Popular Muslim Girls Names With Meanings

Popular Muslim Girls Names:Muslims all around the world have the most famous popular names. In Islam, Muslims are commanded to name their children which sounds pleasant and carries significant meanings. The birth of a baby girl is called "A Blessing from Allah Almighty". Many Popular Muslim Girls names have old origins. Muslims prefer to name their baby girls with the name of Holy Prophet's wives, Sahabiyas, and pious women of the history. Here you find Top Muslim Girls Names meaning including most trending names like Aaira, Aiza, Anabia, Ayesha and Hoorain.

Popular and Famous Muslim IslamicBaby Girls Names with Meanings 2023

Popular Muslim Girls Names

Muslims are widespread throughout the world with an estimated population of 1.8 billion. Popular Muslim Girls names vary around the globe because of different traditions and values. From Canada to Singapore, Russia to South Africa, and from Pakistan to Azerbaijan, there are major communities of people who have faith in One God which is Allah (S.W.T).

Since the Popular Muslim Girls names differ, there are too many names with similar meanings in various languages. Talking about the languages, popular girls names comes from different regions and languages including Arabs, Turkey, Iran, and so on. Popular Muslim Girls Nameshave different origins like Urdu, Turkish, English, Persian, French and many more languages.

Popular Muslim Girls Names with Urdu & English meanings makes it easier to understand that either a particular name would be suitable for my baby girl or not. Here presents Famous Muslim Girls Names for the newborn girls.

Popular Islamic Muslim Girls Names

Finding unique yet beautiful names is difficult for baby girls but this page has thousands of Popular Muslim Girls Names with meanings. Here you can search for Origin, lucky number, lucky color, lucky gemstones, and similar details of your baby girl.

Popular Muslim girls names have different backgrounds and origins, so there are different spellings and pronunciations' of one name. For instance, the name Fatima is sacred for Muslims as it relates to the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). So in different regions, it's spelled as Fati'ma, Fatimah, Faatima, Fatema, Fathemah, and so much more.

No matter, how names may vary is the origin of the meanings of all Popular Muslims Girls names are equally beautiful and honorable as Popular Muslim Boys Names. Muslims have a school of thought that names and their meanings reflect on the personality of the child. Hence, for choosing a virtuous and pious future of baby girls, Muslim parents prefer Popular Muslim Girls Names with beautiful meanings. Muslims avoid choosing such names that can make their children violent or offensive towards anything.

If you are searching for Popular baby girls names from different origins, then UrduPoint presents a list of unique Muslim girls names from Turkish, Persian, Arabic, and different backgrounds. You can likewise analyze the pronunciation and meaning for different names.

Most Popular Baby Girls Names

UrduPoint presents a most famous Popular Muslim Islamic Baby Girls Names Dictionary with Urdu and English Meaning which can be an easy guide for parents to name their newborn baby girl. All the relevant details of baby girls names are displayed here, so parents can choose the best of the best names for their baby girls. Popular Girls names with Urdu meaning significantly help the parents understand the impact of names on their baby girls. Get all the Popular Girls Names details online on this page!

Q. What is the most popular Arabic girl name?

Lila, Lyla, Aaliyah, Kayla, Leila, Aisha, Imani, Mariam, and Zara are popular Arabic girl names.

Q. What is the popular name for Muslim girls trending nowadays?

Nowadays Parents prefer a popular name for their daughters. In the list of Popular Muslim girls names, there are Adeena, Aisha, Hooriya, Harmain, Khoula, etc.

Q. Which popular Muslim baby girl name is suitable for a newborn?

The popular Muslim girl name which suits with the personality of your daughter is the best name for her.

Q. What are the Popular Muslim Girls Names with Urdu & English meanings?

When choosing baby names, parents should always take care of the meaning. If you are searching for Popular Muslim Girls names then have a look at their Urdu and English meaning as well. The meaning of the name affects the personality of the child.

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Suggest me name of Muslim girls and father name is ALTAF Hussain

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Suggest me name of Muslim girls and father name is ALTAF Hussain

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