Ertugrul Gains More Popularity As Liberals Make Personal Attacks On Turkish Artists


Ertugrul gains more popularity as liberals make personal attacks on Turkish artists

Majority of public in Pakistan loves Ertugrul and its team for their excellent roles to present glorious part of Islamic history that indicates Turkish struggle for Ottoman Empire.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-May 12th, 2020) Despite huge criticism and moral policing about Turkish series, fan base for Ertugrul drama and its team is sharply increasing day by day here in Pakistan.

Many people are criticizing Turkish artists for moral policing by comparing their roles in dramas and character in real life. Some people criticized Esra Bilgiç who played Halime Sultan and Engin Altan Duzyatan who appeared as Ertugrul Ghazi in Turkish drama.

However, many are there who appreciated their roles and characters, calling the critics and those who were backing the moral policing as “insane”. They said artists were artists and they were supposed to do their jobs to show the real characters in life.

A Pakistani fan appreciated Esra Bilgic who appeared as Halima Sultan in Dirilis for giving a befitting response to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra over her irresponsible statement regarding war between Pakistan and India.

A senior journalist Moeed Pirzada also made interesting comments about liberals’ reaction and popularity of Ertugrul in Pakistan. He wrote: “Perhaps it has already created an "Identity Crisis" - the more liberals or anyone attacks the more popular the Ertugrul series becomes! Actually most are inspired by 'Glory of islam" and not necessarily Ertugrul! But debate continues!,”.

The majority of the public is happy over Islamic history and bravery of great leaders who sacrificed and laid down the foundations of Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Ertugrual is getting popularity as the debate continues between liberals and those who loved glory of Islamic history.