Quranic Girl Names, Meanings, Origin, Lucky Numbers, Other Details

Quranic girl names are very popular in the Muslim community worldwide. These names are taken from Surahs and verses of the Holy Quran. All the Muslim Quran names for girls are sacred for Muslims; that's why they are very popular. Quranic girl names 2023 have beautiful meanings that compel people to give their newborn baby girls Quranic Names. The most popular Quranic names among Muslims are Maryam, Amina, Ayat, and Zahra.

Name Meaning Gender
Aafiya good health, bin ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of hadith Girl
Aala bounties Girl
Amina trustee Girl
Aminah honest,trustworthy Girl
Aqiba result, consequence. Girl
Ayaat many signs & proofs, verses in the quran Girl
Ayah a verse from quran or a sign from god Girl
Ayat mark, sign Girl
Dunya world Girl
Hajra to emigrate Girl
Hasana good deed, kind act, favour Girl
Ilm in sindhi meaning is slave girl belonging to zubaydah, wife of harun al-rashid had this name. Girl
Kaanz treasure Girl
Kalima speaker, mouthpiece. Girl
Marib pl. of marab, wish. Girl
Mawadda friendship, intimacy Girl
Naima comfort, tranquillity Girl
Rahmah in sindhi meaning is compassion, mercy. Girl
Samaah in muslim meaning is generosity Girl
Sumaira brownish Girl
Tayyiba good, good-natured, sweet Girl
Wahida alone, lone, single, lonely, by oneself, solitary, Girl
Zahina a very sharp mind Girl
Zahra radiant, resplendent Girl

Naming a newborn baby is important in all religions worldwide. However, Muslims prefer to name their newborn babies Islamic names with beautiful meanings as the name reflects a person's personality. There is a vast collection of names in the Holy Quran for boys but for girls, there are few choices. However, all the Quranic girl names have beautiful meanings and are popular worldwide; therefore, parents prefer these Islamic girl names from Quran over other names.

Above is the list of all Quranic names in alphabetical order. You can select any of the names above to see their details, meaning, lucky number, origin, etc. You can also enter any Quranic name in the search bar above to see its details.

While naming a newborn baby girl, it would be best to shortlist the Quranic names as per their meanings, origin, etc., so that the selection becomes easy. After you shortlist, you can ask other family members for their opinion. This way, you will easily name your newborn baby girl, and the selected Quranic girl name will best reflect her personality.

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