Muslim Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Urdu Meaning

Are you looking for Unique Muslim Baby Names in Urdu? UrduPoint presents a huge dictionary where you can find perfect Muslim Urdu Names for Newborn baby. This page comprises all the latest and popular Muslim baby names. Here, you can find Muslim names for babies either it's a baby girl or a boy. This database consists of Authentic Muslim baby Urdu names which are usually a priority of Muslim parents. All Muslim baby names with different origins like Arabic, French, Dutch, etc are displayed on this page.

Muslim Baby Names for Boys with Urdu Meaning

Muslim Baby Names for Girls with Urdu Meaning

Muslim Urdu Names for Newborn Baby

When a baby is born in a Muslim family, the parents of that kid try to choose the best of Muslim name for their newborn. They prefer unique yet meaningful because it's commanded by the Prophet S.A.W.W of Allah. The most suggested names by the Holy Prophet PBUH were Abdullah and AbdurRehman. Among Muslim baby Urdu Names, there are few categories which define what type of names must be chosen.

While choosing an ideal Muslim Name for babies, parents should focus on the meaning of the name. They should prefer the names of Prophets, Messengers, Sahabas, and other Muslim heroes. Other than that, Muslim parents should look for the names of Sufi and Saints who have spent their lives for the sake of Islam. Holy Prophet (SAWW) said:

"Whoever gets four sons, and he has not named even one after I has been cruel on me."

A list of Muslim Baby names is enlisted in the Holy Qur'an for both baby boys and baby girls. However, choosing the names of Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet PBUH is significant for the Muslims as well as for the baby. Every parent wants their child to be pious and humble and have the beautiful traits of a good believer and practitioner. The Muslim baby names including the 99 Names of Allah are the best choice among all.

Muslim Names Baby Boy

Many names are common in Islam and Christianity. However, the Bible has been replenished so many times and has been majorly translated in English so the names have changed a bit. Try to avoid choosing a baby name out of the Bible or any other Islamic book. The best source of finding the perfect Muslim baby name is Al-Qur'an. It comprises ideal Muslim baby boys names and Muslim baby girls names with beautiful meanings.

Muslim Urdu Baby Names are easier to pronounce and understand. UrduPoint displays a huge Muslim baby names directory where you can find the Muslim Kids Names meaning in English and Urdu, Origin, Gender, Lucky Number, Lucky days, Lucky Color, Lucky Gemstones, and even Lucky metals. This page helps you find out what day, color, or number can be fortunate for your life.

Muslim Names for Baby Girl

No matter what region they live, all Muslims stay united under the similar values and practices of Islam. The festivals, customs, and traditions celebrated by Muslim families are same. While naming a newborn baby, the traditions are same all around the world. In many Muslim families, parents gift their child with a beautiful Muslim kids name after the seventh day of their birth. There, a complete event named Aqiqah happens and then the baby is named.

UrduPoint makes it easier for all new parents and expecting Guardians, to choose a Muslim baby name for their children. This page is a complete guide towards naming a child and finding its meaning. Find a perfect Muslim Urdu Kids name here and bless your baby lives!

Q. What are famous Muslim Urdu Names in Pakistan?

Nowadays, Waleed, Aryan, Zayan, Khadija, Hoorain, Aliza, Aliya, Faria, Javeria, Sania are the famous Muslim Urdu Names in Pakistan.

Q. Which Muslim Baby Urdu Names is suitable for my newborn?

The Muslim Baby Urdu Names which suits the personality of your child is best for them. If the baby is calm, then a soft name will suit them. If you have are naughty and active baby then select the popular Muslim name for your child.

Q. How can I choose Muslim Names for Babies?

You can choose unique Muslim names for babies. You can choose particular Islamic names which hold significant meaning. If the meaning of the Islamic name is good then it will have a nice influence on your child's personality.

Q. Why the meanings of Muslim Urdu Names are important?

While naming a child, people should first learn about the name. There are many Muslim Urdu Names which have good meanings and that will give a good affect on your child's personality. Allah has also commanded Muslims to gift your child with beautiful and meaningful Islamic name.

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