DG PDMA-Sindh Lauded PRCS, UNDP For Strengthening Resilience Of Communities To Respond Effectively To Coastal Hazards


DG PDMA-Sindh lauded PRCS, UNDP for strengthening resilience of communities to respond effectively to coastal hazards

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Feb, 2021 ) :Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has been endeavouring to enhance and strengthen the disaster response capabilities of communities at all tiers.

In this regard, to build the capacity of its project staff, the PRCS-Sindh in collaboration with the UNDP has organized a five-days "Training of Trainers" on Earthquake, Tsunami and coastal hazards preparedness.

According to the press release issued by Pakistan Red Crescent Sindh Provincial Branch, in collaboration with UNDP, PRCS has been working on community resilience through strengthening Tsunami and Earthquake Preparedness (STEP) in coastal areas of two districts of Sindh and one of Baluchistan through community-led activities.

Addressing the closing ceremony held on February 26, 2021, Syed Salman Shah Director General Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA-Sindh) commended the UNDP for designing this project and also lauded the role of PRCS for effectively implementing in the selected coastal areas.

He further said that PRCS has a large team of volunteers and is well-recognized in both rural and urban communities. "For such projects, the PRCS is a reliable and experienced organization with vast resources on the ground", stated DG PDMA. In concluding remarks, he said that PDMA Sindh has also worked on similar projects, so in the future PDMA Sindh is looking forward to cooperating with UNDP and PRCS.

Kanwar Waseem Provincial Secretary PRCS-Sindh said that tsunami affects communities in many ways and to reduce the loss of life and properties/infrastructure, this project is closely working with the coastal communities of selected districts to prepare them for earthquake and tsunami through awareness, improved community warning systems and evacuation capability at villages' level.

Provincial Secretary further said that the purpose of this training to enhance the capacity of relevant staff from the project. The trained staff will further replicate training learning in each community through youth groups. "PRCS-Sindh has an Emergency Operation Centre in Karachi and a large number of trained volunteers across Sindh to deal with any emergency in the province," said Kanwar Waseem.

He emphasized that the coming years would be the era of urban disasters but unfortunately, there is no trained and specialized organization in Pakistan to deal with those major emergencies, therefore, the PRCS is stepping up its efforts and in the process to develop a mechanism in collaboration with other stakeholders to strengthen the emergency response system.

Dr. Adeel Nawaz Secretary-General PRCS NHQ joined the closing ceremony from Islamabad through the online presence and said that PRCS looks forward to a long-term partnership with UNDP for more projects and future avenues.

Earlier, Provincial Secretary Baluchistan Branch Mr. Ayub Khan welcomed all participants and guests. The closing ceremony was also attended by Mr. Naeem Khan UNDP Pakistan, Muhammad Qaswar Abbas Program Delegate GRC, Shamsul Haq Program Manager PRCS and others from PDMA Sindh and Pakistan Meteorological Department. Certificates and shields were also distributed to the participants and facilitators.