Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)
Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) - JUI(F) 2013 General Election Result

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) participated in the 2013 General election of Pakistan, JUI(F) won 13 National assembly seats, including 3 women reserved and 1 minorities reserved seats. In Punjab Assembly, JUI(F) Won 1 seats including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. JUI(F) Scored 0 seats in Sindh assembly, including 0 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats. 8 seats in Balochistan assembly including 2 women reserved and 0 minorities reserved seats and 16 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly, including 3 women reserved and 1 minorities reserved seats.
JUI(F) nominated total 38 candidates in 2013 elections, out of which 28 candidates won the election. The winners names are given below according to the constituencies (halqa), get the complete results score, number of votes registered, votes casted, valid votes and the percentage of votes polled.

National Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 9
National Assembly 9
2013 Women Reserved Seats 3
2013 Minority Reserved Seats 1
Total Seats in House 13

National Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 1
Punjab Assembly 1
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 1

Punjab Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Sind Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 0
Sindh Assembly 0
Women Reserved Seats 0
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 0

Sindh Assembly 2013 Position Graph

KPK Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 12
KPK Assembly 12
Women Reserved Seats 3
Minority Reserved Seats 1
Total Seats in House 16

KPK Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position

2013 General Seats 6
Balochistan Assembly 6
Women Reserved Seats 2
Minority Reserved Seats 0
Total Seats in House 8

Balochistan Assembly 2013 Position Graph

Winning Candidates of Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) in General Election 2013

Maulana Muhammad Gohar Shah

NA-7 - Winner

Qari Mohammad Yousif

NA-22 - Winner

Molana Fazal Ur Rehman

NA-24 - Winner

Molana Fazal Rehman

NA-25 - Winner

Akram Khan Durrani

NA-26 - Winner

Molana Fazal Rehman

NA-27 - Winner

Munir Khan Orakzai

NA-38 - Winner

Muhammad Jamal Ud Din

NA-42 - Winner

Moulvi Agha Muhammad

NA-261 - Winner

Molana Ameer Zaman

NA-263 - Winner

Moulana Mohammad Khan Sherani

NA-264 - Winner

Molana Qamar Din

NA-269 - Winner

Sardar Meer Badasha Khan Qaisraani

PP-240 - Winner

Fazal Shakkor Khan

PK-17 - Winner

Mufti Said Janan

PK-43 - Winner

Zareen Gul

PK-58 - Winner

Shah Hussain Khan

PK-60 - Winner

Muhammad Usmatullah

PK-62 - Winner

Maulana Lutf Ur Rehman

PK-66 - Winner

Mahmood Ahmad Khan

PK-69 - Winner

Akram Khan Durrani

PK-70 - Winner

Malik Riaz Khan

PK-73 - Winner

Anwar Hayat Khan

PK-74 - Winner

Noor Saleem Malik

PK-75 - Winner

Munawar Khan Advocate

PK-76 - Winner

Mulana Mufti Fazal Ghafoor

PK-79 - Winner

Gul Muhammad Khan Dumar

PB-7 - Winner

Abdul Malik

PB-9 - Winner

Maazullah Musakhel

PB-15 - Winner

Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran

PB-17 - Winner

Gulab Khan

PB-18 - Winner

Molana Abdul Wasay

PB-20 - Winner

Losing Candidates of Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) in General Election 2013

Haji Shah Nawaz

NA-1 - Looser

Muhammad Saeed Jan

NA-2 - Looser

Haji Ghulam Ali

NA-3 - Looser

Arbab Kamal Ahmad

NA-4 - Looser

Mufti Muhammad Sajjad

NA-5 - Looser

Musammir Shah

NA-8 - Looser

Shuja Ul Mulk

NA-9 - Looser

Mualana Muhammad Qasim

NA-10 - Looser

Imdad Ullah Yousafzai

NA-11 - Looser

Ishfaq Ullah Khan

NA-12 - Looser

Attaul Haq

NA-13 - Looser

Gohar Mohammad Khan Bangesh

NA-14 - Looser

Muhammad Sardar

NA-15 - Looser

Maulana Mian Hussain Jalali

NA-16 - Looser

Tariq Sultan

NA-17 - Looser

Sardar Ibrar Khan

NA-18 - Looser

Pir Syed Alamzeb Shah

NA-19 - Looser

Syed Qasim Shah

NA-20 - Looser

Liaq Muhammad Khan

NA-21 - Looser

Mehboobullah Jan Baqi

NA-23 - Looser

Maulana Haleem Ur Rahman

NA-28 - Looser

Maulana Nizam Ud Din

NA-29 - Looser

Muhammad Hafeezur Rahman

NA-30 - Looser

Rahat Hussain

NA-31 - Looser

Hidayat Ur Rehman

NA-32 - Looser

Maulana Fazli Azeem

NA-33 - Looser


NA-34 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

NA-35 - Looser

Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq

NA-36 - Looser

Mulana Ain U Din Shaker

NA-37 - Looser

Engineer Tahir Iqbal Orakzai

NA-39 - Looser

Pir Muhammad Aqal Shah

NA-40 - Looser

Moulana Abdul Malik

NA-41 - Looser

Muhammad Saddiq

NA-43 - Looser

Maulana Abdur Rashid

NA-44 - Looser

Saida Jan

NA-45 - Looser


NA-46 - Looser

Mufti Abdul Shakoor

NA-47 - Looser

Muhammad Abdullah

NA-48 - Looser

Noor Muhammad Shah

NA-49 - Looser

Saif Ullah Saifi

NA-50 - Looser

Malik Gulfraz Ahmad Faraz

NA-51 - Looser

Maulana Abdul Ghafar Tauhadi

NA-52 - Looser

Hakeem Muhammad Asaad

NA-53 - Looser

Muhammad Ayaz Chaudhary

NA-54 - Looser

Ch Waseem Ahmed

NA-55 - Looser

Muhammad Zubair Abbasi

NA-56 - Looser

Qari Attique Ur Rehman

NA-57 - Looser

Mufti Taj Ud Din Rabani

NA-59 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Qadeer

NA-60 - Looser

Farooq Hussain Shah

NA-61 - Looser

Muhammad Zia Ul Haq

NA-63 - Looser

Abdullah Ahmed

NA-70 - Looser

Tipu Sultan

NA-82 - Looser

Makhdoom Zada Syed Muhammad Zakaria Shah

NA-84 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Jameel Ahmed

NA-95 - Looser

Muhammad Shah Zaman

NA-96 - Looser

Hafiz Mahmood Ul Hassan

NA-97 - Looser

Muhammad Rafique Abid Alwi

NA-101 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Wadood

NA-118 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Zubair

NA-119 - Looser

Moulana Hafiz Sana Ullah

NA-120 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Asif

NA-121 - Looser

Saad Sultan

NA-123 - Looser

Qari Abdul Aziz

NA-127 - Looser

Muhammad Liaqat

NA-129 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Afzaal

NA-131 - Looser

Muhammad Naseef Awan

NA-132 - Looser

Muhammad Rafiq

NA-138 - Looser

Hafiz Shahzad Bashir

NA-141 - Looser

Zia Ur Rehman Tamimi

NA-154 - Looser

Abdul Majeed Anwar

NA-156 - Looser

Ahmad Mujeeb Aslam

NA-157 - Looser

Qari Muhammad Safdar Javed

NA-158 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Sabir Aarfi

NA-159 - Looser

Muhammad Tahir Siddique

NA-160 - Looser

Moulana Abdul Naeem Nomani

NA-167 - Looser

Qari Khalil Ur Rehman

NA-169 - Looser

Sardar Meer Badshah Khan Qaisrani

NA-171 - Looser

Haji Abdul Rasheed Khan Bhatti

NA-172 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Iqbal Rasheed

NA-173 - Looser

Muhammad Sharif Sadwani Mazari

NA-175 - Looser

Mulana Muhammad Abdul Majeed Farooqe

NA-176 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Abdul Mabood Azad

NA-177 - Looser

Malik Naveed Ahmed Advocate

NA-178 - Looser

Tanveer Rasool Qureshi

NA-179 - Looser

Malik Qadir Bukhsh

NA-183 - Looser

Saifullah Khalid

NA-184 - Looser

Shafqat Rehman

NA-185 - Looser

Naveed Iqbal

NA-186 - Looser

Allama Abdul Raoof Rabbani

NA-192 - Looser

Sahabzada Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman Darkhuwasti

NA-193 - Looser

Mushtaq Ahmad

NA-194 - Looser

Abdul Samad Son Of Muhammad Yousuf

NA-197 - Looser

Agha Syed Muhammad Ayyoob

NA-198 - Looser

Abdul Qayoom

NA-199 - Looser

Molvi Mohammad Ishaque Laghari

NA-200 - Looser

Moulana Abdullah Pahore

NA-202 - Looser

Moulana Muhammad Yakoob Mahar

NA-203 - Looser

Khalid Mahmood

NA-207 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Razzak

NA-214 - Looser

Aijaz Ali

NA-218 - Looser

Mohammad Akram Khan

NA-226 - Looser

Haji Ghulam Qadir Noohani

NA-227 - Looser

Noor Muhammad

NA-228 - Looser

Mufti Nazir Ahmed Umrani

NA-238 - Looser

Fakharul Hassan

NA-239 - Looser

Mufti Faizul Haq

NA-240 - Looser

Misbahul Alam

NA-241 - Looser

Maulana Shirin Muhammad

NA-248 - Looser

Muhammad Abdullah

NA-250 - Looser

Hafiz Hamdullah

NA-259 - Looser

Haji Manzoor Ahmed Mengal

NA-260 - Looser

Qari Muhammad Sher Ali

NA-262 - Looser

Mir Baz Muhammad Marri

NA-265 - Looser

Maulvi Mohammad Abdullah Jatak

NA-266 - Looser

Haji Mangey Khan Rahija

NA-267 - Looser

Molana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

NA-268 - Looser

Mollana Ghulam Qadir Qasmi

NA-270 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Azam

NA-271 - Looser

Abdul Hameed

NA-272 - Looser

Raja Tariq Mehmood

PP-2 - Looser

Abdul Majeed

PP-3 - Looser

Muhammad Aftab Kayani

PP-4 - Looser

Zia Ahmed Bashir

PP-5 - Looser

Maulana Abdul Ghafar Tauhadi Ghafari

PP-6 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Haroon

PP-7 - Looser

Safeer Alam

PP-8 - Looser

Gul Azeem Shah

PP-9 - Looser

Muhammad Zia Ur Rehman Amazai

PP-11 - Looser

Qari Kiramat Ur Rahman

PP-14 - Looser

Qari Attique Ur Rehman

PP-16 - Looser

Maulana Shahab Ud Din Ahmed Qureshi

PP-17 - Looser

Sardar Mumtaz Khan

PP-19 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar Sulamani

PP-20 - Looser

Muhammad Aslam Arain

PP-33 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Rauf

PP-34 - Looser

Maulana Muhammad Arif Rana

PP-36 - Looser

Abdur Razzaq

PP-42 - Looser

Muhammad Yousaf

PP-47 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Saffi Ullah

PP-50 - Looser

Allama Moulana Muhammad Sajid Farooqi

PP-54 - Looser

Allama Muhammad Sajid Farooqi

PP-56 - Looser

Ihsan Ullah Tahir

PP-65 - Looser

Mufti Hamid Zia Madni

PP-68 - Looser

Makhdoom Zada Syed Muhammad Zakaria Shah

PP-69 - Looser

Shahbaz Ahmad Gujjar Advocate

PP-78 - Looser

Sardar Muhammad Aslam Dogar

PP-79 - Looser

Mian Farooq Ahmed

PP-85 - Looser

Moulana Doctor Muhammad Rafique

PP-86 - Looser

Haji Shiekh Abdul Aziz

PP-87 - Looser

Ahmad Ullah

PP-92 - Looser

Muhammad Akmal

PP-94 - Looser

Hafiz Mahmood Ul Hassan Khatana

PP-95 - Looser

Rana Ifran Farooq

PP-96 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Naeem

PP-100 - Looser

Muhammad Rafique Abid Alwi

PP-104 - Looser

Imtiaz Ahmad Butt

PP-117 - Looser

Muhammad Iqbal

PP-118 - Looser

Qari Muhammmad Tufail

PP-119 - Looser

Muhammad Asad Ullah

PP-120 - Looser

Shiekh Muhammad Mudassar

PP-122 - Looser

Ch Basharat Ali

PP-126 - Looser

Muhammad Qadeer Ali

PP-137 - Looser

Muhammad Ajmal

PP-138 - Looser

Sheikh Ul Hadees Moulana Naeem Ul Din

PP-139 - Looser

Moulana Hafiz Sana Ullah

PP-140 - Looser

Saleem Ullah Qaddri

PP-141 - Looser

Muhammad Afzal Khan

PP-143 - Looser

Ijaz Ahmad Awan

PP-144 - Looser

Naveed Ahmad Khan

PP-146 - Looser

Naseer Ahmad Ahrar

PP-148 - Looser

Mian Waheed Ahmad

PP-149 - Looser

Mian Muhammad Asif

PP-150 - Looser

Molana Fasee Ud Din

PP-152 - Looser

Maulana Ahmad Yar

PP-153 - Looser

Hafiz Irfan Haider

PP-154 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Mushtaq

PP-158 - Looser

Muhammad Liaqat

PP-159 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Afzaal

PP-162 - Looser

Muhammad Nasif Awan

PP-164 - Looser

Muhammad Khalil Rana

PP-165 - Looser

Akbar Ali

PP-175 - Looser

Muhammad Rafique

PP-176 - Looser

Syed Muhammad Zohair Shah Hamdani

PP-177 - Looser

Munir Hamza

PP-182 - Looser

Mujahid Ali Awan

PP-186 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Umar Kamboh

PP-194 - Looser

Malik Abdul Khaliq

PP-197 - Looser

Muhammad Sajid Iqbal

PP-199 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Shafiq Tahir Jhakkar

PP-204 - Looser

Muhammad Saleem

PP-205 - Looser

Malik Ejaz Ahmad

PP-211 - Looser

Noor Ullah Farooqi

PP-212 - Looser

Muhammad Ikram Ul Qadri

PP-214 - Looser

Muhammad Ekram Ul Haq

PP-218 - Looser

Muhammad Asif Ghuman

PP-219 - Looser

Muhammad Tahir

PP-229 - Looser

Ch Irfan Saleem Gill

PP-233 - Looser

Qari Khalil Ur Rehman

PP-237 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Asghar Mansvi

PP-239 - Looser

Dr Hussain Bakhsh Badoi

PP-243 - Looser

Dr Muhammad Younis Raj

PP-244 - Looser

Moulana Muhammad Iqbal

PP-246 - Looser

Zafar Ullah Khan

PP-248 - Looser

Muhammad Sharif Sudawani Mazari

PP-250 - Looser

Muhammad Arashad Siddqui

PP-251 - Looser

Muhammad Iqbal Haneef

PP-252 - Looser

Molana Muhammad Abdul Maboob Azad

PP-255 - Looser

Mian Khalid Mustafa Makwal

PP-257 - Looser

Rao Atif Ali Khan

PP-258 - Looser

Muhammad Yahaya Abbasi

PP-259 - Looser

Maher Ahmad Ali Wandar

PP-265 - Looser

Malik Qadir Bukhsh

PP-267 - Looser

Malik Muhammad Aleem

PP-268 - Looser

Hafiz Altaf Hussain Anjam Dhilon

PP-270 - Looser

Shafqat Rehman

PP-271 - Looser

Muhammad Sajjad Akram Ramai

PP-272 - Looser

Mufti Umair Ahmad

PP-275 - Looser

Mian Abdul Latif Mohal

PP-279 - Looser

Molana Abdul Khaliq Mohar

PP-280 - Looser

Qari Noor Ahmad Rahimi

PP-281 - Looser

Muhammad Ismail

PP-285 - Looser

Abdul Raoof Rabbani

PP-286 - Looser

Rana Muhammad Ishtiaq

PP-287 - Looser

Muhammad Tayyab

PP-288 - Looser

Aziz Ur Rehman Darkhawasti

PP-289 - Looser

Sahabzada Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman Darkhuwasti

PP-290 - Looser

Abdul Hakeem

PP-291 - Looser

Hafiz Hussain Ahmed

PP-292 - Looser

Akhunzada Irfan Ullah Shah

PK-1 - Looser

Maulana Khair Rul Bashar

PK-2 - Looser

Al Hajj Abdul Jalil Jan

PK-3 - Looser

Arbab Muhammad Farooq Jan

PK-4 - Looser

Maulana Amanullah Haqqani

PK-5 - Looser

Muhammad Zubair Khan

PK-6 - Looser

Rafiq Ahmad Khalil

PK-7 - Looser

Asif Iqbal Daud Zai

PK-8 - Looser

Mohammad Sharif

PK-9 - Looser

Muhammad Sadeeq

PK-10 - Looser

Khalid Waqar

PK-11 - Looser

Ajmal Khan

PK-12 - Looser

Mufti Imtiaz Ali

PK-13 - Looser

Mufti Hakim Ali Khel

PK-14 - Looser

Mufti Shaukat Ullah Khattak

PK-15 - Looser

Hafiz Sulaiman Ul Haq

PK-16 - Looser

Moulana Elahi Jan

PK-19 - Looser

Sahibzada Mufti Gohar Ali Shah

PK-20 - Looser

Fakhre Alam

PK-21 - Looser

Mohammad Ishfaq Khan

PK-22 - Looser

Ajmal Khan

PK-23 - Looser

Mulana Amanat Shah Haqqani

PK-24 - Looser

Maulana Israr Ul Haq Haqani

PK-25 - Looser

Allama Muhammad Saddique

PK-26 - Looser

Shahid Khan

PK-27 - Looser

Molana Hafiz Akhtar Ali Azizi

PK-28 - Looser

Molana Sakhi Bahadar

PK-29 - Looser

Taj Ul Amin

PK-30 - Looser

Muhammad Idrees

PK-32 - Looser

Molana Fazal Ali

PK-35 - Looser

Sajjad Khan Jadoon

PK-36 - Looser

Ghulam Habib

PK-37 - Looser

Moulana Abdul Hai

PK-38 - Looser

Shah Dad Khan

PK-39 - Looser

Javed Iqbal

PK-40 - Looser

Muhammad Ayub Khan Khattak

PK-41 - Looser

Atiqur Rehman

PK-42 - Looser

Aurangzeb Khan

PK-44 - Looser

Mufti Hashim Khan

PK-46 - Looser

Anees Ur Rehman

PK-47 - Looser

Sardar Ibrar Khan

PK-48 - Looser

Saleem Akhter Awan

PK-49 - Looser

Syed Ahsan Ali Shah

PK-50 - Looser

Muhammad Farooq

PK-52 - Looser

Syed Mazhar Ali Qasim

PK-54 - Looser

Mufti Kafyat Ullah

PK-55 - Looser

Molana Nasir Mehmood

PK-56 - Looser

Khan Muhammad

PK-57 - Looser

Sajjadullah Baqi

PK-61 - Looser

Mehboob Ur Rahman

PK-63 - Looser

Moulana Lutfur Rehman

PK-64 - Looser

Qari Gul Azim Khan

PK-71 - Looser

Hamid Shah

PK-72 - Looser

Maulana Mufti Subhanullah

PK-77 - Looser

Mulana Shams Ul Arifeen Azizi

PK-78 - Looser

Hujjat Ullah

PK-80 - Looser

Habib Ali Shah

PK-81 - Looser

Mulana Irfanullah

PK-82 - Looser

Molana Qutbuddin Abid

PK-83 - Looser

Qari Mahmood

PK-84 - Looser

Ali Shah

PK-86 - Looser

Muhammad Yar

PK-87 - Looser

Sheer Alam Khan

PK-88 - Looser

Maulana Abdur Rehman

PK-89 - Looser

Hussain Ahmed

PK-90 - Looser

Haji Inam Ullah Khan

PK-91 - Looser

Speen Khan

PK-92 - Looser

Hidayat Ullah Khan

PK-93 - Looser

Aayaz Ud Din

PK-94 - Looser

Abdul Rehman Khan

PK-95 - Looser

Muhammad Shakir Ullah Khan

PK-96 - Looser

Gul Nasib Khan

PK-97 - Looser

Sahibzada Khalid Jan

PK-98 - Looser

Maulana Javed Khan

PK-99 - Looser

Abdul Ghani Khoso

PS-2 - Looser

Ali Gohar Indhar

PS-3 - Looser

Ghulam Mustafa

PS-4 - Looser

Molvi Bashir Ahmed Shar

PS-5 - Looser

Moulana Abdul Qayoom Halijivi

PS-6 - Looser

Molvi Mohammad Bachal Khuhawar

PS-7 - Looser

Moulana Illahi Bux Brohi

PS-9 - Looser

Moulana Abdullah Mahar

PS-10 - Looser

Moulana Abdullah Pahore

PS-12 - Looser

Mir Jahangir Khan Banglani

PS-16 - Looser

Raja Ghous Bux Bijarani

PS-17 - Looser

Advocate Karim Bux Rind

PS-27 - Looser

Mohabat Ali Khuhro

PS-35 - Looser

Doctor Khalid Mehmood Soomro

PS-36 - Looser

Naseer Muhammad Bhutto

PS-41 - Looser

Aijaz Ali

PS-44 - Looser

Humayoon Khan Mando Khel

PS-48 - Looser

Asif Raza

PS-50 - Looser

Muhammad Hashim

PS-57 - Looser

Adil Latif

PS-65 - Looser

Abdul Rehman

PS-66 - Looser

Molvi Rehmat Ullah

PS-67 - Looser

Muneer Ahmed Panhwer

PS-74 - Looser

Umer Sadiq

PS-90 - Looser

Hafiz Muhammad Naeem

PS-91 - Looser

Azizur Rehman

PS-92 - Looser

Syed Akber Shah Hashmi

PS-93 - Looser

Abdul Qadeem

PS-96 - Looser

Moulana Mufti Shamshad Ur Rehman

PS-98 - Looser

Imran Tareen

PS-115 - Looser

Sahib Syed

PS-117 - Looser

Maulana Abdul Kareem Abid

PS-126 - Looser

Maulena Ahsanullah Takarvi

PS-128 - Looser

Syed Iqbal Shah

PB-1 - Looser

Molvi Noor Muhammad

PB-2 - Looser

Abdul Sadiq

PB-3 - Looser

Muhammad Jamal Langove

PB-4 - Looser

Mir Ishaq Zakir

PB-5 - Looser

Moulana Khuda-i-dost

PB-6 - Looser

Syed Mateeullah Agha

PB-8 - Looser

Maulana Syed Abdul Bari Agha

PB-10 - Looser

Molvi Abdul Rahim

PB-11 - Looser

Molvi Juma Khan

PB-12 - Looser

Muhammad Nawaz Khan

PB-13 - Looser

Sardar Haidar Khan Nasar

PB-14 - Looser

Molvi Faizullah

PB-16 - Looser

Sheikh Ayaz Khan Mandokhail

PB-19 - Looser

Moulvi Attaullah

PB-21 - Looser

Syed Khalique Shah

PB-22 - Looser


PB-23 - Looser

Haji Muhammad Rafique Soomro

PB-25 - Looser

Molvi Abdul Ahad Qureshi

PB-26 - Looser

Ali Nawaz Gajani

PB-27 - Looser

Muhammad Bakhsh

PB-28 - Looser

Mir Hafeezullah Jattak

PB-29 - Looser

Meer Mohammad Hashim Khan

PB-30 - Looser

Arshad Ud Din Shah

PB-31 - Looser

Mir Younus Aziz Zehri

PB-33 - Looser

Molana Abdul Saboor Mengal

PB-35 - Looser

Molvi Muhammad Attaullah

PB-36 - Looser

Abdul Rahman Sasoli

PB-37 - Looser

Hajji Liaquat Ali Bangulzai

PB-38 - Looser

Molvi Mohammad Alim

PB-39 - Looser

Haji Abdul Qadir Mengal

PB-40 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Khaliq Bezinjo

PB-41 - Looser

Ghulam Jan

PB-42 - Looser

Muhammad Naeem

PB-44 - Looser

Hafiz Abdul Qayyum Roonja

PB-45 - Looser

Khalid Ahmed Kubdani

PB-46 - Looser

Malik Mohammad Umar

PB-47 - Looser

Khalid Waleed

PB-48 - Looser

Mohammed Ismail Buledi

PB-49 - Looser

Manssor Ahmed Shah

PB-50 - Looser

Amjad Ali

PB-51 - Looser