Quranic Boy Names, Meanings, Origin, Lucky Numbers, Other Details

Quranic boy names are very popular in the Muslim community worldwide. These names are taken from Surahs and verses of the Holy Quran. All the Muslim Quran names for boys are sacred for Muslims; that's why they are very popular. Quranic boy names 2023 have beautiful meanings that compel people to give their newborn baby boys Quranic Names. The most popular Quranic boys names among Muslims are Ahad, Aleem, Rauf, and Raheem.

Name Meaning Gender
Aabid worshiper, devotee Boy
Aalam world, universe Boy
Aaliyan tall and healthy Boy
Abdul Khabir servant of the aware Boy
Abdullah servant of god Boy
Ahad another name for god Boy
Ahmad much praised. one of many names of the prophet muhammad Boy
Ahsan compassion. Boy
Aleem A man who knows, wise Boy
Ali eminent, noble, high in rank Boy
Alim Literator, scholor, religious scholor Boy
Asar mark, sign Boy
Ashab master, friends, companions Boy
Ayyub a Prophet of Allah Boy
Azaan virtuous (person), abstinent or abstemious (person), upright, sober Boy
Azim high in dignity, large, great Boy
Aziz Beloved, Lovely Boy
Baseer having sight Boy
Bashir one who gives good news. Boy
Basir knowledgeable, proficient, one who sees Boy
Fajr daybreak, dawn Boy
Fazl grace, favor Boy
Ghaffar merciful, forgiving Boy
Ghafoor clement, merciful Boy
Hakim chief Boy
Hamd praise, commendation Boy
Haq right Boy
Huda truth, honesty, uprightness Boy
Ihsan benevolence, beneficence, charity, compassion. Boy
Ishaq Standing on the Right Boy
Ismail Prophet Ishmael, son of Prophet Abraham, brave Boy
Kabir great, aged, senior, venerable, reverend, respected Boy
Kafeel one who supports (a family) one who takes the surety or guarantee, a person who stands as surety Boy
Kathir abundant. copious Boy
Khayr in sindhi meaning is goodness, health, safe. Boy
Mahdi guided to the right path Boy
Maruf known, celebrated Boy
Mashkur praiseworthy, thankful Boy
Momin true believer, staunch Muslim, Muslim strictly following the principles of Islam Boy
Mubin in muslim meaning is another name for the quran, one who informs Boy
Muhammad Appreciated, Name of the Last Prophet of Allah (SWT) Boy
Najm celestial body, star Boy
Naqeeb chief, leader, herald, intelligent person Boy
Naziir Like, Equal Boy
Qadeer powerful Boy
Raheem merciful.compassionate Boy
Rauf Kind Boy
Rayhan favored by god Boy
Sajid prostrating in adoration Boy
Salih right, good Boy
Saqib sublime Boy
Sulaiman arabic form of solomon,peaceful. Boy
Yaqoob Prophet Jacob Boy
Yousuf very beautiful Boy

Naming a newborn baby is important in all religions worldwide. However, Muslims prefer to name their newborn babies Islamic names with beautiful meanings as the name reflects a person's personality. There is a vast collection of names in the Holy Quran for boys. However, all the Quranic boy names have beautiful meanings and are popular worldwide; therefore, parents prefer these Islamic boy names from Quran over other names.

Above is the list of all Quranic boys' names in alphabetical order. You can select any of the names above to see their details, meaning, lucky number, origin, etc. You can also enter any Quranic name in the search bar above to see its details.

While naming a newborn baby boy, it would be best to shortlist the Quranic names as per their meanings, origin, etc., so that the selection becomes easy. After you shortlist, you can ask other family members for their opinion. This way, you will easily name your newborn baby boy, and the selected Quranic boy's name will best reflect his personality.

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