Inspired By Hania Aamir, Hira Tareen Speaks Up About Appreciating Your True Self


Inspired by Hania Aamir, Hira Tareen speaks up about appreciating your true self

Taking to Instagram, Hira Tareen wrote that Hania Aamir’s message was powerful and needed now more than ever.

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 19th May, 2019) Pakistani celebrities are sure defying the stereotypes of beauty and embracing themselves as they are.

Recently, actress Mahira Khan graciously embraced her old age and then Hania Aamir had posted her raw selfies snowing her struggles with acne.

Mehwish Hayat also followed suit and posted her raw selfie, asking people to embrace themselves as they are.

Now, Hira Tareen did not mind jumping on to this bandwagon and revealed her without makeup look.

Taking to Instagram, Hira Tareen wrote that Hania Aamir’s message was powerful and needed now more than ever.

“In a world where people are suffering from anxiety and depression trying to measure up their lives and looks to influencers and celebrities on social media, I present you the #realme, this is who you will meet when you come to my house unexpectedly. Untamed frizzy hair, untamed brows, zero makeup, zero filters, full of flaws, asymmetry, blemishes, discoloration, eyebags, etc. A face where each line and blemish represents my journey and experiences as a human full of ups and downs,” she wrote.

She went on to say, “I felt this is important for me to share with my followers as I do makeup routines on my YouTube and a lot of times you see me in shoots, events or videos all done up with great lighting and assume my skin is flawless.”

Hira says makeup for her is a form of art, a hobby, and great way to feel put together and groomed.

“Not to conceal who I am underneath the layers. Just like one gets ready for work and wears certain types of clothes or just like a child who wears a uniform to be part of a certain decorum and environment, nothing more than that. Makeup makes women feel good because it’s fun but we can’t hide underneath it our whole lives and neither should we assume that those we see on social media who look perfect are naturally that way.”

She urged people to stop every once in a while to appreciate you as you are as it is the most empowering feeling in the world.

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