Islamic Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Their Urdu Meaning

Islamic Baby Names : If you are blessed with a newborn baby and want to give him or her an Islamic name, then you are at the perfect place to find an Islamic baby name for your newly born child. The Urdu Point names section provides you with a whole Islamic names list where you can find most of the Islamic baby names to give to your child. The Islamic names list contains many unique Islamic names, Islamic names in Urdu and new Islamic names for your newly born.

Islamic Baby Names for Boys with Urdu Meaning

Islamic Baby Names for Girls with Urdu Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

You can find the Islamic names meaning in the Islamic names dictionary as well. The Islamic name meanings are available in both Urdu and English languages. You can find both Islamic names meaning in Urdu and Islamic names meaning in English. The Islamic names dictionary provides you with the Islamic names meanings in both Urdu and English languages. You can find the Islamic names meanings in Urdu in the Islamic names dictionary that is available here.

Many of the Islamic names including the unique Islamic names, the new Islamic names, and the Islamic names in Urdu can be found in the Islamic names list in this section. The Islamic names meanings can be found in the Islamic names dictionary. The Islamic names meanings in Urdu are also available for the people who know Urdu language. There are also Islamic names in Urdu because the people living in Pakistan prefer Islamic names in Urdu for their children.

Both the Islamic boys names and Islamic girls names are available over here. The Islamic baby boys names and Islamic baby girls names can now be found very easily in this section. You can find both the Islamic girl names with meanings and Islamic boys names meanings here as well.

Islamic Names for Boys

You can find the Islamic boys names over here in this section as well. The Islamic boys names with meanings are also available in this section. Choose the best Islamic boy name for your newly born. Find the best Islamic boys names with meanings for your newly born here.

Islamic Baby Girls Name

The Islamic girl names are also available here. Find the perfect Islamic baby girl name with meaning for your daughter. Give the perfect Islamic girl name to your daughter. Modern Islamic baby names are also available in this section.

The lucky numbers for names can also be found in this category. Lucky numbers by name can be found here, where you can determine the lucky numbers for different names through the names lucky numbers. Find your newly born kid's lucky number by name. You can also find the lucky number horoscopes here. Horoscopes for different lucky numbers can be checked by the lucky numbers horoscope.

Urdu Point also helps you find the astrology of names, lucky stones by names, lucky numbers, and lucky metals for names. The astrology of names can also be found here. You can check the astrology of names when you give your newly born an Islamic name.

Lucky metals and lucky stones by names can also be found in this section. The lucky stones by names and lucky metals can also be found for different names. You can find the lucky stones and lucky names for various Islamic names as well.

You can also find the names numerology for Islamic names over here along with the baby name numerology. A name numerology chart is also there in this section. The name numerology chart displays the numerology name date birth according to each other. The name numerology compatibility baby name numerology can be determined from the name numerology chart as well.

Islamic Names Meaning in Urdu

Urdu Point provides you with lots of Islamic names in its names category where you can find the best of the Islamic names for boys and Islamic names for girls. This page leads you to a massive name dictionary which incorporates data of Islamic Names Meaning in Urdu.

All the Islamic Baby Names are alphabetically listed from A-Z. This site makes your search easier. All you have to do is search for your favorite name and with a single click you will be able to find name's relevant information including Gender, Religion, Meaning in English and Urdu, Lucky number, Lucky color, Lucky day, Lucky gemstone and metal.

This page offers you an option of search Islamic names in Urdu by Urdu Alphabets. Similarly, all Islamic names for Girls and Islamic Names for boys can be searched on this page through the respective alphabet A-Z.

To every parent, their newly born babies are precious. They find their child beyond the world. These baby boy and baby girls play the role of angels and parents desire to give their kids the best names. Islam has regulated the way of naming children. The Islamic baby name chosen for the baby must have a good name and meaning. If it relates to Muslim heroes then the name would exert its best energies on the personality of the child.

Names are supposedly influential on the personality of the child. This is the reason why parents are conscious of Islamic baby names. Parents or guardians search for strong and powerful Islamic Names for Boys. The matter of the fact is named with meaning such as brave or strong influence the baby in the same way. Similarly, parents search for a soft and subtle Islamic Baby Girls Name.

The information relevant to Islamic baby names are mentioned here on this page. UrduPoint has an Islamic name dictionary which comprises everything you need to know about your favorite name. The search bar makes it easier to find the required name and its meanings.

This is a Galaxy of Islamic Baby names and everything you are searching for is within this page. All Islamic names in Urdu are just a click away!

Q. How Islamic Urdu Names should be chosen?

Muslim Urdu Names should be chosen on Islamic criteria. Parents should find such Islamic names for boys and girls which sound good and have beautiful meaning.

Q. What are the best Islamic Urdu Names?

In the list of best Islamic Urdu Names, there can be Ayaan, Arish, Arsal, Fahad, Alisha, Esha, Fajar, and so on.

Q. Which Islamic baby name is famous?

The famous Islamic baby names are Muhammad, Hassan, Hussain, Ali, Hashim, Hamza, Faisal, etc.

Q. What is Islamic Names Meaning in Urdu?

Islamic names have different origins. Mostly, Muslim communities are located in Saudia Arab, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Emirates. Each region has its own language. Islamic Names Meanings in Urdu helps the parents to learn about the literal meaning of their baby name.

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