Mehwish Hayat Is Disappointment Over Use Of Non-parliamentary Language In NA


Mehwish Hayat is disappointment over use of non-parliamentary language in NA

The actress says that the leaders instead of making personal attacks should do ‘constructive debates’ in the parliament.

KARACHI: (Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 14th, 2020) Famous actress Mehwish Hayat expressed disappointment over using non-parliamentary language during National Assembly session, saying that personal attacks should be stopped and sanctity of the parliament must be maintained.

Taking to Twitter, Mehwish Hayat said that the remarks made by a politician at floor of the National Assembly should really astounding. She said that nobody should make personal attacks in the legislative house. She also urged the politicians to maintain the sanctity of the parliament.

The actress said: “It is astounding when our politicians make personal attacks.

It’s unacceptable anywhere, but the sanctity of Parliament requires a level of decorum which this definitely crosses,”.

In response to Mehwish Hayat, Ovais Mangawla termed a person “Abdul Qadir Patel” and wished he could appear in his program just for five minutes.

Two days ago, a PPP leader used very derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Imran Khan and Speaker National Assembly during an ongoing session.

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