Hindu Girl Names with Meanings, Indian Girls Names

Hindu girl names are challenging to decide as there are many trendy Hindu girls names 2023. At UrduPoint, you can find popular Hindu girls names among many common Hindu names. You can also find the meaning of each Hindu girl's name and all other related details. Hindu girls names are listed here in alphabetical order so that you can find a desired one easily. Most famous Hindu girls names are Puja, Akshara, Arti, Anaya, and Priyanka.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Vrushika The name means 'lovely,powerful' in Sanskrit. Hindi
2 Devanandtha Daughter God Hindi
3 Sunirmala Perfectly Immaculate Hindi
4 Sambudhi Knowledgeable Hindi
5 Punkhudi Petals Hindi
6 Nateshwari The Consort of Nateshwara Hindi
7 Pankajakshi Lotus Eyed Hindi
8 Swetambari Fairy Dressed in White Hindi
9 Sampadini Divinely Wealthy Hindi
10 Nishkamuka Desire-less Hindi
11 Nirbhedini Without Differentiation Hindi
12 Tammanna Desire Hindi
13 Shruit Vedas Hindi
14 Shatabdee Hundred Years Hindi
15 Shahzeela Beautiful Hindi
16 Kennth Nice and General Hindi
17 Avikarini The Unchanging Hindi
18 Remashu Leader Hindi
19 Prushna Beautiful Lady Hindi
20 Nirajakshi Lotus Eyed Hindi
21 Mahakdeep Smell Hindi
22 Madhupadma Sweet Lotus Hindi
23 Josrima Her Highness Hindi
24 Aishvari Wealth Hindi
25 Malikka A Creeper Hindi
26 Dijna Cute Thing Hindi
27 Tischa Joy Pride Hindi
28 Talakaksi With Green Eyes Hindi
29 Prasavitri The Mother Hindi
30 Maatangi Roaming Cloud Elephant Hindi
31 Hemamala Golden Garland Hindi
32 Hemaksi Golden Eyes Hindi
33 Aletea The Truth Hindi
34 Shwitil God Hindi
35 Pranihita Name of an Apsara Hindi
36 Neelvily Pretty Long Eyes Hindi
37 Devalata Divine Wine Hindi
38 Uskuihha Holy Prayer to Us Hindi
39 Snehanka Lovely Hindi
40 Pankajanetri Lotus Eyed Hindi
41 Padmasundara Beautiful Lotus Hindi
42 Shubhakari Beneficent Hindi
43 Pithayuthi An Assemblage of Yellow Yellow Jasmine Hindi
44 Panjri Prashad Hindi
45 Marusiha Blessings of Lord Siva Hindi
46 Vapushi Very Beautiful Hindi
47 Sweikchha Willingly Hindi
48 Sulmita Friend of Wane Hindi
49 Shahnas A Tune Hindi
50 Puramalini Garlanded with Castles Hindi
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Hindu Girls Names By Alphabet

Whenever a girl is born anywhere, everyone in the family gets excited to name her. According to Hindu customs, they go with the Kundali of the newborn baby girl to select a suitable name. At UrduPoint, there are many trendy Hindu girls' names arranged in alphabetical order. This way, you can easily find the baby girl's name as per her Kundali.

With each name among the popular Hindu girl names list, you can find the name's meaning and all other related details. You can easily find a name with the most decent and beautiful meaning for your baby girl. You can enlist your favorite names from our list of Indian girl names to make a choice easy. We believe our list of baby girl Hindu names will be very much helpful to you.

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