Muslim Islamic Girls Names with Their Meaning in Urdu

Are you looking for Islamic girl names for your newly born daughter? This is the perfect place for you to find the Islamic muslim name of a baby girl. We give you so many of the Islamic Islamic girls names for your newly born daughter over here. You can choose the best Girls Islamic Names for your little daughter from the directory listed over here.

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آ ا ب پ ت ٹ ث ج چ ح خ د ڈ ذ ر ڑ ز ژ س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک گ ل م ن ں و ھ ہ ء ی ے

Muslim Islamic Names Fpr Baby Girls with Their Meaning in Urdu

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Baby girls names are hard to find especially when you are looking for Islamic names. Well, this page helped me when my daughter was born. I took a suggestion from this page and it suits my princess. 

By: Aqsa Ashfaq on 26-07-2019

Girls are precious gifts from Allah. We should select beautiful Islamic names for them. In this regard, I like this page alot. 

By: Fatima Arshad on 26-07-2019

This page is best for finding Islamic girls names. There are every name's details like meaning, origin, fav number etc. Very informative.

By: Rafaqat Khan on 23-07-2019

I live in London and I have recently got the news that my brother is blessed with a baby girl.  I am so excited to see her. Kindly suggest me some beautiful girls Islamic names.  

By: Sumaira Abbasi on 19-07-2019

Girls are the blessings and May Allah bless everyone with a baby girl. I am too happy and I want to name my princess with a beautiful Islamic girls names. This page has many and I am confused about what name is best for her. 

By: Mehak Khan on 19-07-2019

For my princess, I have chosen a name Abish from this page. Really impressed by this pages name collection. 

By: Humna Shah on 17-07-2019

Baby girls are so cute so we should name them cutely. I named my daughter Aaina. Masha Allah, she is very cute. 

By: Shakeel Azmi on 10-07-2019

This page has some really preferable Islamic girls names in Urdu. I often use this to get suggestions for naming my nieces, cousins etc. 

By: Laiba Nadeem on 09-07-2019

Becoming a parent for the first time is the most beautiful feeling of the world. Allah has also given me with this blessing Alhamdullilah. This page suggested me Abiha for my baby princess. This page has beautiful Islamic names suggestions. 

By: Arshia Abrar on 09-07-2019

For Urdu girl names, I would suggest you this site. I have named two of my daughters with this page's recommendations. Good Work!

By: Saliha Nabi on 02-07-2019

Baby girls are so precious and they deserve to be named preciously. For my new-born daughter, I have selected the name Aafiyah and it suits my baby alot. Thank you for these suggestions!!!

By: Barkat Ali on 29-06-2019

Ashmira name meaning

By: Shadab on 26-12-2019

Islamic Girls Names

You can find the Islamic girls name with meanings over here as well. The Islamic baby girls names with meanings can be found in different languages. You can find both the Islamic girls names with meanings in Urdu and Islamicgirls names with meanings in urdu. In this section, the Islamicgirls names with meanings in Urdu and English are also found.

You can also find aIslamic name of baby girl for your daughter starting with the letter of your choice. For example, you can find Islamic girl names starting with s and Islamic girl names starting with m. Our names section provides you with plenty of names for each letter. You can easily find the Islamic girl names starting with s and Islamic girl names starting with m.

Islamic Girls Names with meanings

Select the perfect Islamic baby girl name for your daughter. You can find the Islamic girls names with meanings. If some of your friend or relative is blessed with a daughter, suggest them this section to find anIslamic girl baby name for their daughter. You can help them find the Muslim baby girl names with meanings as well so that they can choose a better Islamic name of baby girl for the little one.

Although Islamic names of baby girls names can be found on different websites, Urdu Point provides you with the best Islamic girl new names. The Islamicgirls new names can be easily found over here for your newly born daughter. The Islamic girl names with meanings will help you choose the best Islamic baby girl name.

The best Islamic names for girls can be found here. The Islamic names for girls are available in plenty. Find your daughter the best Islamic baby girl name. Choose the Islamic girl baby name of your daughter out of the best Islamic girls names with meanings. The names section of Urdu Point gives you all of the Islamic baby girls names with meanings in Urdu and English as well. Find the best Islamic girl names with meaning for your daughter here.

This section also provides you with lucky numbers for names. You can find lucky numbers by name for your daughter’s name. The names lucky numbers help you find the lucky number for the name you want to give to your daughter. If you are a person who believes in lucky numbers, then determine the lucky number by name for your daughter. The lucky number of horoscopes can also be found here. The lucky numbers horoscope helps you check horoscope for different lucky numbers every day. You can also find the lucky numbers horoscope for any Islamic girl name.

Urdu Point also gives you the astrology of names, lucky metals for names, lucky numbers by names, and lucky stones. You can find the names astrology over here as well. You can find the astrology of names for the name you want to give your daughter also. The lucky metals and lucky stones by names can also be found here. The lucky metal and lucky stone for the Islamic name for girl you want to give to your daughter can also be found here. Different lucky stones by names can also be found in this section. You can easily find the lucky stone for any Islamic baby girl name.

Islamic Muslim Girls Names

Baby girls bring great joy to family and they are true happiness for her father specifically. Baby girls play the role of sister and daughter, and after growing up she becomes responsible with the status of mother and wife. Gifting the newborn girls with beautiful Islamic names is a duty of parents and they must focus on the meaning that either it’d be suitable for their daughter or not.

There are many variations in Islamic girl names and it’s because of the regional difference. All around the world, there are many countries including Pakistan, India, Iran, the Middle East, some sides of Europe and Africa too which consist of major Islamic populations. But Islamic Boys Names with their meanings vary with region, tradition, and trends. Sometimes the pronunciations and spellings may vary as well.

There are many different baby girls names but have minor differences. There is the name Maira and then there is a Popular girls name Maria. Both of these names gave similar construction but different pronunciation. Similarly, there is the name Zahra and Zara. Each of them is often considered a single name but has very many different meanings.

Islamic Names for Girls

Islamics Islamic Names with meanings for Girlsmake the naming process easier for the parents. Islamic baby girls names have the true spirit of modesty and humbleness. Sincenames are the mirrors of an individual so parents prefer beautiful and traditional Islamic girls names. Here, UrduPoint presents the Islamic Girls names directory for all the parents who are confused about the name of their precious daughters.

The baby name numerology names numerology for Islamic names for girls is also available. You can check the name numerology compatibility for different Islamicgirls names also. The name numerology chart can also be found here. The name numerology chart displays different names along with their numerologies according to the dates of birth etc. The numerology name date birth are also displayed on the name numerology chart. The baby name numerology from the name numerology chart can be determined and the name numerology compatibility for the Islamic name for girl you are giving your daughter can also be found.

Choose the best and unique Islamic baby girls names from this section of Urdu Point along with the Islamicgirls names with meanings. Plenty of Islamicgirls names can be found in this section. Here you can find the best collection of Islamic baby girls names along with their meanings in Urdu and English. Visit this page to find some IslamicMuslim girl names all at once. All these Islamicgirls names can be found so easily in this section of the UrduPoint website.

UrduPoint has made a complete Islamic girls names with a meaning dictionary with every relevant information. Islamic Girls Names are often chosen by parents and all of them have significant meanings which are equally important while choosing a name. This is an automatic guide that has all the Islamic Girls names with their meanings in English and Urdu. This page has the relevant data like origin, lucky day, lucky stone, and so much more.

This page has everything you are looking for. Here all the information related to Islamic Girls names is alphabetically listed. All the alphabets have their respective Islamic girls names with their meanings, so it makes easier for users to understand the name of the newborn girl. All Islamic names for girls are available here and have everything you are searching for!