Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan - JIP

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan - JIP

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (JIP) and allotted election symbol is scale. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan Leadership

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan Candidates

Raza Ullah RehmaniRaza Ullah RehmaniFazal Rabbani AdvocateFazal Rabbani AdvocateHaji Noor Ilahi MughalHaji Noor Ilahi MughalAzam KhanAzam KhanZahoor Ahmed JadoonZahoor Ahmed JadoonZia Ud Din AnsariZia Ud Din AnsariWasil Farooq Jan AdvocateWasil Farooq Jan AdvocateIsrar UllahIsrar UllahMuhammad Arshad KhanMuhammad Arshad KhanAbdul MustaanAbdul MustaanSultan MuhammadSultan MuhammadGul Nawaz KhanGul Nawaz KhanMian Saleem AkbarMian Saleem AkbarAmir Nawaz KhanAmir Nawaz KhanSyed Mohammad FaheemSyed Mohammad FaheemMuhammad Tasleem IqbalMuhammad Tasleem IqbalHabib Ur Rehman AbbasiHabib Ur Rehman AbbasiWaheed AkhtarWaheed AkhtarGhulam NabiGhulam NabiMuhammad Younis KhattakMuhammad Younis KhattakMaulana Abdul MalikMaulana Abdul MalikNisar AhmadNisar AhmadSher Akbar KhanSher Akbar KhanAKHTAR ALI KHANAkhtar Ali KhanFazale SubhanFazale SubhanDOCTOR MUHAMMAD ANWAR SHAHDoctor Muhammad Anwar ShahSahibzada Tariq UllahSahibzada Tariq UllahShahib Zada Muhammad YaqubShahib Zada Muhammad YaqubBakhtiar MaaniBakhtiar MaaniMuhammad Saeed KhanMuhammad Saeed KhanHikmat KhanHikmat KhanRaj MuhammadRaj MuhammadMuhammad Mashal KhanMuhammad Mashal KhanSami Ullah JanSami Ullah JanSahib Zada Haroon Ur RaheedSahib Zada Haroon Ur RaheedSardar KhanSardar KhanZar Noor AfridiZar Noor AfridiMuhammad RasoolMuhammad RasoolMian Muhammad AlsamMian Muhammad AlsamSOLAT MAJEED SATTI ADVOCATESolat Majeed Satti AdvocateKHALID MEHMOOD MIRZAKhalid Mehmood MirzaRIZWAN AHMEDRizwan AhmedMUHAMMAD HANIF CHAUDHARYMuhammad Hanif ChaudharyIsrar Ahmed SheikhIsrar Ahmed SheikhRaja Muhammad Nawaz KayaniRaja Muhammad Nawaz KayaniTARIQ JAVEED JANJUATariq Javeed JanjuaZUBAIR AHMAD GONDALZubair Ahmad GondalDr Muhammad Arshad ShahidDr Muhammad Arshad ShahidABDUL HAMEED KHANAbdul Hameed KhanNaveed Zafar ShahNaveed Zafar ShahFarooq Ahmad ChathaFarooq Ahmad ChathaYahya BakhtiarYahya BakhtiarCHOUDHRY MUHAMMAD ANWARChoudhry Muhammad AnwarRana Muhammad Adnan KhanRana Muhammad Adnan KhanENGINEER MUHAMMAD AZEEM RANDHAWAEngineer Muhammad Azeem RandhawaSARDAR ZAFAR HUSSAIN KHANSardar Zafar Hussain KhanSHEIKH MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQSheikh Muhammad MushtaqChaudhry Sajid Ali ChadharChaudhry Sajid Ali ChadharZAFAR JAMAL KHAN ADVOCATEZafar Jamal Khan AdvocateAbdul Jabbar KhanAbdul Jabbar KhanHAJI MUHAMMAD IRSHAD MUNDHaji Muhammad Irshad MundQARI MUHAMMAD ASIF GUJJARQari Muhammad Asif GujjarMuhammad Irshad AnwarMuhammad Irshad AnwarMOHAMMAD TARIQ JAVED DARMohammad Tariq Javed DarRANA JAVED IQBALRana Javed IqbalSardar Riaz Ahmad KhanSardar Riaz Ahmad KhanDr Muhammad Ubaid Ullah GoharDr Muhammad Ubaid Ullah GoharHabib Ullah CheemaHabib Ullah CheemaHAFIZ ZUBAIR AHMADHafiz Zubair AhmadCh. Ansar MahmoodCh. Ansar MahmoodMohammad Awais GhummanMohammad Awais GhummanChaudhary Bashir AhmedChaudhary Bashir AhmedMUHAMMAD JAMEELMuhammad JameelHAFIZ MUHAMMAD TAHIR ASLAMHafiz Muhammad Tahir AslamDR MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHDr Muhammad AbdullahZahoor Ahmad WattoZahoor Ahmad WattoCH MANZOOR HUSSAINCh Manzoor HussainCH ZAHID IMRAN KOROTANACh Zahid Imran KorotanaRiaz Ahmad Bhulla AdvocateRiaz Ahmad Bhulla AdvocateKhalid Mahmood VirkKhalid Mahmood VirkMian Asad UllahMian Asad UllahSarfraz Ahmad KhanSarfraz Ahmad KhanMUHAMMAD JAVEDMuhammad JavedMian Mukhtar AhmadMian Mukhtar AhmadNAZIR AHMEDNazir AhmedHaji Muhammad RamzanHaji Muhammad RamzanLIAQAT ALILiaqat AliMuhammad Farooq SheikhMuhammad Farooq SheikhSyed Mehr Hassan GillaniSyed Mehr Hassan GillaniNASEER AHMADNaseer AhmadMian Muhammad IbhrahimMian Muhammad IbhrahimHaji Muhammad KhalidHaji Muhammad KhalidUzair LatifUzair LatifHaroon Ur Rasheed Nizami AdvocateHaroon Ur Rasheed Nizami AdvocateTAHIR SIRAJTahir SirajRANA ZAHID FAROOQRana Zahid FarooqMUHAMMAD HAQ NAWAZ KHAN DURANIMuhammad Haq Nawaz Khan DuraniMuhammad Rafique Nizami AdvocateMuhammad Rafique Nizami AdvocateSyed Javed Hussain ShahSyed Javed Hussain ShahATTA MUHAMMAD JAFRIAtta Muhammad JafriHafiz Khalid RaufHafiz Khalid RaufABDUL MOHSINAbdul MohsinAbdul Majeed Pathan AdvocateAbdul Majeed Pathan AdvocateRIAZ ALI KAZMIRiaz Ali KazmiMUHAMMAD SADIQ MALIKMuhammad Sadiq MalikChoudhry Abdul Rehman RangaChoudhry Abdul Rehman RangaWALEED NASIR CHOUDHARYWaleed Nasir ChoudharyMAHMOOD UL HASSANMahmood Ul HassanGhulam MustafaGhulam MustafaChaudhry Ihsan AliChaudhry Ihsan AliHAJI ABDUL AZIZHaji Abdul AzizHizbullah JhakroHizbullah JhakroTashkeel Ahmed SiddiquiTashkeel Ahmed SiddiquiMehrab AliMehrab AliAbdul RaufAbdul RaufMuhammad IbraheemMuhammad IbraheemHafiz NasrullahHafiz NasrullahShoukat Ali ShaikhShoukat Ali ShaikhJAFFER ALI NIZAMANIJaffer Ali NizamaniKhuda DinoKhuda DinoAZIZ UR REHMANAziz Ur RehmanMuhammad TahirMuhammad TahirAkhtar MohammadAkhtar MohammadSyed Attaullah ShahSyed Attaullah ShahTaj Muhammad KhanTaj Muhammad KhanMuhammad YousufMuhammad YousufRashid NasimRashid NasimZahid SaeedZahid SaeedAbdul Jameel KhanAbdul Jameel KhanTaufeequddin SiddiquiTaufeequddin SiddiquiAbdul Mateen AkhondzadaAbdul Mateen AkhondzadaMaehrullah KhanMaehrullah KhanBasheer Ahmed MandaiBasheer Ahmed MandaiGulab BalochGulab BalochSAJJAD AHMED ABBASISajjad Ahmed AbbasiIBRAR HUSSAIN ABBASIIbrar Hussain AbbasiMirza Tajammal Hussain JaralMirza Tajammal Hussain JaralMUHAMMAD MUNIR AZAMMuhammad Munir AzamAteeq Ur RehmanAteeq Ur RehmanMuhammad Waqqas KhanMuhammad Waqqas KhanMUHAMMAD BASHARAT AHMEDMuhammad Basharat AhmedABDUL JALILAbdul JalilSYED HASSAN KALEEM GILLANISyed Hassan Kaleem GillaniSyed Uzair HamidSyed Uzair HamidDabeer Ahmed KhanDabeer Ahmed KhanMuhammad IqbalMuhammad IqbalHafiz Jabar Ali KhanHafiz Jabar Ali KhanIqbal KhanIqbal KhanRaziq Dad KhanRaziq Dad KhanMalik Muhammad Akhter NawazMalik Muhammad Akhter NawazDR HAMEED ULLAH MALIKDr Hameed Ullah MalikChoudhry Farooq AhmadChoudhry Farooq AhmadQasim MehmoodQasim MehmoodRAJA MUHAMMAD ZIA ASHRAFRaja Muhammad Zia AshrafEjaz AhmedEjaz AhmedRana Khursheed Ali KhanRana Khursheed Ali KhanChaudhary Rafaqat Hussain WarriachChaudhary Rafaqat Hussain WarriachAHMAD SHER SIPRAAhmad Sher SipraHafiz Farhan Ahmed GujjarHafiz Farhan Ahmed GujjarMian Izhar Ul HaqMian Izhar Ul HaqMuhammad Javaid Iqbal CheemaMuhammad Javaid Iqbal CheemaHaji Ahmad DholkaHaji Ahmad DholkaMalik Muhammad Basher Awan AdvocateMalik Muhammad Basher Awan AdvocateMuhammad Zahoor MalikMuhammad Zahoor MalikTANZIR UL HASSANTanzir Ul HassanAbdul Wahab KhanAbdul Wahab KhanMuhammad SaleemMuhammad SaleemIFTIKHAR HUSSAIN SHAHIftikhar Hussain ShahRustam Ali SaqiRustam Ali SaqiYousaf KhanYousaf KhanNaveed Ahsan NiazNaveed Ahsan NiazAli Ahmad GorayaAli Ahmad GorayaAbdul Waheed KhanAbdul Waheed KhanDoctor Saeed AhmadDoctor Saeed AhmadRai Muhammad Hussain Khan KharalRai Muhammad Hussain Khan KharalMUHAMMAD IRFAN NADEEMMuhammad Irfan NadeemPERVEZ ALI KHANPervez Ali KhanCHOUDHRY ZULFIQAR ALI SAHUTAChoudhry Zulfiqar Ali SahutaAbid UsmanAbid UsmanIKRAM ULLAH KHANIkram Ullah KhanMIAN ANWAR UL HAQMian Anwar Ul HaqAJMAL HUSSAINAjmal HussainMEHBOOB UL ZAMAN BUTTMehboob Ul Zaman ButtSAJID IQBAL GUJJARSajid Iqbal GujjarMuhammad Afzaal ShaheenMuhammad Afzaal ShaheenMuhamamd RiazMuhamamd RiazSyed Noor Ul Hassan ShahSyed Noor Ul Hassan ShahMIAN ABDUL RAZAQ HANJRAMian Abdul Razaq HanjraMuhammad Tariq Farooq SabriMuhammad Tariq Farooq SabriGhulam QanberGhulam QanberHAFIZ NISAR JANJOYAHafiz Nisar JanjoyaDr. Atta Ullah HameedDr. Atta Ullah HameedDOCTOR ZAHID SATTARDoctor Zahid SattarMuhammad Qasim ZiaMuhammad Qasim ZiaTariq MahmoodTariq MahmoodHAMEED UD DEEN AWANHameed Ud Deen AwanMUHAMMAD RIZWAN CHEEMAMuhammad Rizwan CheemaCH SHAHID MUNIR GONDALCh Shahid Munir GondalMUHAMMAD IDREES AYUB SHEIKHMuhammad Idrees Ayub SheikhFAROOQ AHMED KHAN OTHIFarooq Ahmed Khan OthiMUHAMMAD TARIQ SHEIKHMuhammad Tariq SheikhAbdul HameedAbdul HameedMazhar IqbalMazhar IqbalMuhammad SarwarMuhammad SarwarKhalid Mehmood Rawal AdovcateKhalid Mehmood Rawal AdovcateMuhammad Mushtaq ButtMuhammad Mushtaq ButtAman Ullah ChatthaAman Ullah ChatthaCh. Riaz AhmedCh. Riaz AhmedMUHAMMAD MUDABAR SADDIQUEMuhammad Mudabar SaddiqueCh. Sijjad Ahmad WarraichCh. Sijjad Ahmad WarraichDr Tariq SaleemDr Tariq SaleemDr Syed Ihsan Ullah SHAHDr Syed Ihsan Ullah ShahCh Abdul SattarCh Abdul SattarMuhammad AkhtarMuhammad AkhtarSyed Ziaullah Shah AdvoateSyed Ziaullah Shah AdvoateSyed Ijaz HussainSyed Ijaz HussainIMTIAZ AHMAD BUTTImtiaz Ahmad ButtIJAZ AHMAD BOSALIjaz Ahmad BosalTasawar Iqbal RanjhaTasawar Iqbal RanjhaMuhammad Zia UllahMuhammad Zia UllahAnsar Mehmood BajwaAnsar Mehmood BajwaMOHSIN IKRAMMohsin IkramEJAZ AHMED NAGRAEjaz Ahmed NagraZulfiqar Ahmed Zaki AdvocateZulfiqar Ahmed Zaki AdvocateMuhammad Afzal LoneMuhammad Afzal LoneFarrukh Ejaz GhummanFarrukh Ejaz GhummanIftikhar AhmadIftikhar AhmadMuhammad IrfanMuhammad IrfanAHSAN ADEEL TATLA ADVOCATEAhsan Adeel Tatla AdvocateNoor ElahiNoor ElahiAli ImranAli ImranCh Muhammad AslamCh Muhammad AslamMalik Muhammad NawazMalik Muhammad NawazKhalique Ahmad ButtKhalique Ahmad ButtMuhammad MunirMuhammad MunirChoudhry Muhammad ShoukatChoudhry Muhammad ShoukatAamir SiddiqiAamir SiddiqiSalman Ahmed KhanSalman Ahmed KhanAMEER UL AZIMAmeer Ul AzimMuhammad Riaz Ul HassanMuhammad Riaz Ul HassanSHAHID NAVEED MALIKShahid Naveed MalikCh Mehmood Ul AhadCh Mehmood Ul AhadMalik Shahid AslamMalik Shahid AslamSyed Ihsan Ullah WaqasSyed Ihsan Ullah WaqasEngineer Zaki Uddin SheikhEngineer Zaki Uddin SheikhWaqar Nadeem WarraichWaqar Nadeem WarraichMIAN MUHAMMAD AMIR KHALILMian Muhammad Amir KhalilUmar Hayat BajwaUmar Hayat BajwaMalik Jahangir Hussain BaraMalik Jahangir Hussain BaraCH FARHAN SHOUKAT HANJRACh Farhan Shoukat HanjraShahbir Hussain SroyaShahbir Hussain SroyaAmjad Ali SajidAmjad Ali SajidHafiz Sajid IqbalHafiz Sajid IqbalMuhammaed NawazMuhammaed NawazSheikh JamilSheikh JamilChaudhry Ghulam Rasool BhattiChaudhry Ghulam Rasool BhattiMirza Muhammad ImranMirza Muhammad ImranMumtaz KhanMumtaz KhanRashid FarooqRashid FarooqMUHAMMAD IQBAL SHADMuhammad Iqbal ShadHAJI MUHAMMAD YOUNASHaji Muhammad YounasSARDAR FAISAL ZAIBSardar Faisal ZaibMuhammad Ayoob KhanMuhammad Ayoob KhanSardar Nazir Ahmad DogarSardar Nazir Ahmad DogarKHALID MASOOD KHANKhalid Masood KhanSardar Noor AhmadSardar Noor AhmadMalik Abdul HakeemMalik Abdul HakeemMian Muhammad Rafi SukheraMian Muhammad Rafi SukheraHafeez Anwar GoharHafeez Anwar GoharIftar Ali IftikharIftar Ali IftikharChaudhary Zafar Iqbal ArainChaudhary Zafar Iqbal ArainChaudary Abdul Rahim GujarChaudary Abdul Rahim GujarShehzada Babar MaanShehzada Babar MaanHaji Muhammad Khalid MeoHaji Muhammad Khalid MeoRasheed ZafarRasheed ZafarKhalid FarooqKhalid FarooqTariq MehmoodTariq MehmoodKashif AliKashif AliMuhammad Yousaf KhatakMuhammad Yousaf KhatakMuhammad AsifMuhammad AsifSHEIKH SHAHID HAMEEDSheikh Shahid HameedMuhammad AkbarMuhammad AkbarMAJOR (R) MUHAMMAD GHULAM SARWARMajor (r) Muhammad Ghulam SarwarMuhammad TufailMuhammad TufailDR MUHAMMAD AKRAMDr Muhammad AkramRANA MUHAMMAD AHSAN KHAN AL MAROOF MANGAY KHANRana Muhammad Ahsan Khan Al Maroof Mangay KhanChaudhary Rasheed Ahmad RiazChaudhary Rasheed Ahmad RiazMuhammad Rafique NizamiMuhammad Rafique NizamiAli Waqar HinjraAli Waqar HinjraSyed Ghoss Iqbal ShahSyed Ghoss Iqbal ShahSafdar Abbas Khan ManaisSafdar Abbas Khan ManaisHAFIZ BASHIR AHMADHafiz Bashir AhmadSardar Karam KhanSardar Karam KhanSheikh Usman FarooqSheikh Usman FarooqEjaz Ahmad KhanEjaz Ahmad KhanMunir Ahmad QureshiMunir Ahmad QureshiChaudhary Muhammad Ashraf BandaishaChaudhary Muhammad Ashraf BandaishaMujeeb Ur Rehman MazariMujeeb Ur Rehman MazariMuhammad Shafiq AzharMuhammad Shafiq AzharAmir AliAmir AliMian Sadiq MuhammadMian Sadiq MuhammadMalik Muhammad Ramzan RohadiMalik Muhammad Ramzan RohadiFAHIM IQBALFahim IqbalSajid Mahmood MalikSajid Mahmood MalikMubasher Naeem ChaudhryMubasher Naeem ChaudhryMuhammad Parwaiz AkhtarMuhammad Parwaiz AkhtarMirza Muhammad NawazMirza Muhammad NawazMALIK MUHAMAMD IBRAHIMMalik Muhamamd IbrahimWAQAR UL HAQWaqar Ul HaqSyed Waseem AkhtarSyed Waseem AkhtarMuhammad Ashfaq GillMuhammad Ashfaq GillDr Ihsan Ul HaqDr Ihsan Ul HaqDR MUHAMMAD ASHRAFDr Muhammad AshrafAKBAR GORAIYAAkbar GoraiyaSHEIKH ASGHAR ALISheikh Asghar AliPROFESSOR HAMEED ULLAH KHANProfessor Hameed Ullah KhanIftikhar NadeemIftikhar NadeemNasir Mahmood GuruNasir Mahmood GuruJam Enayat GhafarJam Enayat GhafarQAZI MUHAMMAD SAMI ADVOCATEQazi Muhammad Sami AdvocateIshtiaq HameedIshtiaq HameedKHAWAJA RAFIQ AHMADKhawaja Rafiq AhmadRafiq Ahmad ChoudryRafiq Ahmad ChoudryShoaib Ur Rehman ChaudhryShoaib Ur Rehman ChaudhryAnwar Ul HaqAnwar Ul HaqNazakat Ali AwanNazakat Ali AwanMUHAMMAD HAFEEZ WARAICHMuhammad Hafeez WaraichMUHAMMAD KHALIDMuhammad KhalidBAHRULLAH KHANBahrullah KhanSiraj Ud DinSiraj Ud DinKhalid Gul MohmndKhalid Gul MohmndRiaz Ahmad BachaRiaz Ahmad BachaMian Anwar Said BachaMian Anwar Said BachaKashif AzamKashif AzamHashmat KhanHashmat KhanFAZAL ULLAH DAWOODZAIFazal Ullah DawoodzaiHamd Ullah Jan BudhniHamd Ullah Jan BudhniJavid Khan MomandJavid Khan MomandNadir Shah KhattakNadir Shah KhattakMuhammad HanifMuhammad HanifMeraj UddinMeraj UddinHaji Inayat UR RehmanHaji Inayat Ur RehmanMisbah UllahMisbah UllahAkbar Jan KhanAkbar Jan KhanMasood JanMasood JanHaji Sami UllahHaji Sami UllahShah Hussain DurraniShah Hussain DurraniShafee UllahShafee UllahSaeed Akhtar AdvocateSaeed Akhtar AdvocateAnwar BaigAnwar BaigAbdus Salam KhanAbdus Salam KhanNadir ShahNadir ShahAzim Ud DinAzim Ud DinMuhammad Ibrahim BilandMuhammad Ibrahim BilandAmjad Ali KhanAmjad Ali KhanMuhammad UsmanMuhammad UsmanMehmood Ul HasanMehmood Ul HasanRiaz Ali ShahRiaz Ali ShahSaeed ZadaSaeed ZadaMalik Zarfar Iqbal AwanMalik Zarfar Iqbal AwanMohammad Abid KhanMohammad Abid KhanIqbal DinIqbal DinMulana Sami Ur RehmanMulana Sami Ur RehmanFakhar E AlamFakhar E AlamMEHBOOB ELAHIMehboob ElahiSaeed Ahmed AbbasiSaeed Ahmed AbbasiPir Khan TanoliPir Khan TanoliSardar Nasir SaleemSardar Nasir SaleemAbdur Razzaq AbbasiAbdur Razzaq AbbasiGhazan Iqbal KhanGhazan Iqbal KhanFateh Ul HadiFateh Ul HadiAkhtar Zaman KhanAkhtar Zaman KhanSyed Tariq Hussain Shah SheraziSyed Tariq Hussain Shah SheraziSardar Muhammad Ashraf PoswalSardar Muhammad Ashraf PoswalKhan Afzal AdvocateKhan Afzal AdvocateMohammad Khalid Yousaf ZaiMohammad Khalid Yousaf ZaiMuhammad SiddiqueMuhammad SiddiqueKhadam ShahKhadam ShahMohammad RafiqueMohammad RafiqueMohammad RafiqueMohammad RafiqueHaji Muslim ShahHaji Muslim ShahZahid Muhib Ullah Khan AdvocateZahid Muhib Ullah Khan AdvocateMuhammad RamzanMuhammad RamzanHaji Adam KhanHaji Adam KhanAlhaj Yousaf KhanAlhaj Yousaf KhanSifat Ullah KhanSifat Ullah KhanIrfan UllahIrfan UllahJamshid KhanJamshid KhanHabib Ur RahmanHabib Ur RahmanBakht Jehan KhanBakht Jehan KhanMuhammad AminMuhammad AminRiaz AhmadRiaz AhmadRafiullahRafiullahHussain Ahmad KanjuHussain Ahmad KanjuKhaista BadshahKhaista BadshahBakht AminBakht AminFazal GhafoorFazal GhafoorSaid GhafarSaid GhafarMaulana Sher AzizMaulana Sher AzizGhulam MuhammadGhulam MuhammadInayat UllahInayat UllahMuhammad AliMuhammad AliBehram KhanBehram KhanMuzafar SaidMuzafar SaidSaeed GulSaeed GulSultanat YarSultanat YarMaulana Jamal Ud DinMaulana Jamal Ud DinShah Raz KhanShah Raz KhanGHULAM GHOUS GHAZIGhulam Ghous GhaziMuhammad AkramMuhammad AkramMoulana Mohammad Yousif MazariMoulana Mohammad Yousif MazariMehrab Ali GadaniMehrab Ali GadaniMohammad ZeeshanMohammad ZeeshanAbdul QadirAbdul QadirAbdul Hafeez BijaraniAbdul Hafeez BijaraniHassan TariqueHassan TariqueMuhammad Hafeez RehmanMuhammad Hafeez RehmanDur Muhammad KhaskhelyDur Muhammad KhaskhelyAbdul Waheed QureshiAbdul Waheed QureshiSaif Ur RehmanSaif Ur RehmanAyjaz Ul HaqAyjaz Ul HaqMohammad YounisMohammad YounisMuhammad Usman LeghariMuhammad Usman LeghariNASEEM AKHTARNaseem AkhtarAbdul Karim BulediAbdul Karim BulediABDUL KARIMAbdul KarimDoctor Shamshad Ali KhanDoctor Shamshad Ali KhanMuhammad Hanif Khan Qaim KhaniMuhammad Hanif Khan Qaim KhaniMohammad Ameer TariqMohammad Ameer TariqMUHAMMAD NAEEM IQBALMuhammad Naeem IqbalMuhammad MuqeemMuhammad MuqeemAbdul RazzaqueAbdul RazzaqueMuhammad MukhtarMuhammad MukhtarWasiullah SiddiqueWasiullah SiddiqueABDUL MAJEEDAbdul MajeedAhmed QariAhmed QariMuhammad Naseem SiddiquiMuhammad Naseem SiddiquiSYED MUHAMMAD IQBALSyed Muhammad IqbalHAFIZ NAEEM UR REHMANHafiz Naeem Ur RehmanSyed Wajih HassanSyed Wajih HassanMuhammad Farooq NaimatullahMuhammad Farooq NaimatullahFazalur RehmanFazalur RehmanH M HanifH M HanifAbdul Ghaffar UmerAbdul Ghaffar UmerNASARULLAH KHAN SHAHJEENasarullah Khan ShahjeeSabir AhmedSabir AhmedSYED QUTUB AHMEDSyed Qutub AhmedRashid Manan AzmiRashid Manan AzmiZulfiqar AliZulfiqar AliSyed Maharuddin AfzalSyed Maharuddin AfzalMuhammad Younus BaraiMuhammad Younus BaraiAltaf Hussain PatniAltaf Hussain PatniMuhammad IbrahimMuhammad IbrahimAbdul QayumAbdul QayumSyed Abdul MajeedSyed Abdul MajeedAkhtar Muhammad Alias Zahid AkhtarAkhtar Muhammad Alias Zahid AkhtarFazal Mohammad NoorzaiFazal Mohammad NoorzaiAbdul Hanan Kakar AdcocateAbdul Hanan Kakar AdcocateJamaluddinJamaluddinSyed Muhammad Nazeer Hurf Sofi NazeerSyed Muhammad Nazeer Hurf Sofi NazeerAttaullah MuslimAttaullah MuslimKamal Khan TareenKamal Khan TareenAbdul Mateen AkhonzadaAbdul Mateen AkhonzadaMolana Abdul MananMolana Abdul MananMuzafar NazarMuzafar NazarSyed Noor Muhammad ShahSyed Noor Muhammad ShahLal Bakhsh Khan KhosoLal Bakhsh Khan KhosoBashir AhmedBashir Ahmed