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Awami National Party

Awami National Party - ANP 2013 General Election Result

Awami National Party participated in the 2013 General election of Pakistan, ANP won 2 National assembly seats, including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. In Punjab Assembly, ANP Won 0 seats including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. ANP Scored 0 seats in Sindh assembly, including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. 1 seats in Balochistan assembly including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats and 5 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly, including 1 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats.
ANP nominated total 8 candidates in 2013 elections, out of which 8 candidates won the election. The winners names are given below according to the constituencies (halqa), get the complete results score, number of votes registered, votes casted, valid votes and the percentage of votes polled.

National Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 1
National Assembly 2
2013 Women Reserved Seats 0
2013 Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 2

National Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 0
Punjab Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Sind Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 0
Sindh Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Sindh Assembly 2013 Position Graph

KPK Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 5
KPK Assembly 5
Women Reserved Seats 1
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 5

KPK Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 1
Balochistan Assembly 1
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 1

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Winning Candidates of Awami National Party in General Election 2013

Amir Haider Khan

NA-9 - Winner

Amir Haidar Khan

PK-23 - Winner

Gohar Ali Shah

PK-28 - Winner

Sardar Hussain

PK-77 - Winner

Jafar Shah

PK-85 - Winner

Zmarak Khan

PB-12 - Winner

Losing Candidates of Awami National Party in General Election 2013

Alhaaj Ghulam Ahmad Bilour

NA-1 - Looser

Arbab Najeeb Ullah Khan

NA-2 - Looser

Arbab Inam Ullah Khan

NA-3 - Looser

Arbab Mohammad Ayub Jan

NA-4 - Looser

Muhammad Daud Khattak

NA-5 - Looser

Masood Abbas

NA-6 - Looser

Asfandyar Wali Khan

NA-7 - Looser

Muhammad Taimoor Khan

NA-8 - Looser

Muhammad Farooq Khan

NA-10 - Looser

Inayat Khan

NA-11 - Looser

Haji Rehmanullah

NA-12 - Looser

Muhammad Sarwar Khan

NA-13 - Looser

Khursheed Begum Saeed

NA-14 - Looser

Muhammad Sharif Khattak

NA-15 - Looser

Syed Haider Ali Shah

NA-16 - Looser

Ali Sarwar

NA-27 - Looser

Abdul Rauf

NA-28 - Looser


NA-29 - Looser


NA-30 - Looser

Sadid Ur Rahman

NA-31 - Looser

Syed Muzafar Ali Shah Jan

NA-32 - Looser

Naveed Anjum Khan

NA-33 - Looser

Muhammad Azam Khan

NA-34 - Looser

Rahmat Shah Sael

NA-35 - Looser

Doulat Ali

NA-37 - Looser

Syed Basharat Hussain

NA-39 - Looser

Muhammad Ayaz Khan

NA-41 - Looser

Gul Afzal

NA-44 - Looser

Malik Darya Khan

NA-45 - Looser

Shahi Khan

NA-47 - Looser

Shahzad Khan

NA-48 - Looser

Umar Hayat

NA-49 - Looser

Shah Mohammad

NA-51 - Looser

Habib Ullah Khan

NA-55 - Looser

Ch. Ghulam Mustafa

NA-124 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Afzal

NA-168 - Looser

Rana Mushtaq Ahmad

NA-176 - Looser

Sarwar Khan

NA-177 - Looser

Muhammad Sajid Taheem Advocate

NA-178 - Looser

Imtiaz Hussain

NA-179 - Looser

Qalandar Bux

NA-200 - Looser

Majid Khan

NA-219 - Looser

Sarfaraz Khan Jadoon

NA-239 - Looser

Kabir Ahmed Sher

NA-240 - Looser

Syed Karam Darwesh

NA-241 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Hanif

NA-250 - Looser

Irshad Khan

NA-253 - Looser

Abdul Rehman Khan Yousufzai

NA-255 - Looser

Muhammad Younus Khan

NA-256 - Looser

Aman Masood

NA-257 - Looser

Sultan Khan Mandokhail

NA-258 - Looser

Syed Abdul Qayyum

NA-259 - Looser

Naik Muhammad Kakar

NA-260 - Looser

Haji Nizamuddin Kakar

NA-261 - Looser

Abdul Jabbar Khan Kakar

NA-262 - Looser

Bismillah Jan Luni

NA-263 - Looser

Nawabzada Mohamamd Amin Khan Jogezai

NA-264 - Looser

Malik Dad Muhammad Tareen

NA-265 - Looser

Muhammad Sheraz

PP-10 - Looser

Muhammad Javed

PP-11 - Looser

Shaukat Zaman Yousafsai

PP-15 - Looser

Malik Arshad Hussain Awan

PP-22 - Looser

Bahadar Khan

PP-41 - Looser

Rana Gull Nawaz Khan

PP-100 - Looser

Saeed Ahmad

PP-252 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Jameel

PP-255 - Looser

Rana Liaqat Ali

PP-259 - Looser

Ghazanfar Bilour

PK-1 - Looser

Malik Ghulam Mustafa

PK-2 - Looser

Haroon Bashir Bilour

PK-3 - Looser

Syed Aqil Shah

PK-4 - Looser

Arbab Muhammad Tahir Khan Khalil

PK-5 - Looser

Muhammad Alamgir Khalil

PK-6 - Looser

Aziz Ghaffar Khan

PK-7 - Looser

Arbab Nazir Ahmad Khan

PK-8 - Looser

Arbab Muhammad Usman Khan

PK-9 - Looser

Khushdil Khan

PK-10 - Looser

Saqib Ullah

PK-11 - Looser

Mian Iftikhar Hussain

PK-12 - Looser

Muhammad Shahid

PK-13 - Looser

Aftab Ahmad Khan

PK-14 - Looser

Khalil Abbas Khattak

PK-15 - Looser

Parvez Ahmad Khan

PK-16 - Looser

Mohammad Ahmad Khan

PK-17 - Looser

Arshad Abdullah

PK-18 - Looser

Shakeel Bashir Umerzai

PK-19 - Looser

Khadim Shah Safi

PK-20 - Looser

Syed Masoom Shah

PK-21 - Looser

Maqsood Akhtar

PK-22 - Looser

Ali Khan

PK-24 - Looser

Ghani Dad Khan

PK-25 - Looser

Malik Ijaz Khan

PK-26 - Looser

Haji Bahader Khan

PK-27 - Looser

Muhammad Idress

PK-29 - Looser

Litaf Gul

PK-30 - Looser

Gul Zamin Shah

PK-31 - Looser

Amir Rehman

PK-32 - Looser

Muhammad Ishfaq Khan

PK-33 - Looser

Engineer Amjid Ali Khan

PK-34 - Looser

Muhammad Islam Khan

PK-35 - Looser

Sarfaraz Khan

PK-36 - Looser

Syed Ibn E Ali

PK-38 - Looser

Syed Shaffi Muhammad Zaman

PK-39 - Looser

Nawab Zada Mohsin Ali Khan

PK-41 - Looser

Syed Hussain Ali Shah Al Hussaini

PK-42 - Looser

Irshad Nabi Bangash

PK-43 - Looser

Muhammad Saeed Khan

PK-45 - Looser

Pir Babar Khan

PK-48 - Looser

Amjid Ali

PK-50 - Looser

Shoukat Ur Rehman Mashwani

PK-52 - Looser

Aurangzeb Khan

PK-55 - Looser

Aman Ullah

PK-56 - Looser

Namroz Khan Khankhel

PK-58 - Looser

Mohammad Ayaz Khan

PK-59 - Looser

Muhammad Riaz

PK-62 - Looser

Tajan Malak

PK-63 - Looser

Makhdoom Syed Mureed Kazim Shah

PK-68 - Looser

Taimor Baz

PK-71 - Looser

Sadrud Din Marwat

PK-74 - Looser

Muhammad Ibrahim

PK-75 - Looser

Hamayun Khan

PK-76 - Looser

Qaisar Wali Khan

PK-78 - Looser

Said Rahim

PK-79 - Looser

Wajid Ali Khan

PK-80 - Looser

Sher Shah

PK-81 - Looser

Waqar Ahmad Khan

PK-82 - Looser

Rehmat Ali

PK-83 - Looser

Muhammad Ayub Khan

PK-84 - Looser

Doctor Haider Ali Khan

PK-86 - Looser

Haji Said Fareen

PK-87 - Looser

Anwar Ali

PK-88 - Looser

Zafar Ahmad

PK-89 - Looser

Shah Wazir Khan

PK-90 - Looser

Naveed Anjum Khan

PK-91 - Looser

Badshah Muhammad

PK-92 - Looser

Amir Zaman Khan

PK-93 - Looser

Muhammad Ayoub Khan

PK-94 - Looser

Hidayat Ullah Khan

PK-95 - Looser

Naeem Jan

PK-96 - Looser

Hussain Shah

PK-97 - Looser

Shafi Ullah

PK-98 - Looser

Muhammad Shoaib

PK-99 - Looser

Qalandar Bux

PS-7 - Looser

Muhammad Aleem

PS-9 - Looser

Asadullah Khan

PS-11 - Looser


PS-16 - Looser

Ghulam Yaseen Malik

PS-17 - Looser

Syed Zahid Hussain Shah

PS-18 - Looser

Umer Gul

PS-24 - Looser

Gul Badshah

PS-47 - Looser

Jawaid Ahmed Khan

PS-49 - Looser

Muhammed Karim

PS-78 - Looser

Chahudry Ayoub Arain

PS-85 - Looser

Saleem Khan

PS-89 - Looser

Saifullah Khan

PS-90 - Looser

Muhammad Razzaque

PS-91 - Looser

Khursheed Ahmed Qureshi

PS-92 - Looser

Basheer Ahmed

PS-93 - Looser

Aamir Shahzad

PS-94 - Looser

Khalid Iqbal

PS-112 - Looser

Hameeduallah Khan

PS-113 - Looser


PS-116 - Looser

Haider Ali

PS-118 - Looser

Hazrat Ali

PS-119 - Looser

Badshah Khan

PS-120 - Looser

Shamsher Khan

PS-125 - Looser

Noor Ullah Achakzai

PS-126 - Looser

Aman Masood

PS-128 - Looser

Mohammed Saeed Khan Afghan

PS-129 - Looser

Sajjad Ahmed Khan

PS-130 - Looser

Naik Muhammad Kakar

PB-1 - Looser

Muhammad Ibrahim Kasi

PB-2 - Looser

Noor Ud Din Tareen

PB-3 - Looser

Syed Zubair Shah Agha

PB-5 - Looser

Haji Abdul Sattar Kakar

PB-6 - Looser

Sardar Fareedullah Dumar

PB-7 - Looser

Haji Abdul Bari Kakar

PB-8 - Looser

Mohammad Yar

PB-9 - Looser

Syed Abdul Bari Agha

PB-10 - Looser

Asghar Khan

PB-11 - Looser

Khan Muhammad

PB-13 - Looser

Izat Khan Nasar

PB-14 - Looser

Haji Jalat Khan Essote

PB-15 - Looser

Abdul Salam

PB-16 - Looser

Juma Khan Babar

PB-18 - Looser

Muhammad Anwar Mandokhail

PB-19 - Looser

Nawabzada Mamoon Khan

PB-20 - Looser

Sardar Asad Khan Tareen

PB-22 - Looser