PB-28 Quetta, Provincial Balochistan Assembly Constituency

PB-28 is constituency of Balochistan Assembly of Pakistan. It is located in District Quetta, The Constituency had registered voters in 2018 general election, total votes were casted.
Complete election history of PB-28 is given below, including the candidates and political parties which have participated in the elections, general election results and bye-elections result, profiles of candidates is also given below which includes the history and contact details.

Elections in PB-28

Candidates in PB-28

Politician Name Party Affiliation
Abdul Malik Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Abul Iqbal Muhamamd Hayat Sunni Ittehad Council
Ahmed Nawaz Independent
Bashir Ahmed Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan
Fakhruddin Independent
Ghulam Farid Independent
Ghulam Shah Independent
Gohram Khan Bugti Independent
Hidayatullah Independent
Imam Bakhsh Independent
Karim Dad Independent
Mir Abdul Majid Abro Jamote Qaumi Movement
Mir Ali Mardan Domki Independent
Mir Balach Khan Independent
Mir Bijar Khan Independent
Mir Muhammad Independent
Mir Muhammad Sadiq Umrani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Moulana Bashir Ahmed Independent
Muhammad Ali Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf
Muhammad Bakhsh Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)
Muhammad Nazir Pakistan Sunni Tehreek
Murad Bakhsh Pakistan Muslim League (F)
Saeed Ahmed Jamiat Ulama-e-pakistan (Noorani)
Sajid Aziz Independent
Saleem Ahmed Khosa Independent
Sanjar Ahmed Independent
Shah Murad Independent
Shah Nawaz Balochistan National Party
Sharbat Khan Independent
Shaukat Ali Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Syed Akbar Shah Balochistan National Party (Awami)
Syed Khadim Hussain Shah Independent
Taj Muhammad National Party
Abdul Ghani Independent
Izhar Hussain Khosa Pakistan Muslim League
Jansar Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan
Mir Abdul Majid Abro Independent
Mir Ali Hassan Jamot Independent
Mir Balach Khan Domki Independent
Mir Muhammad Saddiq Umrani Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians
Mir Nazar Mohammad Umrani Independent
Mir Shokat Ali Bangulzai (R) Independent
Mohammad Ishaque Mutthida majlis-e-amal pakistan
Nizam-ud-din Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Sanjar Ahmed Independent
Syed Inayat Shah Independent
Syed Khadim Hussain Shah Independent
Syed Mansoor Hussain Shah Independent

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