Arees Name Meaning In Urdu (Boy Name عریس)

Arees is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Arees name meaning is Peasant, and in Urdu it means کاشتکار. The name is Urdu originated name, the associated lucky number is 6.

انگریزی نامArees
معنیکاشتکار، کسان
لکی نمبر6
موافق دناتوار, منگل, جمعرات
موافق رنگسنہری, نارنجی, سرخ
موافق پتھرسبز قیمتی پتھر
موافق دھاتیںتانبا

عریس نام کا شمار لڑکوں کے ناموں میں ہوتا ہے۔ عریس نام کی ابتدائی تاریخ اردو زبان سے نکلتی ہے۔ عریس نام کے افراد کے لیئے خوش قسمت نمر 6 مانا جاتا ہے .عریس نام کا مطلب کاشتکار، کسان ہے جبکہ خوش قسمت دنوں میں اتوار, منگل, جمعرات شامل ہیں ۔ خوش قسمتی والی دھاتوں میں ہندسوں کے حساب ے تانبا شامل ہیں عریس نام کے افراد کے لیئے موافق رنگوں میں سنہری, نارنجی, سرخ شامل ہیں۔ عریس نام کے افراد کے لیئے موافق پتھروں میں سبز قیمتی پتھر شامل ہیں .

A beautiful and meaningful name beautifies the personality of the child. Arees name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. Arees name meaning is "peasant" or"farmer.". Arees name meaning in Urdu is "کاشتکار، کسان". Many people with the name Arees has earned fame all around the world.

Names are the source of recognition and a meaningful name enhances the charm of an individual. Certain names bring good fortune to one's life. According to Numerology Prediction, the lucky number associated with the name Arees is "6". Lucky days for Arees name holder are sunday, tuesday, thursday. golden, orange, red are the lucky color for a person with Arees name.

Arees name holders can choose peridot as their lucky stones however copper are the lucky metals for this name. This page provides the authentic and alternative spellings of Arees name. Arees name meaning in English and Urdu are available here. The list of famous people with the name Arees can be discovered on this page. Find all latest and famous Islamic baby names here.

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Arees?

The lucky number associated with the name Arees is "6".

Q. What does Arees name mean?

Arees name meaning in Urdu is "کاشتکار، کسان". In English, Arees name meaning is "peasant, farmer.".

Q. What is the religion of the name Arees?

The religion of the name Arees is Muslim.

Q. What is the origin of Arees name?

The origin of the name Arees is urdu.

Q. What is the auspicious color of the name Arees?

For the name Arees, the lucky color is golden, orange, red.

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