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A popular Hindu boy names list is something that everyone looks for whenever a baby boy is born in a Hindu family. UrduPoint helps you find the best suitable Hindu boy name that better reflects Hindu religion and culture on this occasion of happiness. On this page, you can find many popular Hindu boy names 2023 that make you choose one easily. Some of the most popular Hindu boy names include Aryan, Gautum, Shiv, Krishna, and Ram.

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Ari Lion; Brave; Inner Skin; Eagle; Lord Vishnu
2 Arjun Confidence and Power; Pandava Prince; Bright; Peacock; Son of Lord Indra; One of the Pandava Brothers; Pandav; A God
3 Aum The Sacred Syllable
4 Aaditya Sun
5 Aarav Peaceful; Good Personality
6 Ajay Unconquerable; God; Never Loose
7 Akash open space, sky in Sanskrit.
8 Akhil whole, complete in Sanskrit.
9 Akshay Indestructible; Unlimited
10 Anand happiness, bliss in Sanskrit.
11 Anil Puriest; Wind; God of Wind
12 Armaan Wish; Longing; Soldier; Famous Bearer; Desire
13 Arun Mythical Charioteer of the Sun; Dawn; Red Colour
14 Avi The Sun and Air; Honest; My Father is Exalted
15 Aadavan Sun; Brilliant Like The Sun; Lord Vishnu
16 Aadi First; Most Important
17 Aadit Peak
18 Aadvik Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent,
19 Aahan Iron; Sword
20 Aalok Light
21 Aanav Humane
22 Aarin Mountain Strength
23 Aarit One who Seeks the Right Direction
24 Aariv King of Wisdom
25 Aarul God's Grace; Gods Blessing
26 Ahil Prince; Emperor; Ruler
27 Anant Infinite
28 Anantajit Always Victorious
29 Aryan Noble; Old Civilisation; Related; From a High Race; Son of Arya; That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength; Belonging to the Aryans
30 Avyan Not Having Any Imperfection; Lord Vishnu's Name
31 Ayaan Nature; Temperament; Gift of God
32 Bodhi Enlightenment
33 Barun Lord of the Sea
34 Daiwik By the Grace of God
35 Daksh Expert; Talented; Fit; Fire; Gold; Son of Lord Brahma; Precious Son; Son of a Perfect Being; Capable; Smart
36 Deval Sage Narada; Temple
37 Devesh God of Gods; Lord Shiva
38 Dushyant Destroyer of Evil; Raja Dushyant Father of Prince Bharat
39 Dev Bard; Poet; God; King; Immortal; Charming; Awesome; Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
40 Edhas Happiness
41 Eshaan Desiring and Wishing
42 Hrehaan God's Chosen
43 Hridhaan Heart
44 Ishit One who Desires to Rule
45 Ishan Lord Shiva; Sun
46 Jay Blue Jay; He who Supplants; The Lord is Salvation; Victory; Blue Crested Bird; A Bird in the Crow Family; Win
47 Kairav White Lotus
48 Kian The Lord Krishna; Kings; Royal; Ancient; Distant
49 Krish Sculpture; Knowledge
50 Kalpen Fit; Proper
51 Kailash Name of a Himalayan Peak; Abode of Shiva
52 Karthik A Hindu Month; One who Bestows Happiness; God Shiva's Elder Son
53 Kavish King of Poets; Other Name of Lord Ganesh
54 Laksh Aim
55 Moksh Salvation
56 Manav Human; Man
57 Milan Union; Gracious; Dear; Glory; Favour; Grace
58 Mohan Fascinating; Charming; Beauteous; Attractive; Lord Murugan; Lord Krishna
59 Nayan Eye
60 Neeraj Lotus; Pearl
61 Nikhil Whole; Prithvi; Complete; Entire
62 Nirmay Pure
63 Nishan Miracles; Symbol
64 Nitin Master of the Right Path; New; Owner of the Truth Way
65 Naman Salutation
66 Nevaan Holy; Pure Soul
67 Niket Home
68 Ohm Primordial Sound
69 Ovi Holy Massege of Marathi Saint
70 Pranav Intelligent; The Sacred Syllable Om
71 Pulkit Happiness; Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed
72 Parth King; Bright; Silver; Arjun
73 Pavan Wind; Breeze; Life; Lord Hanuman
74 Priyam Beloved
75 Rayan Doorman of Heaven; Soft Touch; Fresh; Paradise Gate; Descendent of Rian; Fragrant Herb; Sweet-scented Herb
77 Ranbir Warrior of Battle
78 Reyansh A Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu
79 Rishi Saint
80 Rajiv striped in Sanskrit, Lotus Flower
81 Rajveer National Hero
82 Rohan Ascending; Increasing
83 Sachiv Friend
84 Samit Always Making Friends; Collected; Quiet
85 Sasmit Ever Smiling
86 Shresth most excellent, best in Sanskrit.
87 Siddharth The Name of Lord Vishnu; Shiv; White Mustard
88 Sajan Beloved
89 Samay Time
90 Siddh Knowledge and Wealth
91 Sai Flower; Everywhere; Ishwar; Lord Shiva; Sai Baba; Swami
92 Sachin Pure; Existence; Lord Indra; Lord Shiva
93 Sanjay Victory; Lord Shiva; Dhritarashtra's Charioteer; Triumphant; Caring
94 Taksh Strong
95 Tej Lustrous; Light
96 Vedant Hindu Philosophy
97 Viaan Full of Life
98 Veer Brave
99 Yug Time
100 Zavian light in Arabic

Hindu Boys Names By Alphabet

Everyone celebrates the birth of a newborn child. And when the newborn is a baby boy, the joy multiplies many times. The whole family gets excited to name the baby boy. Here comes the popular Hindu boy names list at UrduPoint. This list gives you hundreds of popular Indian boy names with their meanings and other related details.

You will also find names of Hindu Gods and characters from Hindu historical stories in this list. With this vast collection of popular Hindu boy names, naming your newborn baby boy is never complicated. You only need to shortlist the names starting from the letter that the baby boy's Kundali suggests. After that, see the meaning of all those shortlisted names and choose the best one.

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