Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan
Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan - JIP 2013 General Election Result

Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan participated in the 2013 General election of Pakistan, JIP won 4 National assembly seats, including 1 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. In Punjab Assembly, JIP Won 1 seats including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. JIP Scored 0 seats in Sindh assembly, including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. 0 seats in Balochistan assembly including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats and 7 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly, including 1 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats.
JIP nominated total 12 candidates in 2013 elections, out of which 10 candidates won the election. The winners names are given below according to the constituencies (halqa), get the complete results score, number of votes registered, votes casted, valid votes and the percentage of votes polled.

National Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 3
National Assembly 3
2013 Women Reserved Seats 1
2013 Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 4

National Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 1
Punjab Assembly 1
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 1

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Sind Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 0
Sindh Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Sindh Assembly 2013 Position Graph

KPK Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 6
KPK Assembly 6
Women Reserved Seats 1
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 7

KPK Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 0
Balochistan Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Winning Candidates of Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan in General Election 2013

Sher Akbar Khan

NA-28 - Winner

Sahibzada Tariq Ullah

NA-33 - Winner

Shahib Zada Muhammad Yaqub

NA-34 - Winner

Syed Waseem Akhtar

PP-271 - Winner

Habib Ur Rahman

PK-78 - Winner

Inayat Ullah

PK-91 - Winner

Muhammad Ali

PK-92 - Winner

Behram Khan

PK-93 - Winner

Muzafar Said

PK-94 - Winner

Siraj Ul Haq

PK-95 - Winner

Saeed Gul

PK-96 - Winner

Losing Candidates of Jamaat-e-islami Pakistan in General Election 2013

Shabir Ahmad Khan

NA-1 - Looser

Muhammad Iqbal Khalil

NA-2 - Looser

Israr Ullah

NA-3 - Looser

Sabir Hussain Awan

NA-4 - Looser

Asif Luqman Qazi

NA-5 - Looser

Muhammad Arshad Khan

NA-7 - Looser

Abdul Mustaan

NA-8 - Looser

Atta Ur Rahman

NA-9 - Looser

Sultan Muhammad

NA-10 - Looser

Gul Nawaz Khan

NA-11 - Looser

Mian Saleem Akbar

NA-12 - Looser

Amir Nawaz Khan

NA-13 - Looser

Syed Mohammad Faheem

NA-14 - Looser

Muhammad Tasleem Iqbal

NA-15 - Looser

Muhammad Aslam

NA-16 - Looser

Habib Ur Rehman Abbasi

NA-17 - Looser

Waheed Akhtar

NA-18 - Looser

Ghulam Nabi

NA-19 - Looser

Muhammad Younis Khattak

NA-20 - Looser

Maulana Abdul Malik

NA-21 - Looser

Nisar Ahmad

NA-22 - Looser

Zahid Mohibullah Khan Advocate

NA-24 - Looser

Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan

NA-26 - Looser

Akhtar Ali Khan

NA-29 - Looser

Fazale Subhan

NA-30 - Looser

Doctor Muhammad Anwar Shah

NA-31 - Looser

Abdul Akbar Chitrali

NA-32 - Looser

Bakhtiar Maani

NA-35 - Looser

Muhammad Saeed Khan

NA-36 - Looser

Hikmat Khan

NA-37 - Looser

Raj Muhammad

NA-39 - Looser

Muhammad Mashal Khan

NA-40 - Looser

Sami Ullah Jan

NA-42 - Looser

Sahib Zada Haroon Ur Raheed

NA-43 - Looser

Sardar Khan

NA-44 - Looser

Zar Noor Afridi

NA-45 - Looser

Shah Faisal Afridi

NA-46 - Looser

Muhammad Rasool

NA-47 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Alsam

NA-48 - Looser

Zubair Farooq Khan

NA-49 - Looser

Solat Majeed Satti Advocate

NA-50 - Looser

Raja Muhammad Jawwad

NA-51 - Looser

Khalid Mehmood Mirza

NA-52 - Looser

Khawaja Muhammad Waqar Khan

NA-53 - Looser

Rizwan Ahmed

NA-54 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif Chaudhary

NA-55 - Looser

Raza Ahmed Shah

NA-56 - Looser

Israr Ahmed Sheikh

NA-57 - Looser

Raja Muhammad Nawaz Kayani

NA-62 - Looser

Tariq Javeed Janjua

NA-63 - Looser

Zubair Ahmad Gondal

NA-65 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Arshad Shahid

NA-66 - Looser

Abdul Hameed Khan

NA-73 - Looser

Naveed Zafar Shah

NA-74 - Looser

Farooq Ahmad Chatha

NA-75 - Looser

Yahya Bakhtiar

NA-76 - Looser

Rai Muhammad Akram Khan

NA-77 - Looser

Choudhry Muhammad Anwar

NA-79 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Adnan Khan

NA-80 - Looser

Engineer Muhammad Azeem Randhawa

NA-81 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Younis

NA-82 - Looser

Sardar Zafar Hussain Khan

NA-84 - Looser

Sheikh Muhammad Mushtaq

NA-85 - Looser

Abdul Qayyum

NA-86 - Looser

Chaudhry Sajid Ali Chadhar

NA-87 - Looser

Zafar Jamal Khan Advocate

NA-88 - Looser

Abdul Jabbar Khan

NA-89 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Irshad Mund

NA-90 - Looser

Qari Muhammad Asif Gujjar

NA-92 - Looser

Muhammad Irshad Anwar

NA-94 - Looser

Mohammad Tariq Javed Dar

NA-95 - Looser

Hameed U Deen Awan

NA-96 - Looser

Rana Javed Iqbal

NA-97 - Looser

Bilal Qudrat Butt

NA-98 - Looser

Sardar Riaz Ahmad Khan

NA-100 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Ubaid Ullah Gohar

NA-101 - Looser

Habib Ullah Cheema

NA-102 - Looser

Hafiz Zubair Ahmad

NA-104 - Looser

Ch. Ansar Mahmood

NA-105 - Looser

Muhammad Riaz Farooq Sahi

NA-108 - Looser

Dr. Abdul Rehman Ranjha

NA-109 - Looser

Arshad Mahmood Baggu

NA-110 - Looser

Mohammad Awais Ghumman

NA-112 - Looser

Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed

NA-113 - Looser

Muhammad Jameel

NA-114 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Aslam

NA-115 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Abdullah

NA-116 - Looser

Anwar Ul Haq Butt

NA-117 - Looser

Hafiz Salman Butt

NA-120 - Looser

Farid Ahmed Piracha

NA-121 - Looser

Liaqat Baloch

NA-126 - Looser

Zahoor Ahmad Watto

NA-128 - Looser

Ch Manzoor Hussain

NA-130 - Looser

Ch Zahid Imran Korotana

NA-131 - Looser

Riaz Ahmad Bhulla Advocate

NA-132 - Looser

Khalid Mahmood Virk

NA-133 - Looser

Mian Asad Ullah

NA-134 - Looser

Sarfraz Ahmad Khan

NA-135 - Looser

Muhammad Javed

NA-139 - Looser

Mian Mukhtar Ahmad

NA-140 - Looser

Nazir Ahmed

NA-141 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Ramzan

NA-142 - Looser

Liaqat Ali

NA-143 - Looser

Muhammad Farooq Sheikh

NA-144 - Looser

Syed Mehr Hassan Gillani

NA-146 - Looser

Naseer Ahmad

NA-147 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Ibhrahim

NA-148 - Looser

Liaqat Baloch

NA-149 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Khalid

NA-152 - Looser

Uzair Latif

NA-157 - Looser

Haroon Ur Rasheed Nizami Advocate

NA-159 - Looser

Tahir Siraj

NA-160 - Looser

Rana Zahid Farooq

NA-161 - Looser

Muhammad Haq Nawaz Khan Durani

NA-162 - Looser

Major R Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar

NA-163 - Looser

Muhammad Rafique Nizami Advocate

NA-167 - Looser

Syed Javed Hussain Shah

NA-169 - Looser

Major Retired Haq Daad Ali Khan

NA-170 - Looser

Atta Muhammad Jafri

NA-171 - Looser

Hafiz Khalid Rauf

NA-173 - Looser

Abdul Mohsin

NA-174 - Looser

Abdul Majeed Pathan Advocate

NA-175 - Looser

Riaz Ali Kazmi

NA-180 - Looser

Chaudhery Asghar Ali Gujjar

NA-182 - Looser

Muhammad Sadiq Malik

NA-184 - Looser

Choudhry Abdul Rehman Ranga

NA-186 - Looser

Dr.muhammad Ashraf

NA-187 - Looser

Muhammad Rafiq

NA-190 - Looser

Waleed Nasir Choudhary

NA-191 - Looser

Mahmood Ul Hassan

NA-193 - Looser

Ghulam Mustafa

NA-194 - Looser

Chaudhry Ihsan Ali

NA-195 - Looser

Haji Abdul Aziz

NA-197 - Looser

Hizbullah Jhakro

NA-198 - Looser

Tashkeel Ahmed Siddiqui

NA-200 - Looser

Mehrab Ali

NA-201 - Looser

Abdul Rauf

NA-206 - Looser

Muhammad Ibraheem

NA-207 - Looser

Hafiz Nasrullah

NA-209 - Looser

Mumtaz Hussain Sahto

NA-216 - Looser

Shoukat Ali Shaikh

NA-219 - Looser

Jaffer Ali Nizamani

NA-222 - Looser

Khuda Dino

NA-223 - Looser

Aziz Ur Rehman

NA-226 - Looser

Muhammad Tahir

NA-227 - Looser

Akhtar Mohammad

NA-239 - Looser

Syed Attaullah Shah

NA-240 - Looser

Mohammad Laeeque Khan

NA-241 - Looser

Taj Muhammad Khan

NA-242 - Looser

Muhammad Yousuf

NA-243 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Bilal

NA-244 - Looser

Dr Mairaj Ul Huda Siddiqui

NA-245 - Looser

Rashid Nasim

NA-246 - Looser

Mr Niamatullah Khan

NA-250 - Looser

Zahid Saeed

NA-251 - Looser

Muhammad Husain Mehenti

NA-252 - Looser

Asadullah Bhutto

NA-253 - Looser

Abdul Jameel Khan

NA-255 - Looser

Taufeequddin Siddiqui

NA-257 - Looser

Akhtar Muhammad

NA-259 - Looser

Abdul Mateen Akhondzada

NA-263 - Looser

Maehrullah Khan

NA-265 - Looser

Basheer Ahmed Mandai

NA-266 - Looser

Gulab Baloch

NA-272 - Looser

Sajjad Ahmed Abbasi

PP-1 - Looser

Ibrar Hussain Abbasi

PP-2 - Looser

Mirza Tajammal Hussain Jaral

PP-4 - Looser

Khalid Mehmood Mirza

PP-5 - Looser

Muhammad Munir Azam

PP-6 - Looser

Ateeq Ur Rehman

PP-7 - Looser

Muhammad Waqqas Khan

PP-8 - Looser

Muhammad Basharat Ahmed

PP-9 - Looser

Abdul Jalil

PP-10 - Looser

Syed Hassan Kaleem Gillani

PP-11 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif Chaudhry

PP-12 - Looser

Syed Uzair Hamid

PP-13 - Looser

Dabeer Ahmed Khan

PP-14 - Looser

Muhammad Iqbal

PP-15 - Looser

Hafiz Jabar Ali Khan

PP-16 - Looser

Iqbal Khan

PP-17 - Looser

Raziq Dad Khan

PP-19 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Akhter Nawaz

PP-20 - Looser

Dr Hameed Ullah Malik

PP-23 - Looser

Choudhry Farooq Ahmad

PP-24 - Looser

Qasim Mehmood

PP-25 - Looser

Raja Muhammad Zia Ashraf

PP-26 - Looser

Ejaz Ahmed

PP-27 - Looser

Rana Khursheed Ali Khan

PP-28 - Looser

Chaudhary Rafaqat Hussain Warriach

PP-29 - Looser

Ahmad Sher Sipra

PP-31 - Looser

Hafiz Farhan Ahmed Gujjar

PP-32 - Looser

Mian Izhar Ul Haq

PP-34 - Looser

Muhammad Javaid Iqbal Cheema

PP-35 - Looser

Haji Ahmad Dholka

PP-36 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Basher Awan Advocate

PP-38 - Looser

Muhammad Zahoor Malik

PP-40 - Looser

Tanzir Ul Hassan

PP-41 - Looser

Muhammad Khurshid Ahmad Khan

PP-43 - Looser

Abdul Wahab Khan

PP-44 - Looser

Muhammad Saleem

PP-46 - Looser

Iftikhar Hussain Shah

PP-47 - Looser

Rustam Ali Saqi

PP-48 - Looser

Yousaf Khan

PP-49 - Looser

Naveed Ahsan Niaz

PP-50 - Looser

Ali Ahmad Goraya

PP-52 - Looser

Abdul Waheed Khan

PP-53 - Looser

Doctor Saeed Ahmad

PP-54 - Looser

Rai Muhammad Akram Khan

PP-55 - Looser

Rai Muhammad Hussain Khan Kharal

PP-56 - Looser

Muhammad Irfan Nadeem

PP-57 - Looser

Pervez Ali Khan

PP-59 - Looser

Choudhry Zulfiqar Ali Sahuta

PP-60 - Looser

Abid Usman

PP-61 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Adnan Khan

PP-62 - Looser

Ikram Ullah Khan

PP-63 - Looser

Mian Anwar Ul Haq

PP-66 - Looser

Ajmal Hussain

PP-67 - Looser

Mehboob Ul Zaman Butt

PP-68 - Looser

Sajid Iqbal Gujjar

PP-69 - Looser

Sardar Zafar Hussain Khan

PP-70 - Looser

Muhammad Afzaal Shaheen

PP-72 - Looser

Muhamamd Riaz

PP-73 - Looser

Syed Noor Ul Hassan Shah

PP-74 - Looser

Mian Abdul Razaq Hanjra

PP-76 - Looser

Muhammad Tariq Farooq Sabri

PP-78 - Looser

Ghulam Qanber

PP-81 - Looser

Hafiz Nisar Janjoya

PP-84 - Looser

Dr. Atta Ullah Hameed

PP-85 - Looser

Doctor Zahid Sattar

PP-86 - Looser

Muhammad Qasim Zia

PP-87 - Looser

Tariq Mahmood

PP-88 - Looser

Hameed Ud Deen Awan

PP-91 - Looser

Muhammad Rizwan Cheema

PP-92 - Looser

Ch Shahid Munir Gondal

PP-93 - Looser

Muhammad Idrees Ayub Sheikh

PP-94 - Looser

Farooq Ahmed Khan Othi

PP-95 - Looser

Muhammad Tariq Sheikh

PP-96 - Looser

Abdul Hameed

PP-99 - Looser

Mazhar Iqbal

PP-101 - Looser

Muhammad Sarwar

PP-102 - Looser

Khalid Mehmood Rawal Adovcate

PP-103 - Looser

Muhammad Mushtaq Butt

PP-104 - Looser

Habib Ullah Cheema

PP-105 - Looser

Aman Ullah Chattha

PP-106 - Looser

Ch. Riaz Ahmed

PP-108 - Looser

Muhammad Mudabar Saddique

PP-109 - Looser

Ch. Sijjad Ahmad Warraich

PP-110 - Looser

Dr Tariq Saleem

PP-111 - Looser

Dr Syed Ihsan Ullah Shah

PP-112 - Looser

Ch Abdul Sattar

PP-113 - Looser

Muhammad Akhtar

PP-114 - Looser

Syed Ziaullah Shah Advoate

PP-115 - Looser

Syed Ijaz Hussain

PP-117 - Looser

Imtiaz Ahmad Butt

PP-118 - Looser

Ijaz Ahmad Bosal

PP-119 - Looser

Tasawar Iqbal Ranjha

PP-120 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Aslam

PP-121 - Looser

Muhammad Zia Ullah

PP-124 - Looser

Ansar Mehmood Bajwa

PP-125 - Looser

Mohsin Ikram

PP-126 - Looser

Ejaz Ahmed Nagra

PP-127 - Looser

Zulfiqar Ahmed Zaki Advocate

PP-128 - Looser

Muhammad Afzal Lone

PP-130 - Looser

Farrukh Ejaz Ghumman

PP-131 - Looser

Iftikhar Ahmad

PP-132 - Looser

Muhammad Irfan

PP-134 - Looser

Ahsan Adeel Tatla Advocate

PP-135 - Looser

Noor Elahi

PP-136 - Looser

Ali Imran

PP-137 - Looser

Ch Muhammad Aslam

PP-138 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Nawaz

PP-139 - Looser

Khalique Ahmad Butt

PP-140 - Looser

Muhammad Munir

PP-141 - Looser

Choudhry Muhammad Shoukat

PP-143 - Looser

Aamir Siddiqi

PP-145 - Looser

Salman Ahmed Khan

PP-146 - Looser

Ameer Ul Azim

PP-147 - Looser

Muhammad Riaz Ul Hassan

PP-148 - Looser

Shahid Naveed Malik

PP-149 - Looser

Ch Mehmood Ul Ahad

PP-151 - Looser

Malik Shahid Aslam

PP-152 - Looser

Syed Ihsan Ullah Waqas

PP-154 - Looser

Engineer Zaki Uddin Sheikh

PP-155 - Looser

Waqar Nadeem Warraich

PP-156 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Amir Khalil

PP-157 - Looser

Umar Hayat Bajwa

PP-158 - Looser

Malik Jahangir Hussain Bara

PP-160 - Looser

Ch Farhan Shoukat Hanjra

PP-162 - Looser

Shahbir Hussain Sroya

PP-163 - Looser

Amjad Ali Sajid

PP-164 - Looser

Hafiz Sajid Iqbal

PP-165 - Looser

Muhammaed Nawaz

PP-166 - Looser

Sheikh Jamil

PP-167 - Looser

Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool Bhatti

PP-168 - Looser

Mirza Muhammad Imran

PP-169 - Looser

Mumtaz Khan

PP-170 - Looser

Ghulam Mustafa

PP-171 - Looser

Rashid Farooq

PP-173 - Looser

Muhammad Iqbal Shad

PP-175 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Younas

PP-176 - Looser

Sardar Faisal Zaib

PP-178 - Looser

Muhammad Ayoob Khan

PP-179 - Looser

Sardar Nazir Ahmad Dogar

PP-180 - Looser

Khalid Masood Khan

PP-181 - Looser

Muhammad Irfan

PP-183 - Looser

Sardar Noor Ahmad

PP-184 - Looser

Muhammad Farooq Sheikh

PP-190 - Looser

Malik Abdul Hakeem

PP-191 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Rafi Sukhera

PP-192 - Looser

Hafeez Anwar Gohar

PP-195 - Looser

Iftar Ali Iftikhar

PP-198 - Looser

Chaudhary Zafar Iqbal Arain

PP-199 - Looser

Chaudary Abdul Rahim Gujar

PP-201 - Looser

Shehzada Babar Maan

PP-202 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Khalid Meo

PP-204 - Looser

Rasheed Zafar

PP-207 - Looser

Khalid Farooq

PP-210 - Looser

Tariq Mehmood

PP-213 - Looser

Kashif Ali

PP-215 - Looser

Muhammad Yousaf Khatak

PP-218 - Looser

Muhammad Asif

PP-219 - Looser

Sheikh Shahid Hameed

PP-221 - Looser

Muhammad Akbar

PP-223 - Looser

Major (r) Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar

PP-225 - Looser

Major R Muhammad Ghulam Sarwar

PP-226 - Looser

Muhammad Tufail

PP-229 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Akram

PP-230 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Ahsan Khan Al Maroof Mangay Khan

PP-231 - Looser

Chaudhary Rasheed Ahmad Riaz

PP-232 - Looser

Muhammad Rafique Nizami

PP-233 - Looser

Ali Waqar Hinjra

PP-235 - Looser

Syed Ghoss Iqbal Shah

PP-237 - Looser

Safdar Abbas Khan Manais

PP-238 - Looser

Hafiz Bashir Ahmad

PP-240 - Looser

Sardar Karam Khan

PP-242 - Looser

Sheikh Usman Farooq

PP-244 - Looser

Ejaz Ahmad Khan

PP-246 - Looser

Munir Ahmad Qureshi

PP-247 - Looser

Abdul Mohsin

PP-248 - Looser

Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf Bandaisha

PP-249 - Looser

Mujeeb Ur Rehman Mazari

PP-250 - Looser

Muhammad Shafiq Azhar

PP-251 - Looser

Amir Ali

PP-252 - Looser

Mian Sadiq Muhammad

PP-253 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Ramzan Rohadi

PP-257 - Looser

Fahim Iqbal

PP-260 - Looser

Sajid Mahmood Malik

PP-261 - Looser

Mubasher Naeem Chaudhry

PP-262 - Looser

Muhammad Parwaiz Akhtar

PP-267 - Looser

Mirza Muhammad Nawaz

PP-268 - Looser

Malik Muhamamd Ibrahim

PP-269 - Looser

Waqar Ul Haq

PP-270 - Looser

Muhammad Ashfaq Gill

PP-273 - Looser

Dr Ihsan Ul Haq

PP-274 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Ashraf

PP-275 - Looser

Akbar Goraiya

PP-276 - Looser

Sheikh Asghar Ali

PP-277 - Looser

Professor Hameed Ullah Khan

PP-279 - Looser

Iftikhar Nadeem

PP-281 - Looser

Nasir Mahmood Guru

PP-282 - Looser

Khalid Farooq

PP-284 - Looser

Jam Enayat Ghafar

PP-285 - Looser

Qazi Muhammad Sami Advocate

PP-287 - Looser

Ishtiaq Hameed

PP-288 - Looser

Muhammad Tariq Javed

PP-289 - Looser

Khawaja Rafiq Ahmad

PP-290 - Looser

Rafiq Ahmad Choudry

PP-291 - Looser

Shoaib Ur Rehman Chaudhry

PP-292 - Looser

Anwar Ul Haq

PP-293 - Looser

Nazakat Ali Awan

PP-295 - Looser

Muhammad Hafeez Waraich

PP-296 - Looser

Muhammad Khalid

PP-297 - Looser

Bahrullah Khan

PK-1 - Looser

Siraj Ud Din

PK-2 - Looser

Khalid Gul Mohmnd

PK-3 - Looser

Riaz Ahmad Bacha

PK-4 - Looser

Mian Anwar Said Bacha

PK-5 - Looser

Kashif Azam

PK-6 - Looser

Hashmat Khan

PK-7 - Looser

Fazal Ullah Dawoodzai

PK-8 - Looser

Hamd Ullah Jan Budhni

PK-9 - Looser

Javid Khan Momand

PK-10 - Looser

Khalid Waqas

PK-11 - Looser

Nadir Shah Khattak

PK-12 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif

PK-13 - Looser

Asif Luqman Qazi

PK-14 - Looser

Meraj Uddin

PK-15 - Looser

Haji Inayat Ur Rehman

PK-16 - Looser

Misbah Ullah

PK-17 - Looser

Akbar Jan Khan

PK-18 - Looser

Masood Jan

PK-19 - Looser

Haji Sami Ullah

PK-20 - Looser

Shah Hussain Durrani

PK-21 - Looser

Shafee Ullah

PK-22 - Looser

Saeed Akhtar Advocate

PK-23 - Looser

Anwar Baig

PK-24 - Looser

Abdus Salam Khan

PK-25 - Looser

Nadir Shah

PK-26 - Looser

Fazal Rabbani

PK-27 - Looser

Azim Ud Din

PK-28 - Looser

Muhammad Ibrahim Biland

PK-29 - Looser

Amjad Ali Khan

PK-30 - Looser

Muhammad Usman

PK-31 - Looser

Mushtaq Ahmad

PK-32 - Looser

Mehmood Ul Hasan

PK-33 - Looser

Riaz Ali Shah

PK-35 - Looser

Saeed Zada

PK-36 - Looser

Malik Zarfar Iqbal Awan

PK-37 - Looser

Mohammad Abid Khan

PK-38 - Looser

Iqbal Din

PK-39 - Looser

Mulana Sami Ur Rehman

PK-40 - Looser

Fakhar E Alam

PK-41 - Looser

Mohammad Aslam

PK-43 - Looser

Mehboob Elahi

PK-44 - Looser

Saeed Ahmed Abbasi

PK-45 - Looser

Pir Khan Tanoli

PK-46 - Looser

Sardar Nasir Saleem

PK-47 - Looser

Abdur Razzaq Abbasi

PK-48 - Looser

Ghazan Iqbal Khan

PK-50 - Looser

Fateh Ul Hadi

PK-51 - Looser

Akhtar Zaman Khan

PK-52 - Looser

Syed Tariq Hussain Shah Sherazi

PK-53 - Looser

Sardar Muhammad Ashraf Poswal

PK-54 - Looser

Khan Afzal Advocate

PK-55 - Looser

Mohammad Khalid Yousaf Zai

PK-56 - Looser

Muhammad Siddique

PK-57 - Looser

Khadam Shah

PK-58 - Looser

Mohammad Rafique

PK-59 - Looser

Amir Nawaz Khan

PK-60 - Looser

Haji Muslim Shah

PK-62 - Looser

Zahid Muhib Ullah Khan Advocate

PK-64 - Looser

Muhammad Ramzan

PK-66 - Looser

Haji Adam Khan

PK-68 - Looser

Alhaj Yousaf Khan

PK-72 - Looser

Sifat Ullah Khan

PK-73 - Looser

Irfan Ullah

PK-74 - Looser

Jamshid Khan

PK-77 - Looser

Bakht Jehan Khan

PK-79 - Looser

Muhammad Amin

PK-80 - Looser

Riaz Ahmad

PK-81 - Looser


PK-82 - Looser

Hussain Ahmad Kanju

PK-83 - Looser

Khaista Badshah

PK-84 - Looser

Bakht Amin

PK-85 - Looser

Fazal Ghafoor

PK-86 - Looser

Said Ghafar

PK-88 - Looser

Maulana Sher Aziz

PK-89 - Looser

Ghulam Muhammad

PK-90 - Looser

Sultanat Yar

PK-97 - Looser

Maulana Jamal Ud Din

PK-98 - Looser

Shah Raz Khan

PK-99 - Looser

Ghulam Ghous Ghazi

PS-1 - Looser

Muhammad Akram

PS-2 - Looser

Moulana Mohammad Yousif Mazari

PS-5 - Looser

Mehrab Ali Gadani

PS-6 - Looser

Mohammad Zeeshan

PS-7 - Looser

Abdul Qadir

PS-8 - Looser

Abdul Hafeez Bijarani

PS-15 - Looser

Hafiz Nasrullah

PS-16 - Looser

Hassan Tarique

PS-29 - Looser

Muhammad Hafeez Rehman

PS-31 - Looser

Dur Muhammad Khaskhely

PS-33 - Looser

Abdul Waheed Qureshi

PS-46 - Looser

Saif Ur Rehman

PS-49 - Looser

Ayjaz Ul Haq

PS-50 - Looser

Mohammad Younis

PS-51 - Looser

Muhammad Usman Leghari

PS-52 - Looser

Naseem Akhtar

PS-53 - Looser

Abdul Karim Buledi

PS-58 - Looser

Abdul Karim

PS-65 - Looser

Doctor Shamshad Ali Khan

PS-66 - Looser

Muhammad Hanif Khan Qaim Khani

PS-67 - Looser

Akhtar Mohammad

PS-89 - Looser

Mohammad Ameer Tariq

PS-90 - Looser

Muhammad Naeem Iqbal

PS-91 - Looser

Muhammad Muqeem

PS-92 - Looser

Abdul Razzaque

PS-93 - Looser

Muhammad Mukhtar

PS-94 - Looser

Wasiullah Siddique

PS-96 - Looser

Abdul Majeed

PS-97 - Looser

Ahmed Qari

PS-100 - Looser

Muhammad Naseem Siddiqui

PS-101 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Iqbal

PS-102 - Looser

Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman

PS-103 - Looser

Syed Wajih Hassan

PS-104 - Looser

Muhammad Farooq Naimatullah

PS-105 - Looser

Fazalur Rehman

PS-108 - Looser

H M Hanif

PS-111 - Looser

Abdul Ghaffar Umer

PS-115 - Looser

Nasarullah Khan Shahjee

PS-116 - Looser

Sabir Ahmed

PS-117 - Looser

Syed Qutub Ahmed

PS-118 - Looser

Rashid Manan Azmi

PS-119 - Looser

Zulfiqar Ali

PS-120 - Looser

Syed Maharuddin Afzal

PS-125 - Looser

Muhammad Younus Barai

PS-126 - Looser

Altaf Hussain Patni

PS-127 - Looser

Muhammad Ibrahim

PB-1 - Looser

Abdul Qayum

PB-2 - Looser

Syed Abdul Majeed

PB-3 - Looser

Akhtar Muhammad Alias Zahid Akhtar

PB-4 - Looser

Fazal Mohammad Noorzai

PB-6 - Looser

Abdul Hanan Kakar Adcocate

PB-7 - Looser


PB-9 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Nazeer Hurf Sofi Nazeer

PB-10 - Looser

Attaullah Muslim

PB-11 - Looser

Kamal Khan Tareen

PB-14 - Looser

Abdul Mateen Akhonzada

PB-16 - Looser

Molana Abdul Manan

PB-20 - Looser

Muzafar Nazar

PB-21 - Looser

Syed Noor Muhammad Shah

PB-22 - Looser

Lal Bakhsh Khan Khosa

PB-26 - Looser

Lal Bakhsh Khan Khoso

PB-27 - Looser

Bashir Ahmed

PB-28 - Looser

Mohammad Aslam

PB-34 - Looser

Ghulab Baloch

PB-51 - Looser