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Quran PDF with Urdu Translation, Download Quran PDF Urdu Translation, Complete Quran, Surah PDFs

Quran PDF with Urdu Translation - Al Quran Urdu PDF, the complete Quran book PDF is available at UrduPoint in Urdu translation to download on your devices. You can also download the Quran PDF in Urdu translation Surah-wise from this page. Click the 'Download PDF Urdu Quran Translation' button below to download the complete Quran PDF with Urdu translation on your devices or share via social media.

Download the Complete Quran PDF with Urdu Translation

Complete Quran in Urdu PDF download is available at UrduPoint. Click the Download button below to download the Quran in Urdu PDF on your device. You can also share the complete Quran Urdu PDF on social media.

Download PDF Urdu Quran Translation

Download the Surah-Wise Quran PDF with Urdu Translation

Surah wise Quran PDF Urdu is available at UrduPoint. Click the desired Download button beside the Surah Name Urdu PDF to download any Surah of the Holy Quran in Urdu PDF. All the Surahs' Urdu PDFs are numerically arranged on this page. Scroll down to find your desired Surah PDF with Urdu translation below. You can also share your desired Surah Urdu PDF on social media.

Quran Urdu PDF Download - قُرآنِ پاک

Quran Majeed is the most read book on the internet. Every man and woman must read the Quran for the message that Allah has sent to all Muslims around the world.

On this page you have complete and free access to the online Quran in Urdu. This feature allows you to have the complete Quran in the Urdu language that allows you to read, understand and recite, along with that you can listen to the Quran recitation at the same time.

Quran-e-Pak is a gift for the Muslims currently living and having lived. Quran-e-Majeed is the name of the book that belongs to Allah who is the most merciful and powerful and he is responsible for safeguarding his holy book.

In Quran, Allah has given guidance for every single step, problem, issue, the matter of life that a Muslim can counter. This Quran-e-Pak  (قُرآنِ پاک)  Urdu translation is translated by Sheikh Muhammad al-Junakheri, and the interpretation of the Quran is done by Sheikh Salah al-Din Yusuf.

The Urdu version of the Quran enables the people living in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, and the neighboring countries where Urdu is spoken and understood. This version of the Holy Quran allows the people living in these communities to better understand and have complete knowledge of what Allah has to say and want from his people.

The number of people living in these communities is around 160 million in general who will have the benefit of reciting, listening, and downloading the current version of the Quran in Urdu.

Now with this Urdu version, people living in these regions have access to the Holy Quran in their native language that allows them to have a better understanding of how, where, and when to live their own lives according to the will and wants of their maker.