Islamic Baby Boys Names and Their Meaning in Urdu

Are you blessed with a son and looking for a decent Islamic baby boy name for him? Well, you just came to the very right place. The names section of Urdu Point provides you with plenty of Islamic names for boys. You can find many of the Islamic names of baby boys names in this section. You can also find the top Islamic boys names from the Islamic names list.

Islamic Muslim Baby Boys Names with Meaning in Urdu

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Islamic Baby Boys Names

Give your son the best Islamic boy name you can. We also give you the top Islamic boys names on this page. You can find the Islamic boys name with meanings over here as well. The Islamic boys names with meanings are available in various languages. You can find Islamic boys names with meanings in Urdu and Islamic boys names with meanings in English as well. The names section of Urdu Point also provides you with the Islamic boys names with meanings. You can find the Islamic baby boys names with meanings in Urdu and English.

Boys Islamic Names

You should give your son the best Islamic baby boy name. Choose the Islamic name with the best Islamic baby boy name with meaning. Even if it is not your newly born son, you can help your friend or a relative in giving their newly born son the best Islamic baby boy name. You can help them find a good and decent Islamic name of baby boy name for their son with the help of Urdu Point. You can also find the Islamic boy name with meaning. When you go through the Islamic boys name with meanings, you can choose a better Islamic name of baby boy for the newly born baby.

Although Islamic names of baby boys names can be searched and found on various websites over the internet, we provide you with the best, unique, and modern Islamic boys names. You can also find the Islamic boys names in Urdu. Especially the people living in Pakistan or the Pakistanis living in foreign countries prefer the Islamic baby boys names in Urdu so they can search for and find the Islamic boys in Urdu over here. They can also find the Islamic boy names with meanings in Urdu. The Islamic boy names in Urdu will help them select the better Islamic baby boy name according to the Islamic boy name with meaning in Urdu.

Islamic Boys Names with Meaning

Give your sons the best Islamic names for boys possible. The Islamic names for boys can be found in the names section of Urdu Point in plenty. Choose the best Islamic boy name for your son, or your friend's son, or any of your relatives' son. Choose the Islamic boy name according to the Islamic boys names with meanings. Urdu Point gives you all of the Islamic baby boys names with meanings in Urdu and English. Choose the best Islamic boy name with meaning for your newly born.

Urdu Point also provides you with the lucky numbers for names. You can find the lucky numbers by name before naming your son. The names lucky numbers will give you the lucky numbers for the Islamic names of boys. You can easily find the lucky number by name for your newly born child's name over here. The lucky number horoscopes are also available over here. The horoscope of each lucky number can be checked by the lucky numbers horoscope.

The lucky metals and lucky stones by names are also available in the names section. The lucky metal and lucky stone can be found easily for the name you want to give to your son. The lucky stones by names can be found here. Find the lucky stone for the Islamic baby boy name of your son.

The names numerology for Islamic boys names are also available. Baby name numerology can also be found here. The name numerology compatibility can be also checked. There is also a name numerology chart that displays the names with their respective numerologies. The name numerology chart also displays numerology name date birth accordingly. The baby name numerology can also be found in the name numerology chart. You can also find the name numerology compatibility of a particular name from the name numerology chart.

You can find the names astrology, lucky numbers, lucky stones, and lucky metals for various names on Urdu Point as well. The astrology of names is available over here. If you believe in stars playing some role in determining your luck, you can find the astrology of names before naming your son.

Islamic Muslim Baby Boys Names

Now you can find all the Islamic baby boys names at a single place. You can find the Islamic baby boys names with meanings here as well. Most of the Islamic boys names can be found on Urdu Point. A modern Islamic boys name can be easily found here for your son. Find your baby boy the best Islamic baby boys names from the website of Urdu Point.

If you were confused about your newborn baby boy name then you have come to the right place. Baby boys are loved in Pakistan and other Muslim countries and their families are keen to name their babies with the ideal name. Names are no less than a jewel on someone's personality. A unique and attractive name can adorn a personality in the most beautiful way. Without any doubt, names play a huge role in anyone's life. The one big thing, a name is attached to a person in this life and hereafter.

Not just in this society, Islam has ordered his people to choose beautiful names for significant meanings. It influences the personality and lifestyle of an individual and can be effective in the future to some extent. Minor changes in the Islamic boys names can make new meaning out of it. The Islamic boys name with their meaning affects the personality of the child so parents should stay aware of the name's effect on name meanings.

Baby boys are sons and brothers of a family when they grow up their whole family resides under their name as they stand as a husband and a father. Islamic Muslim Names for boys with meanings can affect the individual in being a responsible and charming adult in the future. Here you can find the best Islamic names for boys with just a single click.

Unique Islamic Boys names have the tendency to be attractive and bring good changes in an individual. UrduPoint presents you an amazing Boys Islamic Names and Girls Islamic Names dictionary which has all the details of names meaning in Urdu and English. This page has everything you are looking for. All your favorite names meaning are available here along with lucky days, gemstones, and other concerned information.

UrduPoint presents you with a free online dictionary of Boys Islamic Names with Meaning in Urdu. Find every detail of your favorite name here with just a single click!

Q. What is the best Islamic name for a boy?

If you are searching for a best Boys Islamic Names, you can choose Afnan, Muhammad, Ahmad, Hussain, Ali, Hamza, Akbar, Kamil, Sufyan, and many more.

Q. What are some Arabic boy names?

In the famous Famous Arabic boy names, there are Abbas, Abdul, Halil, Khaleel, Subhan, Hazim, and so on.

Q. What are Unique Islamic Boys Names?

Every parent wants to gift their daughter with a unique name. In the list of Unique Islamic Muslim Boys Names, there are Zayan, Abrash, Arham, Haris, Aryan, Shahram, Hazim, and Ozil.

Q. Which Boys Islamic Names must be given the priority?

Allah has provided Muslims the perfect directory of Boys Islamic Names in the Holy Quran. There they can search for 99 Names of Allah and 99 Names of Muhammad S.A.W.W. Other than these names, Muslims should choose beautiful and meaning Islamic names for boys.

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Islamic names for baby boys is my first priority. Naming children without any specific origin and meaning is not a wise decision. So prefer Muslim Prophets and Walis names for your baby boys. 

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