Quranic Names for Babies, Boys and Girls, Meanings, Lucky Numbers, Other Details

Quranic names are very much popular among Muslims worldwide. Muslims prefer to give their babies Quranic names. There is a wide variety of Quranic names for boys and girls. At UrduPoint, you can know the meaning of each Quranic name to choose accordingly for your newborn boy or girl. The most common and famous Quran names are Rauf, Ahad, Abdullah, Ibrahim, and Ayat.

Name Meaning Gender
Aabid worshiper, devotee Boy
Aala bounties Girl
Aalam world, universe Boy
Aaliyan tall and healthy Boy
Abdul Khabir servant of the aware Boy
Abdullah servant of god Boy
Ahad another name for god Boy
Ahmad much praised. one of many names of the prophet muhammad Boy
Ahsan compassion. Boy
Aleem A man who knows, wise Boy
Ali eminent, noble, high in rank Boy
Alim Literator, scholor, religious scholor Boy
Aminah honest,trustworthy Girl
Aqiba result, consequence. Girl
Asar mark, sign Boy
Ashab master, friends, companions Boy
Ayaat many signs & proofs, verses in the quran Girl
Ayah a verse from quran or a sign from god Girl
Ayat mark, sign Girl
Ayyub a Prophet of Allah Boy
Azaan virtuous (person), abstinent or abstemious (person), upright, sober Boy
Azim high in dignity, large, great Boy
Aziz Beloved, Lovely Boy
Baseer having sight Boy
Bashir one who gives good news. Boy
Basir knowledgeable, proficient, one who sees Boy
Dunya world Girl
Fajr daybreak, dawn Boy
Fazl grace, favor Boy
Ghaffar merciful, forgiving Boy
Ghafoor clement, merciful Boy
Hajra to emigrate Girl
Hakim chief Boy
Hamd praise, commendation Boy
Haq right Boy
Huda truth, honesty, uprightness Boy
Ihsan benevolence, beneficence, charity, compassion. Boy
Ilm in sindhi meaning is slave girl belonging to zubaydah, wife of harun al-rashid had this name. Girl
Ishaq Standing on the Right Boy
Ismail Prophet Ishmael, son of Prophet Abraham, brave Boy
Kaanz treasure Girl
Kabir great, aged, senior, venerable, reverend, respected Boy
Kafeel one who supports (a family) one who takes the surety or guarantee, a person who stands as surety Boy
Kalima speaker, mouthpiece. Girl
Kathir abundant. copious Boy
Mahdi guided to the right path Boy
Marib pl. of marab, wish. Girl
Maruf known, celebrated Boy
Mashkur praiseworthy, thankful Boy
Mawadda friendship, intimacy Girl
Muhammad Appreciated, Name of the Last Prophet of Allah (SWT) Boy
Naima comfort, tranquillity Girl
Naqeeb chief, leader, herald, intelligent person Boy
Naziir Like, Equal Boy
Qadeer powerful Boy
Raheem merciful.compassionate Boy
Rauf Kind Boy
Rayhan favored by god Boy
Sajid prostrating in adoration Boy
Salih right, good Boy
Samaah in muslim meaning is generosity Girl
Saqib sublime Boy
Sulaiman arabic form of solomon,peaceful. Boy
Sumaira brownish Girl
Tayyiba good, good-natured, sweet Girl
Wahida alone, lone, single, lonely, by oneself, solitary, Girl
Yousuf very beautiful Boy
Zahina a very sharp mind Girl

Quranic names for babies are sacred for Muslims around the globe. Besides, Quranic names have meaningful implications as each word in Quran explains something. Therefore, people name their babies in the words of the Quran with care as everything has its good and bad. But there is nothing to worry about because at UrduPoint; you can know the complete details of each Quranic name.

All the Quranic names for boys and girls are listed here in alphabetical order. This way, you can easily find the desired one to see its details. Or else, you can enter the name into the search bar, and you will find its details.

Naming a baby is the responsibility of the parents, but the whole family takes a keen interest in it. We recommend you shortlist the Quranic names for boys and girls on this page as per your desired meanings or other details. After that, the whole family can sit together to see the list of top trending Quranic names 2024 and select the most suitable one for your family.

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