Popular Islamic Baby Names and Their Meaning in Urdu

Popular Islamic Baby Names: Naming trends may change with time but the significance of Popular Islamic Baby Names with their meaning is constant. Staying up-to-date is the key to keep on running with the world and just like Famous Muslim Baby Namesare our priority. Names are the first impression of anyone's personality because they reflect directly on the personality of the baby.

Popular and Famous Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names and Meanings

In Islamic families, when a baby is born everyone tries to find out a Popular Islamic kids Names, to make their kids pious and humble. The Islamic Popular Baby Names have the most enchanting meanings which consequently affect the baby, either it's a boy or girl. Although the traditions and culture are distinctive around every region, yet Popular Boys Names and Popular Girls Names holds the same importance all around.

Popular Muslim Baby Names

Every child is different. Children learn from society but to some extent, their name influences their way of life. Popular Islamic Baby Names have a considerably good effect on child personality. Among the Popular Muslim Islamic kids Names, the names of the Prophets, Sahabas, Sufi Saints, and other influential personalities are highly prioritized by the Muslim parents.

On the top of the list, the names of Allah Almighty mentioned on Al-Quran are most preferred among all. The names of Allah Almighty are considered to be Popular Islamic Baby Names with their meaning in every region where there is a Muslim population. On one side, parents find the most unique and famous names for their kids, while on the other side, they are conscious about the meaning of the name.

According to Islamic teaching, the names you chose for newborns must hold some balanced meanings. This is the reason why Allah's names are on Popular Muslim baby names\' list because the meaning of Almighty's names is beautiful and influential.

Popular Islamic Baby Names with their Meaning

All Muslim majority countries including Pakistan, Gulf, Iraq and Iran, Turkey, and others have a distinctive approach for choosing a name. One of the major reasons is that the popularity graph of Popular Islamic kids Names vary in every region so parents try to stay in trend. The number two reason is language difference. It makes the Popular Islamic Baby Names pronunciations and spellings different.

UrduPoint brings a Popular Islamic baby name dictionary with their meaning to assist all the parents who are searching for the latest and trending names. Here you can search for Popular Muslim baby name's meanings, origin, lucky gemstone, lucky day, and every related information you are looking for.

This page has an extensive database with Popular Islamic baby names listed in alphabetic order so parents can easily find the name of their favorite character. Sometimes, parents have a particular favorite name but they are unaware of the meaning. On this page, you can find all the Popular Muslim baby names with their meanings. It'll help you to gift your child with stunning and Popular Islamic baby names. Everything you're looking for is inside this page and every detail related to your favorite Famous Kids Islamic Names is just a clickaway!

Q. What are the most popular Arabic names?

The popularity of Arabic names: Muhammad, Amir, Omer, Hassan, Hussain, Fatima, Ayesha, Khadija, Salman, Ali, and Zahra has always remained high.

Q. What are the most popular Muslim names?

Huzaifa, Hamza, Rehan, Azlaan, Anabiya, Inaya, Haniya, Hareem, and Mahira are most popular Muslims names.

Q. What are the latest trending Popular Muslim boy names?

In the latest trending Popular Muslim boy names list, there are Maaz, Sufian, Sarim, Arish, Taimoor, Shayad and many more.

Q. Where you can search for Popular Islamic baby names for boys and girls?

There are many sites for checking the Popular Islamic baby names for boys and Islamic baby names for girls. Burt UrduPoint can provide you an easy access towards the Famous Kids Islamic Names with their Meaning.

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