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SayibBareenaWarsanAmaaimSaaqiahJariyaKhuwailahBashashaImlaaRasheedaLail AfrozInayaNarminHumaaRanaraunaIzazSundasSheeftehZameeraSameraMore Muslim Girls Names

A new born has come to your house and now you are wondering of giving your baby the most wonderful name? get along with urdu point as it possesses a magnificent compilation of Islamic Names in English. Urdu Point’s muslim names category is further split up into two categories of Islamic Baby Names i.e. Islamic Boys Names in English and Islamic Girls Names in English according to the gender. So now get your boy with the most amazing Muslim Names in English of you own choice.

Urdu Point not only presents you a list Islamic Girls Names in English and Islamic Boys Names in English with their Muslim Names Meanings in English, an elaboration is also their about Islamic Names of Boys which includes language, gender, origin, details, lucky number, suitable day of the week, the right gemstone and appropriate metals.