Popular Christian Names of Boys and Girls, Trendy Christian Names 2023

Chrisitan Name is an identification of a person being Christian. That's why most Christians choose unique Christian Names for boys and popular Christian Names for girls. You can see the top trending Christian Names 2022 of boys and girls on this page. Some trending Christian Names are Jordan, Christian, and Mary. Luke, Marcus, and Angel are the most popular Christian Names. Trending and new Christian Names 2022 are Gabriel, Grace, and Elien.

Christian Boys Names By Alphabet

Christian Girls Names By Alphabet

Featured Christian Boys Names

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Carter Cart driver
2 Jason Healer
3 Caleb dog
4 Sebastian fromSebaste,
5 Ryan Little king
6 Simon Listening
7 Hyman A form of chaim
8 Manuel God is with us
9 Henry Lord
10 Brion Strong and honourable
11 Filbert Brilliant.see also bert,philbert
12 Mark From the god mars
13 Reuel Friend of god richard - great strength
14 Zacharias The lord remembers
15 Alex A helper and defender of mankind
16 Jordan To descend, to flow
17 Matthew Gift of Yahweh
18 Abner The father of light
19 Nicholas Of the victorious people
20 Wyatt hardywarrior
21 Alexander Defending men
22 Alby A city surrounded by white hills
23 Tedd A gift from god
24 Radwan Delight
25 Jayden jade

Featured Christian Girls Names

Sr. Name Meaning
1 Aubrie Elfin king
2 Diem Latin for day
3 Ariel Lioness of god
4 Aasta Love
5 Adina Voluptous
6 Zoe Life
7 Brittany From britain
8 Cora maiden
9 Rayna One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel
10 Gali Spring, fountain
11 Emma Signifies universal
12 Penelope Resembling a duck ; in mythology , the faithful wife of odysseus
13 Layla A variation of an Arabic word Leila, meaning "night","As intoxicating as wine".
14 Imogen Maiden
15 Emily Hardworking
16 Jaelyn Hebrew for ambitious
17 Marya Uncertain, maybe bitter
18 Bernice bringer of victory
19 Bashemath spice
20 Brooklyn brook, stream
21 Bathsheba Daughter of the oath
22 Aayla From the oak tree
23 Anna Favor or Grace
24 Lillian Lily
25 Ava alive living

Christianity is the world's most popular religion. Naming the newborn child is essential in all religions, so in Christianity. Every religion has a few set of rules for naming a newborn child. In Christianity, people name babies mainly from the characters in the Bible or on the names of prophets and their relatives. These names are sacred to the Christian community; that's why these are the popular Christian names of boys and girls.

You can select a modern Christian name for your child from the list above. Here you will also find the most trending Christian Names, popular Christian Names, and Christian Names of girls and boys. All the Christian Names of boys and girls are arranged in alphabetical order. This way, you can find the desired name of your child easily.

With every Christian name, its meaning is also given at UrduPoint. This way, selecting a baby's name becomes easier as you can find a name with the meaning you desire your child to be like. Besides, if you want to know the meaning and other details of a specific name, you can enter it into the search bar to get the results instantly.

You can also shortlist the Christian names you like and note down all their details. After the mutual consent of your whole family, you can choose the best Christian name for your newborn baby.

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