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Listen Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats Online or Download Audio for Free

Listen to Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats in his soulful voice online at UrduPoint. You can find all of his melodious and heart-touching Naats below, as there is a vast collection of all of the Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats. Listen online or download Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats and enlighten your heart with the love of Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Listen Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats Online Or Download Audio For Free
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Khursheed Ahmad was the famous Naat Khawan of Pakistan. He was also known as Alhajj Khursheed Ahmad. He was born on 1st January 1956 in Rahim Yar Khan, Karachi. You can listen to all of the Khursheed Ahmad Naats in audio form at UrduPoint. Here you will find a vast collection of Khursheed Ahmad MP3 Naats to listen to online and download on your devices.


Khursheed Ahmad started Naat recitation when he was just a few years old. He showed his love and respect for the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) in the form of Naats. He recited Naats in Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, and Saraiki. 

Khursheed Ahmad got his early education in Rahim Yar Khan. Here he completed his commerce diploma from Government Commerce Institute. He left Rahim Yar Khan in 1973 and shifted to Karachi. He joined Radio Pakistan Karachi Station and started his Naat Khawani career. 

Khursheed Ahmad took part in a Naat competition at Dow Medical College for the first time. He won first prize in that competition. It enhanced his confidence and, he moved on. In 1978 Pakistan television organized a Naat competition at the province level and then all over Pakistan. Khursheed Ahmad won first prize in that competition. Khursheed Ahmed recited Naats not only in Pakistan, but he traveled across the world with his melodious voice. 

Naats of Khursheed Ahmad

A few of the famous Naats of Khursheed Ahmad are as follows:

  • Aaj sik mitran di wadheri iah
  • Yeh sab tumhara karam hai Aaqa k baat ab tak bani hui hai
  • Basa hua hai Nabi ka dayar aankhon mein
  • Bigri hui banti hai har baat Madina mein
  • Daman mera bhara hai Sarkaar k karam sy
  • Har Waqt tasawar mein Madine ki Gali ho ho ho aur yad Muhammad ki mery Dil Mein Basi ho ho ho
  • Jashne aamade Rasool Allah hi Allah, Bibi Amina k phool Allah hi Allah
  • Jitna deya Sarkar ne itni meri auqaat nahin
  • Karam ki aik nazar hum par khudara Ya Rasool Allah
  • Khuda ki Azmatein kia hain Muhammad Mustafa jany, muqame Mustafa kia hai Muhammad ka khuda jany
  • Koi saliqa hai arzoo ka na bandagi meri bandagi hai, yeh sab tumhara karam hai Aaqa k baat ab tak bani hwe hai
  • Main so jaon Ya Mustafa kehty kehty khuly aankh Saly Allah kehty kehty
  • Mangthon ko sultan bnaya mere kamli wale ne jab apni darbar sajaiya mery Kamli waly ny


Khursheed Ahmad was the first Pakistani that recited the Naats all over the world and competently represented Pakistan. He represented Pakistan in the United States, Yaman, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Switzerland, and many more countries. He attracted people with his beautiful voice. 

Khursheed Ahmad received the Nigar Award due to his outstanding Naat Khawani skills and voice. In 1996 the Government of Pakistan awarded the Pride of Performance award to Khursheed Ahmad. Khursheed Ahmad has the honor to recite the Naat Sharif in Pakistan National Assembly before it starts. 


Khursheed Ahmad attended a mehfil e Melaad Sharif in Faisalabad. When he returned home, he had an issue of high blood pressure. He was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for one week. After the one-week treatment, he got a brain hemorrhage attack and died on 30th August 2007 in Karachi. May his soul rest in peace, Ameen. Although Khursheed Ahmad is not with us, his melodious voice remains with us in the form of Naats. You can listen to Khursheed Ahmad's beautiful voice and Naats of Khursheed Ahmad in MP3 at UrduPoint. Also, download any of your favorite Naats below.

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