Islamic Names for Boys and Girls with Meaning

Islamic Names: Choosing a beautiful Islamic name for the newborn kid is the first duty of parents. If you are new parents or looking for a name for your newborn lovely child, then this page is for you. Here is a complete directory of Islamic names for baby girls and baby boys. All of the Islamic baby boys names and Islamic baby girls names are displayed here alphabetically.

Featured Islamic Boys Names

Featured Islamic Girls Names

A name provides a recognition mark to an individual. In Muslims, its a culture a baby's name is announced at the Aqeeqah event which is a religious obligation for parents. Names are basically a gift from the elders to a baby boy or a girl. Allah has commanded to choose beautiful Islamic names that have a significant meaning. It's often seen that a child has an immense effect on their personality.

Names remain with a person till their death and it becomes a major part of their life. Sometimes, it attaches to the whole family as a "Family Title/Name".

Islamic Names for Baby Girls

Baby girls are a blessing for their parents and Allah and his prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has given the teachings of valuing and honoring women. The religion of Islam has given high ranks to every role a woman plays, including daughter, wife, and sister. On top of the rank, Allah has positioned the role of a mother. The Prophet Muhammad said, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him: Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother (Ahmad, Nasai).

The significance of the Islamic Names for baby girls can be understood through the honorable roles of women in Islam. The most famous Islamic baby girls names are Fatima, Ayesha, Khadija, Amna, Zahra, and so many more. The meanings of these Islamic names for baby girls are beautiful and have a good influence on baby girl. All of these names are related to the family of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Sahabiyas who have played their roles in preaching Islam.

Islamic Baby Boy Names

Boys are thought to be the heir of the family. In Muslim families and other cultures, baby boys have to take forward the legacy of the family. The Islamic names for baby boys are chosen in a way that puts a powerful influence on the child. Islamic names that have meanings like Honor, Bravery, or wit are chosen for the baby boys. However, finding the perfect name for the kid is the responsibility of the parents and UrduPoint is here to assist them.

A newborn has come to your house and now you are wondering about giving your baby the most wonderful name? get along with Urdu point as it possesses a magnificent compilation of Islamic Names in English. Urdu Point's Muslim names category is further split up into two categories of Islamic Baby Names i.e. Islamic Boys Names in English and Islamic Girls Names in English according to the gender. So now get your boy with the most amazing Muslim Names in English of your own choice.

Urdu Point not only presents you a list Islamic Girls Names in English and Islamic Boys Names in English with their Muslim Names Meanings in English, an elaboration is also there about Islamic Names of Boys which includes language, gender, origin, details, lucky number, suitable day of the week, the right gemstone and appropriate metals.

Q. What are the best Islamic names for a boy?

The Islamic Names which belong to Angels, Prophets, and Sahabias are best for the baby boys. The best Islamic names for newborn baby boys are Abu Bakar, Abdullah, Hassan, Hussain, etc.

Q. What are the best Islamic names for a girl?

Parents search for beautiful Islamic names for baby girls. Hence, the names of Muhammad S.A.W.W's wives and Sahabiyas are the best Islamic names for the newborn baby girls.

Q. Which Islamic Names are recommended by Muhammad SAWW?

According to a Hadith of Muhammad S.A.W.W Narrated by Muslim in his Saheeh, 1398:
"The most beloved of names to Allaah are Abdullaah and Abdul-Rahmaan."
However, 99 names of Allah and 99 names of Muhammad S.A.W.W are also recommended names for newborn babies.

Q. What are the most popular Muslim names?

In the list of Popular Islamic names for baby boys, the top names are Muhammad, Ali, Amir, Omar, Ahmad, Ibrahim, and Yousef. The Popular Islamic names for baby girls are Khadija, Fatima, Amna, Ayesha, Kalsoom, Hira, Maryam, Hina, Ruqaiyya, Mahrukh, Mahum, and so many more.

Q. Which name is the most common Islamic name?

The name Muhammad stands out as the most common Islamic name all around the world.