about the whole family on the list and choose the best one.

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