JKPL Team Visits Martyrs' Families In Aishmuqam

JKPL team visits martyrs' families in Aishmuqam

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th August, 2016) : A team of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League visited Salia Aishmuqam to express solidarity with the families of the youth, martyred by Indian forces during the ongoing 'Kashmir Intifada'. The delegation was led by senior JKPL leader Manzoor Ghazi. The members of team while addressing a gathering on the occasion paid tribute to the martyrs and wowed to take their mission to its logical conclusion, Kashmir Media Service reported. They said that India's policy of crushing the ongoing freedom movement with bullets and pellets would not succeed, as Kashmiris could not be intimidated into submission through such brutal tactics.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Peoples League, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, in a statement, paid tribute to the youth martyred by Indian forces during the past 32 days. Waza questioned the silence of international community over civilian killings in Kashmir. On the other hand, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League Spokesman Sajad Ayubi addressing a gathering at Panzram in Pulwama, said that highly-educated youth were fresh nursery of the ongoing resistance movement and their only objective was to secure Kashmiris' right to self-determination.