DHO To Set Up Corona Vaccination Centre At ICCI And Main Markets In Capital

DHO to set up Corona Vaccination Centre at ICCI and main markets in capital

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Jun, 2021 ) :The District Health Office (DHO), Islamabad would set up a Corona Vaccination Centre in collaboration with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) in its premises and in main markets and shopping malls of the capital for the vaccination of business community and their employees.

The initiative to increased vaccination would help lift restrictions on businesses and facilitate better growth of business activities.

This was stated by Dr. Muhammad Zaeem Zia, District Health Officer, Islamabad during his visit to ICCI along with Dr. Fawad Khalid Khan, Additional District Health Officer.

He discussed the requirements and mechanism of establishing a vaccination centre at ICCI.

Dr. Muhammad Zaeem Zia said DHO Islamabad was outreaching to other stakeholders for increasing the vaccination of people in the capital to minimize the spread of Covid-19 pandemic that help open all businesses as well.

He said 30 percent of the population of Islamabad has been vaccinated so far and the target was to vaccinate 70 to 80 percent of the population to develop herd immunity and get rid of the need for restrictions and lockdowns.

The official said vaccination has brought down the positivity rate in Islamabad from 19 percent to 1.6 percent making it the only capital in the world with minimum positive cases.

He said vaccinated people were least likely to transmit virus to others, therefore, maximum people should opt for vaccination to control the spread of coronavirus.

He assured that ICCI proposal for increasing the business timings would be given due consideration.

He nominated Dr. Fawad Khalid Khan, Additional DHO Islamabad as focal person to work with ICCI for setting up vaccination centre in its premises.

Speaking at the occasion, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry assured full support of ICCI in setting up vaccination centre in its premises.

He proposed that DHO in collaboration with ICCI should also open vaccination centres in main markets, Centaurus and Giga Mall, Islamabad as a large number of people daily are use to visit these business areas and vaccination centres there would be beneficial for rapid vaccination ratio of general public.

The president ICCI said the chamber has been making efforts for removal of all restrictions on businesses to normalize the business activities and would provide all possible support for vaccination of maximum people that help bring life to routine.

He said ICCI would coordinate with market associations and industries to invite members of the business community along with employees and their families for vaccination that help execution of mass scale vaccination.

He said that as the vaccination ratio was increasing in the capital, therefore, business timings should be increased up to 12 midnight so that the business community could recover its losses suffered due to restrictions and lockdowns.

Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi former President ICCI, Saif ur Rehman Khan, Abdul Rehman Siddiqui, Khalid Chaudhry, Shaukat Hayat, Raja Abdul Majeed, Mian Arif Hussain and others also spoke at the occasion and stressed for increasing the timings for businesses to revive the business activities.