Christian Boy Names, Christian Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Christian boy names are a hot discussion in each family whenever a new baby boy is borns in a Christian family. Christians want to name their boys the Holy names from the Bible that best suit the Christian newborn boy as per the name's meaning. For your ease, trending Christian boys names 2023 are available at UrduPoint. Some of the very popular Christian boys' names are David, Benjamin, and Aaron.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Wilfred A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity English
2 Walter A powerful warrior English
3 Brion Strong and honourable English
4 Alby A city surrounded by white hills English
5 Oliver In Latin origin, it means 'olive tree'. In German, it means 'elf army'. English
6 Logan hollow, lowland English
7 Serug Branch, Layer, Twining. English
8 Manaen A comforter, A leader English
9 Yursel Sent English
10 Roddney From the famous one English
11 Shem Fame, Son of Noah English
12 Jonatthan A gift of god English
13 Guzien Favorite English
14 Justinn One who is just and upright English
15 Errik Ever the ruler English
16 Jamess He who supplants English
17 Chik Small, little English
18 Dahari Stripes English
19 Perwira Hero or officer English
20 Jerrome Of the sacred name English
21 Deforrest from the forest English
22 Jamesson The son of james English
23 Jaredd To descend , descendant English
24 Jephtha heopens English
25 Keyonn Guiding leader English
26 Roddrick Famous ruler English
27 Shimhi famous, renowned English
28 Putera Son or prince English
29 Mattthew Gift of god English
30 Awang The eldest son English
31 Roderrick A famous ruler English
32 Jeromee Of the sacred name English
33 Jamarri A hand- some man English
34 Elijahh Jehovah is my god English
35 Tenuk Tapir English
36 Jonnatan A gift of god English
37 Edwardd A wealthy protector English
38 Jonnathon A gift of god English
39 Sulung First or eldest English
40 Johnie God is gracious English
41 Jerramy God will uplift English
42 Jerramie God will uplift English
43 Joshawa God is salvation English
44 Jammes He who supplants English
45 Joshuah God rescues English
46 Jermey A form of jeremy English
47 Jerred Descent English
48 Ritchard A form of richard English
49 Adiputera First son or first prince English
50 Brentton From the hill English
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Christian Boys Names By Alphabet

The birth of a boy in a family is undoubtedly the most joyful event for the parents and the whole family. That's why everyone searches for popular Christian boy names. If you have a Christian boy's name in mind and want to know its meaning, you can enter the name into the search bar. You will instantly get the name's meaning and all other related details. You can narrow down the search for a Christian Boy's Name in no time.

As most Christians prefer to name their boys on the names in the Bible and names of prophets and their relatives, here you will also find the Christian prophets' names. You can also know their meanings and other related details, including the lucky number. It is never hard to select a Christian boy name for your newborn baby boy with all such detailed information.

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