Mere Dil Ko Tab Bahut Jhatka Laga

Mere dil ko tab bahut jhatka laga
Jab mene mandir me 1 ladki ko cigrte pite dekha
Ghor kalyug u cant believe mere hath se to Daru ki botal hi gir gayi

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A Girl

A GirlI've finally decided to do something about my weight.Simply Lie!

Definition Of Winter

Definition of WinterWinter uss Mosam Ko Kehtay HenKe JabSardi Ammi ko lagti heAurSweater ..Apkopehenna parrta hy :-P

2 Charh Gay,

2 charh gay,To train ma logo ny kahaWELDONEPathan: khaak well done?Jana to unho ny tha,Hum to chornay aye thy….:P:P

I M On A Light Diet:

I m on a light diet:I eat in daylightI eat in moonlightAnd sometimes, I eat in refrigerator light!

Pathan : Mobile Me Kuch Songs Load Krwane Hein…

Pathan : Mobile Me Kuch songs Load Krwane Hein…Dukandar : Memory Card Hy?Pathan : Shanaakhti Card hai Memory card to abhi nahi banwaya…

Naan 10 Rupay Ka Hai

Naan 10 Rupay Ka Hai Aur Lays Bhi 10 Ka Hai.. Ab Aap Ki Marzi Hai K Aap Ko Hawa Khani Hai Ya Pait Bhar Roti Khani Hai.. :-)Hahhaha

Yesterday Was Really Very Hectic:

Yesterday was really very hectic:Morning - JailAfternoon - BailEvening - Gayle

Boy To Girl- Apni Body To Dekho Jaise Haddiya Hi Haddiya Ho!

Boy to girl- Apni body to dekho jaise haddiya hi haddiya ho! Girl- isliye itni der se soch rahi hu k mere pass Kutta kyo khada hai?

Newspaper Mein News Aya

Newspaper Mein News aya “50% Of Sardars Are Donkeys ”The Sardars Protested. Next Day News aya ki “50% ..

Always Have A


Looking For True Love??

True Love is like a pillow. U could HUG it when Ur in trouble. U could CRY on it when Ur in pain. U could EMBRACE it when Ur happy. Want True Love? Spend ..

1 Lovely Ladki Ko Dekh Kaleja Me Current Lag Gaya

1 lovely ladki ko dekh Kaleja me Current lag gaya Uske sath me 2 Bhimkaay bhai ko dekh Mood Faint ho gaya

Logic Questions And Amazing Answers

Logic Questions: 1) When will a horse have 6 legs? 2) Where does monday cum b4 Sunday? 3) Where do u find a lot of cities without single house? 4) ..


Interviewer: Imagine that u r in room with all doors & windows closed & it caught fire, now how can u escape? Candidate: Very simple, I'll stop imagining.

Hum Ny Jis Ko Dil Diya,

Hum Ny Jis Ko Dil Diya,Wo Dilli Chali Gai...Jis Se Piyar Kiya, Wo Italy Chali Gai...Dil Ny Socha K Khudkushi Ker Lun,,,Jab Switch Me Ungli Di, To Kambakhat ..

Sardar Chars Peety Huwe Apni Bivi Se : Tum Kon Ho??

Sardar Chars Peety huwe Apni Bivi se : Tum Kon ho??Bivi : Pagal ho gaye ho Sardar Ji, Apni Bivi ko bhool gaye??Sardar : Oye, Nasha Her Gham Bhula Deta ..

Boy To Gym Coach-

Boy to Gym Coach- I Wanna Impress Cute Girl I’m Gonna Meet In 3 Days Which Machine Should I Use? Coach- Use The ATM Machine Outside ..

When There Is A Long Gap Between

When There Is a Long Gap Between Engagement & Marriage,,Who Is Most Benefited ??BoyNo?GirlNo?It's The...Mobile Company.. :-)

Bebas Ker Deti Hai Mujhy

Bebas Ker Deti Hai Mujhy Doston Ki Mohabbat Warna...Jitni Tum Log Kanjoos Ho Dil Kerta Hai Tumhen Blank Msg Bhi Na Kerun.. :-) :-D

Student K Elawa

Student K Elawa Wo Kon Si Cheez Hai JoBaghair "Brain" K "DEGREE” Le Sakti Hai..?Socho..Nahi Pata..?Its Simple, "Thermometer" Yaar.. ;-p :-D